11 Best Books About Alternate Realities Update 05/2022

Books About Alternate Realities

Best Books About Alternate Realities That You Should Reading

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Books about alternate realities are great for people who like a little bit of sci-fi or magic or books about a different history. They’re also good for people who think they don’t like science fiction, people who want to read something that will help them forget about the real world, or people who just need a break from the real world.

When you open a book, do you want to get away from the real world?

Some days, the real world is just too much. Whether it is a pandemic, a job, or something else, we all need a break.

They all have their own escapist reads. Some people like stories that are light and fun, while others like stories that are dark and scary.

They are somewhere in between. If you’re looking for a book that has a little bit of sci-fi in it, these are great choices.

A lot of the stories will make your mind work as you try to figure out what’s going on in the world the characters live in. Other stories have a more light touch. Time travel or magic may be a part of them, but they don’t go into too much detail about how it works.

Instead, they are so well integrated into the story that you have to keep reading to see how the characters deal with them.

Reading can be hard when you’re stressed, but it can also be a good way to take care of yourself. I hope some of these books are just what you need when you need to get away from everything.

Escapist Alternate Reality Books for a Break from the Real World

Dark Matter

Author: Blake Crouch

Dark Matter

He is kidnapped and knocked out on the way home from work one evening. His life looks very different when he wakes up in this world, where he is a genius who has done things that were impossible. When Dessen is desperate to get back to his wife and son, the author makes him go on a wild journey through countless other worlds, trying to figure out how to land in the right one.


Author: Haruki Murakami

Small people who sneak into rooms at night and two moons that appear out of nowhere in the sky make this story very interesting. Aomame and Tengo are at the heart of the story. They are brought together by a series of strange events that make them think they are living in a different world.

Every Day

Author: David Levithan

YA book: “A” wakes up in someone else’s body every day. During the day, they try not to cause as much damage as possible, but when they fall in love with Rhiannon, all that changes. The two try to figure out how to have a relationship in this kind of weird situation.

Lily and the Octopus

Author: Steven Rowley

As the “octopus” is invading Lily’s brain, Ted tries to save his favorite dog, Lily, from it. This heartwarming and imaginative story has a lot of magical realism in it, which makes it different from other “man and his dog” stories.

Life After Life

Author: Kate Atkinson

Life After Life

To answer the question that often comes up after a young person dies: “What would have happened if she had?” Life After Life takes us through all of Ursula Todd’s possible lives. Ursula dies or lives when she makes different choices or comes across different situations. This is how it works: Through each version of her life, we learn the answer to that question.

The Firebird

Author: Susanna Kearsley

Nicola can see the history of things just by touching them, and she can do this all the time. In the past, she goes on a trip through Scotland and Russia when she touches a small piece of wood that looks like a small bird. An exciting book for anyone who wishes they could go back in time and see history.


Author: Octavia E. Butler

It happened in the 1970s. In a split second, a 26-year-old black woman was pulled back in time to save the life of a young boy who grows up to be a slave owner in 1800s Maryland. She knows that she must keep him alive so he can have a child with her great-grandmother. But through this, she also has to live the life of a slave and deal with all of the humiliation, hardship, and heartbreak that comes with it.


Author: Diana Gabaldon

During World War II, Claire Randall, an English combat nurse, walks through a circle of standing stones in Scotland. She ends up in 1743, where she was a nurse. Claire is at the mercy of a clan that is suspicious and involved in a fight. She must use her wits to stay alive and get back to the 20th century. A highlander named Jamie Fraser emerges as a possible friend and protector in a new time and place. In the future, Claire will have to decide where and when she wants to live, and who she wants to be with.

American Royals

Author: Katharine McGee

American Royals

It’s an alternate history book that thinks about what life would be like if the United States had become a monarchy after the Revolutionary War. Most of the time, it’s written by teens and young adults who are close to the Washington royal family. The story thinks about what royal life would be like in the age of social media, and how it might be different. Light, fun, and even addictive: This is how I would describe this book.

My Name Is Memory

Author: Ann Brashares

Over time, two souls meet again and again. During each new life, Daniel makes his way back to Sophia only to be taken away from her again. In order to stay together for a long time, they first need to know what is pulling them apart.

There will be a sequel to this one, but the publisher didn’t want to keep going with the planned series. If you enjoy the ride, the ending may not be as good.

Oona Out of Order

Author: Margarita Montimore

There will be a big party on New Year’s Eve in 1982. At midnight, Oona will turn 19. Then at midnight, she wakes up 32 years into the future, in a body that is now 51 years old. She learns that this is now her life, going back and forth in time at the start and end of each year. For her, there isn’t a certain place where she will end up or what the choices she made in previous years will have done.

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