20 Books Like The Selection Update 05/2022

Books Similar To The Selection

Selection by Kiera Cass is a dystopian story about a girl who competes to marry the prince. While there are many books similar to this out there, The Selection is one of the best loved titles in this genre. Here are 20 books like The Selection you should check out if you enjoyed this read.

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes:

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Jessie has been hopelessly single since she broke up with her boyfriend five years ago. Now a receptionist at an after-school club for disadvantaged children, she’s all but given up on romance or happiness ever finding her.

But when Jessie meets Ed, a handsome and mysterious man who offers to help her break out of her life – taking risks and going on adventures that leave her breathless – she begins to find a new hope for what life might have in store…

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen:

A young vet student drops out of school and becomes the assistant to a traveling circus veterinarian. The show is grueling, with long hours, little pay, and frequent injuries. But his life changes when he meets Marlena – the star of one of the shows in this sexy melodrama set in Depression-era America.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden:

A beautiful, ambitious girl who is a lowly peasant in a struggling fishing village enlists the help of a powerful man to get her on stage as an apprentice geisha. Under his tutelage, she makes her way from one step to another until she reaches the pinnacle of Kyoto’s glamorous Gion district.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee:

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

A book that has been long hailed as a modern masterpiece, To Kill A Mockingbird tells the story of one small-town lawyer’s fight against racial prejudice in the Deep South. Told through the eyes of his six-year old daughter, Harper Lee draws together many previously unconnected events to weave a compelling and unforgettable tale.

Set over three years in the 1930s in the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama ,To Kill A Mockingbird follows young Jean Louise Finch – whose nickname is “Scout” – and her older brother Jem as their father Atticus takes on Tom Robinson’s case: a black man who has been accused of raping a white woman.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks:

This is a study in contrasts and similarities: both books feature the love between two characters, with some obstacles that must be overcome. Both main characters are desired by another (which causes conflict), and both primary couples reside in dystopian worlds of sorts.

However, The Notebook is more of a traditional love story on an old-fashioned scale, whereas The Selection departs from the usual “love conquers all” norm to add class warfare. In addition, while one book centers around a strong female character who holds her own throughout the novel, the other features a less developed female protagonist. If you enjoy romantic tragedies – or just plain tragedies – then The Notebook will definitely pique your interest!

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green:

Both The Selection and The Fault in Our Stars feature two young, unconventional protagonists who face life-threatening situations. Hazel is terminally ill with cancer whereas America is merely “barren” but must compete in the Selection to become the next queen.

However, while both books tackle tough topics head-on, The Fault in Our Stars has a much darker tone. Furthermore, the love story in The Fault in Our Stars features an amazing couple who struggle with issues related to their health yet remain strong throughout the novel, whereas the romance in The Selection is more of a backdrop instead of one of its main focuses.

If you enjoy reading about teenagers who are forced to face heartbreaking truths even though they are still relatively young themselves then definitely check out The Fault in Our Stars . However, if you aren’t a fan of reading about terminally ill characters or do not enjoy reading about love stories that are less than perfect, then it’s best to avoid this book.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes:

This book is about a girl named Lou, who was recently fired from her job. Shortly after, she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her and just at that moment, her father had passed away. She then takes the only job offer available by working as a caregiver for Will Traynor who became quadriplegic in an accident two years ago. Will also despises the very idea of Lou being his caregiver and does not want to be alive anymore because he feels like a burden to his family.

This book explores living with disabilities and the different views caregivers have towards their patients’ lives and what they want.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell:

This book is about two misfits who meet on the bus and slowly fall in love. They experience first love and what it’s like to be outcasts in high school where everyone seems to fit the mold, but they don’t. Their relationship was 100% real as they both learned from each other as they grew as people through their relationship.

This book explores first loves and how we can change together with our significant others. It also deals with personal struggles such as poverty and low self-confidence.

Something Borrowed By Emily Giffin:

This book is about Rachel who is so eager to get married someday. She is best friends with Darcy. However, when they were in college together, Darcy started dating her law school friend named Dex and he ends up cheating on her with Rachel. After the divorce, Darcy then begins dating Dex for real while Rachel starts dating his close friend Ethan. Then she gets pregnant and everything goes down under after that. I liked the book because i love books with romance and drama.

I would rate this book a 4/5 stars because there is a mix of everything, not just one specific thing.

White Cat by Holly Black:

White Cat by Holly Black

White Cat tells the story of Cassel Sharpe, a teenage boy living in the United States. Cassel has the ability to change the emotions of people with a simple touch of his hand. Cassel’s story begins when he discovers that his brother Lila is dating their long lost cousin, who is also named Cassel Sharpe. Things start to get complicated for Cassel as he tries to figure out how he is related to this mysterious “other” Cassel, and why they are both named after their grandfathers.

White Cat tells an interesting story about family secrets, but it does so in a slow way. It took me several weeks to read this book because I had trouble getting into the rhythm of White Cat . The characters were not particularly likeable (although they do grow on you), and each chapter follows different characters who are all talking about the same story from different points of view. By the time I reached the end of White Cat , I had a hard time remembering who each character was and why they were important.

I thought that this book would be more appropriate for adults, but it is actually listed as a young adult book. If you like books full of action and suspense, White Cat  is probably not for you.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire:

Beautiful Disaster tells the story of Abby Abernathy, a good girl trying to graduate college. One day, she meets Travis Maddox at a party who is destined for stardom with all the rules of MMA fighting. Abby is intrigued by Travis’s bad boy attitude and his unwillingness to be anything other than himself. Despite being warned against him by her friends and family, Abby starts dating Travis anyways.

The appeal of Beautiful Disaster , in my opinion, was that it had strong characters who were not afraid to express themselves through words and actions. I loved how raw and real these characters felt because they made mistakes just like people do in real life all the time. The major conflict between Travis and Abby only drew me further into this story because it didn’t feel forced. Travis and Abby were both equally flawed characters who needed each other to be their best selves. I also loved all of the secondary characters in this story, especially Jameson and America, because they helped shaped Abby into the character she was meant to be in this story.

I would definitely recommend Beautiful Disaster  for any fan of YA love stories. It has just enough drama, romance, and action to appeal to a large audience. If you are looking for an amazing read that will keep your attention until the very last page…Beautiful Disaster is exactly what you need!

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

The Great Gatsby is a story about an unnamed narrator reminiscing on his memories of love, happiness and the American Dream. This story takes place during the 1920s in Long Island where Nick Carraway befriends his new neighbor Jay Gatsby after moving next door to him. Throughout the novel, Nick watches as Jay obsessively chases after Daisy Buchanan, who was once married to Tom Buchannan but left him for another man.

I really wanted to like The Great Gatsby .  Unfortunately, Fitzgerald’s writing style was hard for me to follow because he referenced too many people and places that I wasn’t familiar with. Also, everyone, including the protagonist Nick Carraway, felt extremely pretentious. I understand that this style of writing was common during Fitzgerald’s time, but I don’t think it is effective anymore.

There are places where The Great Gatsby  is good, but the parts about Daisy Buchanan were not at all well written in my opinion. Some characters may say that she is a good person deep down inside, but her shallow attitude and refusal to take responsibility for her actions make it difficult to sympathize with any of the problems she encounters throughout the narrative.

The only thing that made me really like The Great Gatsby  was its historical setting, which intrigued me enough to watch Baz Luhrmann ‘s movie adaptation twice now! Although this novel does not have much action or suspense at all, I would recommend it to people who want a simple love story that takes place in the 1920s.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte:

Wuthering Heights is a story about forbidden love, dark secrets, and revenge. The plot follows the lives of the Earnshaw family, living on the Wuthering Heights farm in Northern England. One day, Mr. Earnshaw finds an abandoned boy named Heathcliff and brings him home to live with his family at the farm. Heathcliff becomes close friends with young Cathy Earnshaw but things become complicated when he falls in love with her older sister Ellen instead. As time passes by, Heathcliff searches for ways to gain power over both Cathy’s heart and life…

I was not able to finish this book because I got so bored reading it!  The major conflict between Cathy and Heathcliff only makes up about half of this book. All the other chapters felt like pointless ramblings that could have been cut out entirely.

I feel like everyone should read Wuthering Heights because it is part of our literary heritage. Although people may not enjoy reading it, I think they would still be interested to learn about the Bronte sisters after watching movies or reading comics based on their work.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks:

A Walk to Remember is a heartwarming story about first love and true friendship. The story follows Jamie, who has just moved back home with her sick father after her mother’s death. While trying to adjust to her new life in Beaufort, North Carolina, she meets Landon Carter. Even though he is the most popular boy at school, she sees him for who he really is on the inside…a troubled teenager hiding his pain behind bad jokes and pushing others away.

Landon ends up being baptized in front of everyone at church because of his decision to change towards becoming a better person…

I loved A Walk to Remember ! I thought that Nicholas Sparks did an excellent job of conveying all of my emotions through this love story. I felt so many things while reading this novel, but mostly tears in my eyes.

A Walk to Remember  is one of my favorite books of all time because of the friendship that Landon and Jamie share with each other. It teaches people that true friends are hard to find, which is why you should cherish your loved ones while they are still around! Although A Walk To Remember does have some sad parts near the end of the book, I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good cry!

If I Stay By Gayle Forman:

The story follows Mia, a 17 year old girl living in Portland, Oregon. Mia is an aspiring cellist who has won many awards for her talent and loved by everyone around her. However, she still feels like something is missing from her life…like the true meaning of love. One day, Mia goes to visit her family out in rural Washington when they all board a plane that crashes into a snowstorm shortly after takeoff.

When she comes back to life after being pronounced dead on the scene, Mia finds herself trapped inside of her own body as a ghost. She watches each member of her family grieve over their own separate problems including dealing with substance abuse and financial difficulties…

I thought If I Stay  was really good, but also really sad. Gayle Forman does a great job of expressing how Mia feels throughout the entire book. I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen to her family, even though it made me feel miserable every time something bad happened to them!

I would recommend If I Stay  to people who enjoy teen romance novels that are different than the usual vampire/werewolf books out there. I guarantee that you will be hooked on this story within the first couple chapters!


Out of all 20 books, I would have to say that A Walk to Remember  is my favorite novel because it allows the reader to experience so many emotions as they read. I loved how Landon and Jamie’s love story came together through the difficult obstacles they both faced throughout the course of their lives. If you have a chance, you should pick up this book!

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Thanks again and see you soon, my fellow bookworms!

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