10 Best Bath Books For Babies Update 05/2022

Bath books for toddlers and babies have to be one of the best things that have ever been made.

Our kids will be excited for their next bath thanks to the bath books. You can make these magic books change color right in front of their eyes, and they’ll love to do it, too. It is easy to stick them to the side of the bathtub because they are made of waterproof material. This makes it easy for us to stop on each page and give our curious little munchkins time to look at all of the content on each page. Not only are the bath books for toddlers, but they can also be used when they are babies. The way we use bath books can change and grow with our kids. It won’t be long before they can read and name all the things on the pages.

First Baby Days Bath Time by Pat-A-Cake

When my daughter was a few months old, we started reading this book every time we took a bath. It was our first bath book, and we kept it around for a long time. For a long time now she’s been turning the pages herself, making animal noises and splashing with the water as each double page comes up. She’s now almost 18 months old. One of the best things we’ve bought for sure!

We also talked about this book in our list of the best water toys for toddlers.

Baby Einstein Splish! Splash! Bath! by Kathy Broderick

A cute book about sea life that can help our kids see all the different things you can find under the sea.

It’s a good book to have on hand when you’re having fun in the bath. When it comes to bath books for toddlers and babies, Baby Einstein is always a winner. He also has a lot of other toys and books that are great, too.

Bath Time by Sandra Boynton

During the painting, this messy pig gets all over itself and needs to be cleaned up. Rhyming words in this bath book are fun and flow well. There are many ways to teach colors in a fun and interesting way. You can use the basic paint colors to do this.

The pig is very likely to show a dirty, muddy child at the end of a long day.

Color Me: Who’s In The Water? by Surya Sajnani

I love these Color Me books. I love the book both as a black and white book and when it turns color after being in water. It’s fun for our little bookworms to see the colors change right in front of their eyes as they learn about the animals that live under the sea.

This book could easily be used as a black and white book out of the water for babies who like to feel things. Make sure you also check out our articles on Black And White Baby Books and Scent Toys For Babies.

The Rainbow Fish Bath Book by Marcus Pfister-Herbert

There are very few bath books that have more than just a few words in them. This is one of them.

The Rainbow Fish is beautiful both as a “normal” book and as a bath book, and both are lovely. The fish’s shiny, foil-like scales will make it sparkle in the bath water and make the book look like it’s moving.

Themed Bath Books by Toyk

This set of bath books is great because it will help our babies and toddlers start talking and improve their language skills. Each page of the books focuses on a word that our kids can add to their vocabulary. They are simple, but they work.

You can change up the bath time book each day because there are so many to choose from. Most bath books are made of paper or cardboard. These are made of soft cloth, which is different.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bath Book And Squirty Toys Set By Eric Carle

This is why we included the original The Very Hungry Caterpillar book in our list of the best books for a one-year-old. It is a classic and a must-read for all kids.

Love this bath set: Our two-year-old can use the squirty characters to help them learn to count like in the book. Simpler than the original, this book will bring a little happiness to bath time for our babies and young children.

Baby Bath Book By Build Me

Another book about bathing. This one comes with some cute bath toys, too.

We can find the toy characters in the book, so our toddlers will love to look for them on each page. My 20-month-old daughter loves to find two things that look like each other and put them together to say what they are. This book is her dream come true!

Barnyard Bath By Sandra Boynton.

Our babies and toddlers love that on each page, it says “Wash the…”, which makes them wash each animal so that they can change color. The “hidden” goal is that by washing the animals, our kids will also want to wash themselves, preventing any stressful bath times where they don’t want to be washed (we hope!).

Float Alongs: Playful Penguins By Melissa and Doug

A beautiful rhyming book with three floating penguins that can be used to play along with mummy as she reads the book to her child.

The penguins are sealed to keep any yucky things from getting inside. They also come with a netted storage case so they can dry off quickly. Those three little penguins are so cute. They will be used a lot more than just for bath time, too. In the bathtub, what do you do to make your child and child happy? Try one of our bath books for toddlers and babies and let us know if they work for you.

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