17 Best Act Prep Books Update 05/2022

The ACT or SAT is often required for entry into several institutions. English, math, reading, science, and an optional 40-minute writing component make up the majority of the ACT’s five sections, which take about 3.5 hours (including breaks). The results of standardized tests are frequently used by colleges and universities to determine admissions decisions and to compare individuals with similar academic qualifications. In order to increase their chances of admission to selective universities, many students purchase ACT study guides to improve their performance on the test.

In the midst of so many alternatives, it is difficult to know which ones to employ. The reason we produced a list of the greatest ACT test prep books is because this is why.

Why Use an ACT Prep Book?

College admissions are more likely to go to those with higher scores on both ACT and SAT tests. Despite the fact that any score above the national average is considered a good one, other colleges have more stringent standards. Studying with a detailed book or guide can help you avoid surprises, increase your results, and gain admission to your preferred institution. Students should think about their weak points when picking a study guide and go for one that focuses on strengthening those areas.

To see whether your school or library has any ACT prep books you may borrow, contact them. Using free ACT resources and websites is an additional choice.

Top General ACT Prep Books

“The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2021-2022”

There are six full-length practice exams included in this book and online created by ACT Inc., the company responsible for administering the test. All key material areas and question types are covered in this comprehensive guide, which has been scored highly.

To pinpoint your greatest areas for improvement, take a few mock ACT examinations online. Access to 400 downloadable flashcards is also included.

The Princeton Review’s “ACT Premium Prep, 2021”

Exam-takers can use this popular ACT prep book to get eight entire practice tests (four online, four in the book) together with clear, in-depth answer explanations. Video lessons, subject review and practice drills for each section of the exam, and thorough study strategies are also included in the study guide.

The Princeton Review breaks down the five sections of the ACT and provides students with tried-and-true methods for improving their scores.

“ACT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition”

The ACT black book includes step-by-step instructions for every practice questions across the three publicly released official ACT practice exams. It is an excellent companion to “The Official ACT Prep Guide”.

Learn how to choose which questions to spend the most effort on, understand how to read and interpret questions correctly, and write an essay that gets you top marks.

Kaplan’s “ACT Prep Plus 2022”

A diagnostic pre-test and practice assessments follow each chapter of “ACT Prep Plus 2022,” which includes five practice examinations (one printed and four online). In this guide, Kaplan, a well-known test prep organization, breaks down an authentic ACT practice test and its scoring methods.

Kaplan’s online center is included in the purchase price of this book, as well as video courses and a one-year subscription.

Barron’s “ACT Premium Study Guide, 2022-2023”

Barrons ACT Premium Study Guide includes five full-length practice examinations (three in the book, two online) and one diagnostic test to assist students pinpoint their areas of improvement. Additionally, it offers advise on test-taking tactics, exam mentality and time and mood management, and customisable study plans based on a student’s testing goals.

To better prepare for the test, we’ve organized the passages into three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.

McGraw Hill Education’s “10 ACT Practice Tests, 6th Edition”

This book includes 10 entire ACT practice tests, as well as scoring worksheets and supplementary online practice exams written by test-prep professionals. With the help of this guide, students will learn exactly what each question analyzes and how to best utilize their time and effort on the exam.

Detailed answer explanations are also included. When it comes to extra practice, the “10 ACT Practice Tests” may be the finest option for those who need it the most.

Manhattan Prep’s “5 lb. Book of ACT Practice Problems”

Over 1,800 ACT practice questions cover all of the test’s sections in this massive study guide. Taking an in-book diagnostic test can help students improve their knowledge in the subjects in which they are weakest. One year of additional online content, including extra practice problems and vocabulary assistance is included in your subscription.

Despite the fact that the book was published in 2015, many test takers still use it today.

Top ACT Math Books

“Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT, 2nd Edition”

Math tutor and test prep expert Richard F. Corn has written “The Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT” to help students improve their results on the ACT Math portion of the examination. More than 550 homework questions with solutions are included in the comprehensive book, which may be tailored to suit the needs of both beginners and expert students.

“The Official ACT Mathematics Guide, 2nd Edition”

Preparation for the ACT Math portion has never been easier thanks to this book written by the ACT’s designers. To prepare for a math exam, students should get familiar with the many types of problems they might expect to see, as well as successful problem-solving techniques and helpful test-taking practices.

The only other book to use the official ACT Math problems is this one, which has fewer practice questions than many of its rivals.

“ACT Math: The Guide, 1st Edition”

The ACT has a wide variety of math questions, and this book can help you prepare for each one. There include diagrams, problems, practice questions, online videos, and ways for dealing with questions for each topic. In addition to ACT practice tests and a score study guide, the handbook provides students with the tools they need to succeed on the ACT.

For students who prefer a more regimented approach to learning, “ACT Math: The Guide” may appeal more as a class than a textbook.

Kaplan’s “ACT Math & Science Prep, 4th Edition”

With over 500 excellent, targeted questions, Kaplan’s “ACT Math & Science Prep” helps students prepare for the ACT’s Math and Science portions. ACT math test-takers will benefit from the book’s focus on the 100 most critical themes, which allows them to better understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

If you don’t observe an increase in your overall ACT score, you can get a refund from the company.

Top ACT Science Books

Barron’s “ACT Math and Science Workbook, 3rd Edition”

You may learn everything you need to know about the ACT’s math and science requirements with Barron’s “ACT Math and Science Workbook.” Also included in this guide are helpful test-taking tactics including a four-step drill approach to science problems and mock examinations for the two parts.

“For the Love of ACT Science”

You may learn how to answer different kinds of ACT Science questions using this well-known 2015 guide, which has been revised for the 2019-20 school year. This strategy helps students thoroughly grasp problems so that they can deliver complete answers for full marks by using various components of the scientific method.

Practice tests for the ACT Science section of the exam are included in the book. In addition, several reviewers claim that they or their children improved their results on the ACT Science after using this book to prepare for the exam.

“The Official ACT Science Guide, 2nd Edition”

“The Official ACT Science Guide,” which was developed by ACT Inc., provides a comprehensive overview of the Science section of the exam. You’ll gain a better understanding of the different types of scientific problems, as well as the vocabulary and methodologies necessary to answer them. In addition, you’ll have internet access to a large number of practice questions with this guide.

Top ACT English and Reading Books

The College Panda’s “ACT English, 1st Edition”

The English component of the ACT is made easier for students who use this study guide, which includes three full-length practice tests and a comprehensive review of the material. Using the handbook, students can learn common grammatical principles, practice confidence-building drills, and learn general test-taking tactics.

ACT English practice problems that are based on real-world situations are available to all test participants.

“The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to ACT English, 4th Edition”

Erica L. Meltzer, a leading authority on ACT English test preparation, has penned an in-depth examination of grammar and rhetorical norms, as well as hundreds of solutions to ACT English practice questions. You’ll discover the most common mistakes students make on the ACT, as well as effective methods for overcoming them. Students who score low or high on the ACT English part are likely to benefit from this guide’s extensive content.

Test Prep Books’ “ACT English, Reading, and Writing Prep Book, 3rd Edition”

This ACT English and Reading study guide is written by genuine test prep experts and gives a comprehensive review of the subject and themes evaluated on the ACT exams. Students can learn test-taking tactics that will help them prepare for a variety of question types, pinpoint their areas of weakness, and make the most of their time during the exam time all in one place.

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