10 Best Bodybuilding Books Update 05/2022

Best Bodybuilding Books

You want to learn about the best bodybuilding books to read.

The way we get information has changed over time because of changes in technology and the internet.

It’s now even easier to look up workouts and nutrition information.

As a result, it can be hard to know where to start or who to pay attention to.

If you want to get information, you might want to look for it in traditional ways, like books, from time to time.

Books are a great way to cut through the noise and provide focused information outside of the digital world. They also give you the chance to learn from some of the best and most well-known bodybuilders.

This is a list of the best bodybuilding books that you should read:

Top Bodybuilding Books Compared

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They’re the best books to read if you want to build up your body

The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen

The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen

The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen by Erin Stern has 100 muscle-building recipes and meal plans that you can make for yourself.

It’s meant to help you figure out what and when to eat and how your body uses food to burn fat and build lean muscle, so you can eat more healthily.

Diet plans for five weeks, 100 fat-burning recipes, and Erin Stern’s expert advice on how to get a bodybuilder’s body are all included in this book. Stern is a professional bodybuilder and a two-time Miss Figure Olympia.

In the book, you’ll find 160 pages of recipes and meal plans for different bodybuilding goals like bulking, cutting, and carb cycling. You’ll also find recipes and meal plans for different bodybuilding goals.

The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen will give you everything you need to fuel your workouts and get a better body.

Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook

Peter Fitschen’s bodybuilding book can help you get ready for your first bodybuilding show.

It has 240 pages of high-quality information about everything from the history of sports to nutrition, training, and meal plans.

In the book, it’s written by a professional natural bodybuilder who is also certified in strength and conditioning.

It gives you scientifically and personally proven advice to help you reach your bodybuilding goals.

It’s broken up into three parts, which make it easy to read and navigate, and there are more than 60 photos that show the body types and poses for each division.

Fitschen also talks about how to deal with the physical and emotional aspects of the offseason, which isn’t something that’s often talked about in other bodybuilding books.

It was released in 2019. You can be sure that you’re getting the most up-to-date advice and information from this book.

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe is a book about how to do barbell exercises in a very detailed way.

Mark Rippetoe is an American strength training coach and author who has worked in the fitness industry since 1978 and competed in professional powerlifting for more than a decade. He is also the author of a book about strength training.

Instructions on how to do exercises like the squat and press are written on 347 pages in this book. They are easy to follow.

The new edition has a lot of new illustrations, photos of all the lifts, new instruction methods, and more information about how the body responds to stress.

Starting Strength is a great book for anyone who wants to learn more about biomechanical compound movements when they start a strength training program.

Joe Weider’s Ultimate Bodybuilding

Joe Weider’s Ultimate Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding: Ultimate Bodybuilding by Joe Weider came out in 1989. It’s often called the “holy grail” book for bodybuilding books.

It is based on Joe’s “Weider system” of bodybuilding, which he started working on in the 1930s and has been improving ever since.

Some of the best bodybuilders of all time, like Lee Haney, Franco Columbo, and Lou Ferrigno, have used Joe’s idea at some point.

Weider, or “The Master Blaster,” talks about everything from body part sequencing and biomechanics to the best ways to eat.

He has information for beginners, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders, and he sets the groundwork or blueprint for bodybuilding so that people can do it.

Even though the 528-page book was written in the late 1980s, you’ll still find that most of its ideas still apply today.

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder

Five-time Mr. Universe and seven-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wrote this 256-page, 1993 book.

The book tells how Schwarzenegger became known as the “Austrian Oak” and how he rose to the top of the bodybuilding world.

As you read the book, Arnold Schwarzenegger explains his fitness and training secrets in detailed, step-by-step guides. He also gives detailed programs and dietary advice on how you can use bodybuilding as a way to improve your health.

As a result, he has a four-day split training program that is broken down into specific exercises that target specific muscle groups.

The book will give you a better look into Arnold’s life as one of the best bodybuilders of all time. You’ll see him do exercises in photos.

Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible

Readers of the Natural Bodybuilding Bible by Men’s Health can follow a 16-24-week, step-by-step plan to build muscle.

In 2010, Tyler English, a professional bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach, won the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro-Am lightweight Championship. It was written by him.

If you want to lose weight and build muscle quickly, this book says you should lift weights and eat a healthy diet for 16 to 24 weeks.

If you want to build a body that can compete, this book shows you how to do it step by step. It shows you how to do every exercise and eat every meal.

People who read this will be in the best shape of their lives when they’re done.

The Natural Bodybuilding Bible has 336 pages of high-quality information. It was released on March 13, 2013, and it has since been out of print.

Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength

Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength

It was written by Jim Stoppani and came out in 2014. The Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength has everything you need to know about muscle and strength training.

The encyclopedia has 381 exercises for 13 muscle groups and 116 science-based training programs that are rated by how long they take, how difficult they are, how effective they are, and more.

Stoppani was the senior science editor for Muscle & Fitness. He has a Ph.D. in exercise physiology, and he owns JYM Supplement Science, which makes supplements.

Key terms and concepts will be explained, as well as how each muscle group works and why it’s important. You’ll also find descriptions and types of muscles, the most up-to-date nutritional information about losing fat and gaining muscle, and a lot more.

The Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength is a good book for people who are just starting out with strength training or for more advanced athletes who want to learn more.

Strength Training Anatomy

One of the best bodybuilding books ever written was written by Frédéric Delaviers, Strength Training Anatomy. It has sold more than a million copies around the world.

The third edition has more exercises, more stretches, and even more of Delavier’s illustrations, which help you see how your muscles work while you exercise.

This book has over 600 full-color illustrations that show you how to work out safely and how to avoid common strength training injuries. You’ll also learn about the main muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.

They went to the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris to learn about morphology and anatomy. His third edition of his bodybuilding book was 192 pages long and came out in 2010.

Strength Training Anatomy is best for people who want to know how strength training works and are good at seeing things.

Bigger Leaner Stronger

This book is one of the best-selling bodybuilding books of all time. It’s called Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body (Second Edition).

A man named Mike Matthews is the owner of Legion Athletics and has been lifting weights for more than 10 years. He wrote the book.

In his job, he wants to give people advice that has been proven to work over time and that is based on real research.

Using Bigger Leaner Stronger as a guide, Matthews shows you how to do strength training in an easy-to-follow way. It’s based on the basics of losing fat and building muscle.

In this class, you will learn how to build lean muscle tissue and build strength consistently. You will also learn how to lose body fat so that you can see the muscles that you’ve built.

The book is easy to read and is good for anyone who wants to improve their body composition and health.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

People all over the world call Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “the bible of bodybuilding.”

The 800-page “bodybuilding bible” is full of exercises, strategies, workout routines, and bodybuilding techniques that have worked for years.

The new edition also has new sections on nutrition, sports psychology, and training techniques that are shown by some of the best bodybuilders in the world today.

In this book, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a seven-time Mr.Olympic champion, explains how to be dedicated, train hard, and stay committed to your fitness goals so that you can reach them.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is a great book for anyone who likes weight training and wants to get bigger.


We hope you found our list of the 10 best bodybuilding books to read interesting and useful.

We like Strength Training Anatomy and The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding the best.

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