18 Best Colleen Hoover Books Update 05/2022

Her adult and young adult romance books have sold a lot. She’s known for writing heartbreaking love stories with twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. These are the Colleen Hoover books that Goodreads reviewers like the most.

Colleen Hoover is a best-selling author of adult and young adult novels. Her first book, “Slammed,” came out 10 years ago. When Colleen Hoover’s romance and contemporary fiction novels first came out, they drew readers in with emotionally charged storylines, unique plot lines, and twists that made us feel like we were on the edge of our seats. They love her books, especially “It Ends with Us” and “Verity,” so we looked at what other Goodreads reviewers had to say about them. 125 million people around the world use Goodreads to rate and review books and share them with their friends and the world. Goodreads users say these are the most popular Colleen Hoover books, so if you’re looking for a magical romance or a heartfelt book, these are the ones you should read.

The best Colleen Hoover books:

“Too Late”

Sloan is the best thing that has ever happened to her boyfriend, Asa, even though she doesn’t like his cruel and sinister ways. During a meeting with Carter, she learns that he is only there to kill Asa once and for all.

“Without Merit”

Among the winners of the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2017 is a book about the Voss family. Their daughter, Merit, has a lot of strange trophies and knows a lot about her family. During a trip to the local antique shop, she meets Sagan, and he gives her a new lease on life. When she learns that he can’t be with her, this dark, slow-burn romance takes on new meaning.

“Finding Cinderella”

It’s a story about Daniel and Six, Holder and Sky’s best friends from the “Hopeless” series. At the start of the story, Six meets Daniel in a dark closet. Their short meeting makes an impression, and Daniel spends weeks looking for the girl he can’t stop thinking about. After a year, when they meet up again, the sparks fly and neither of them realizes that they’ve found someone from the closet in this romantic story.

“This Girl”

In the third and last book in the “Slammed” trilogy, “This Girl,” Will talks about their complicated relationship and the events that led to their relationship and now marriage. When Layken meets her husband for the first time, she wants to learn as much as possible about him. She wants to hear his memories, thoughts, and emotions about everything they went through.

 “Never Never” (by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher)

When Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher started writing a three-part young adult series together, “Never Never” was the first one. It’s about two high school teens whose favorite memories of each other have mysteriously been erased. Charlie and Silas have to figure out how their shared history and the mystery of how it all went away in this short romance novella.


Even though they seemed to be meant for each other, Leeds and Layla were forced to spend weeks in the hospital after a terrible accident. This left Layla with mental and emotional scars. During their stay at the bed and breakfast where they first met, Leeds hopes to reignite their romance. But a string of mysterious events, Layla’s strange behavior, and a connection with another guest turn their visit upside down.

“Heart Bones”

Samson and Beyah come from very different backgrounds and seem to have nothing in common at first glance, but both of them are drawn to sad things and find them interesting (and each other). They agree on a no-strings-attached summer fling when Beyah moves to Texas and spends the rest of the summer with her father. Each of their secrets could ruin the summer.

“Losing Hope”

Here, Dean Holder talks about how he feels about the relationship he has had with Sky since she walked away. Losing Hope is Holder’s story before, during, and after Sky. He is still haunted by guilt, but he is trying to find peace even though it is hard for him to let go of the pain.

“All Your Perfects”

A love story that is both heartbreaking and heavy is told in this book. Quinn and Graham have a perfect love story but a deeply imperfect marriage. As Quinn and Graham struggle with infertility and their hopes for the future, their marriage is damaged but still hopeful. Promises they made in the past are what will keep Quinn and Graham together in the future.

“Regretting You”

Morgan and her 16-year-old daughter, Clara, don’t get along at all. Chris, Clara’s father, is the only thing that keeps them together. When Chris is killed in a terrible accident, Morgan and Clara have to start over. They have secrets and resentment between them that make their relationship even worse.

“Point of Retreat”

It doesn’t matter how much Layken and Will have worked through the secret that threatened to break them apart. Their past still makes Layken question their relationship and makes Will desperate to show that he loves her. The story is told from Will’s point of view, and it’s a fan-favorite and satisfying follow-up to “Slammed.”


With her life in pieces and desperate for a job, Auburn Reed walks into a Dallas art studio to find an attractive artist named Owen Gentry. Gentry is surprised to see Reed, who is desperate for work. Auburn and Owen start to fall in love with each other, but they both have huge secrets that could change their lives.

“Maybe Someday”

“Maybe Someday” is the first book in Colleen Hoover’s “Maybe” series, which is about a student named Sydney. Her life is going well until her boyfriend cheats on her. As Sydney tries to move on, she turns to the man who is behind the music that fills her apartment from the balcony above. She finds herself caught in a passionate web of love and betrayal.

“November 9”

She meets Ben, who wants to be a writer. They spend her last day in LA together. Fallon and Ben keep meeting on the same day every year, but something makes Fallon wonder if this is a real love story or a story that was made up to make a perfect plot twist.


When Colleen Hoover’s first book, “Slammed,” came out in 2012, it launched her writing career. It came in at number eight on the New York Times E-book Bestsellers list at the time. 18-year-old Layken is trying to help her family get over the sudden death of her father when she meets Will Cooper, who is a neighbor. Layken and Will start to connect right away, but a heartbreaking twist quickly shatters their relationship as they deal with the aftermath of a secret that might keep them apart.


When Sky and Dean first meet, the sparks between them are clear. Dean’s reputation and Sky’s own past make her want to keep him away from her. At last, Sky succumbs to Dean’s relentless pursuit and learns the secrets that will change her life and teach both of them to believe in love again.

“Ugly Love”

In the beginning, Tate and Miles do not like each other very much, but they can’t help but be attracted to each other’s bodies. Tate and Miles start having sex with only two rules: don’t ask about the past, and don’t expect the future. The line between friendship and love is easy to blur as long-buried pain comes back to the surface.


In this fast-paced romantic thriller, Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer who gets the chance to finish a series of books from a best-selling author who has been in a coma since a recent accident. As Lowen starts to look through Verity’s office for notes, she finds a hidden, autobiographical manuscript that seems to show Verity’s darkest secrets. She has to decide whether or not to keep the manuscript to herself.

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