14 Best Crossword Puzzle Books Update 05/2022

Crossword Puzzle Books

When you’re bored, solving crossword puzzles is a tried-and-true way to pass the time. It can also assist you in improving your brain function and expanding your vocabulary. As a result, bring home the best crossword puzzle books and make the most of your time.

We’ve compiled a selection of the best crossword puzzle books to buy online if you want to keep yourself entertained while simultaneously increasing your memory, problem-solving skills, and learning abilities. Furthermore, these books make excellent gifts for children.

Best Crossword Puzzle Books

Brain Games Crossword Puzzles

Brain Games Crossword Puzzles

There are more than 80 intriguing crossword problems in this 192-page book. It contains large, easy-to-read print that makes filling it up a breeze. There are puzzles on both sides of each page in this spiral-bound book. You can verify the answers at the conclusion of the book after you’ve finished the puzzle. The book is small enough to slip into a bag and take with you wherever you go.

Funster Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults

This book from Funster contains 101 crossword puzzles that you may tackle to keep your mind active. Even when working on three or two riddles at once, you won’t strain your eyes because the puzzles are presented in a large font format. The grids are very large, making it simple to enter the letters and complete the puzzle. Because the puzzles are neither too difficult nor too easy, you will not become frustrated or bored while working on them.

zaking it simple to fold and take with you wherever you go. The book includes a range of problems from various genres, making them enjoyable and intriguing to solve.

USA Today Crossword 3

The book contains a compilation of crossword puzzles culled from USA Today, a widely circulated daily. It has over 200 easy and tough puzzles from all genres to keep you entertained for the entire day. The book’s big and clear font makes it easier for puzzle fans to keep solving without interruptions or straining their eyes. You can choose from a variety of puzzle levels to solve.

Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

With the help of this crossword puzzle vocabulary, you can solve more crossword puzzles in less time. It includes over 20,000 new terms and 340,000 hints that are expertly structured to help you become a master solver. The words span a wide range of themes, including names of places and individuals. This is the fourth version of the book, which can be used to solve any challenging crossword puzzle.

AARP Large Print Crossword Puzzles

AARP Large Print Crossword Puzzles

More than 40 puzzles from a variety of themes, including world history, sports, and pop culture, are included in the collection. Solving these puzzles strengthens your critical thinking skills while also providing you with information on a variety of significant world topics. The book’s pages are spiral bound, making it easier to solve the riddles.

Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #19

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll enjoy this Simon & Schuster mammoth crossword puzzle book, which is a commemorative edition. More than 300 brand-new puzzles are included in the book, which are printed in a clear manner on perforated pages, making it simple and quick to keep solving them. It has some classic problem elements that will impress even the most seasoned crossword solvers.

KAPPA Super Saver Large Print Crosswords Pack

This value set includes not one, but six crossword puzzle books. Solving the easy to difficult riddles in this book may help you relax while also exercising your gray cells. In all six books, the puzzles contain large type and easy-to-read lettering. You can continue to solve puzzles and switch books until you’ve mastered crossword puzzles. This package is also a great present for friends and family members who enjoy crossword puzzles.

75 Easy-To-Read Crossword Puzzles

The latest crossword puzzle book has 75 puzzles on various topics. English dialogue, Silent Gourmet, and Greener Pastures are just a few of the titles. Solving these puzzles will boost your brain function while also keeping you entertained. The book is written in a clear format with large letters so that you can quickly answer the puzzles without having to read too much.

Drunk Crosswords: All-New Puzzles with a Twist

Drunk Crosswords All-New Puzzles with a Twist

It’s unlike your typical crossword puzzle book, because it offers both entertaining and tough puzzles. Around 50 old-fashioned, straightforward, and amusing puzzles inspired by rebuses, drinking games, asymmetric grids, and more are included in the book. It’s a one-of-a-kind puzzle book that you can take with you everywhere you go.

The Best of Merl Reagle’s Sunday Crosswords: Big Book No. 2

Sunday Crosswords Volume 3 and 4 are included in this book. It comprises 60 riddles that are not only well-designed, but also humorous, challenging, and intriguing. Solving these puzzles will keep you occupied for a long time while also improving your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. The riddles in this book will fascinate you whether you are a beginner or an expert at completing crossword puzzles.

The New York Times Greatest Hits of Monday Crossword Puzzles

This simple crossword puzzle book offers 100 puzzles that anyone who enjoys the activity can complete. The 127-page paperback book features large, legible font that can be read and solved without straining the eyes. Anyone who is a beginner and wants to acquire new terms as well as develop their brainpower and learning ability can benefit from this book.

Easy-To-Read Crossword Puzzles For Adults

Easy-To-Read Crossword Puzzles For Adults

There are puzzles in this book that are neither too easy nor too difficult. The book offers 80 crossword puzzles that will test your mental abilities. Each puzzle contains plenty of clues to help you solve it, and the grids are large enough for you to enter the letters. You can work on the problems at any time and from anywhere, improving your thinking power and expanding your vocabulary.

The New York Times Best of Saturday Crosswords

Get all of the Saturday crossword puzzles from the New York Times in one volume. 75 classic crossword puzzles are included in this book, which is presented in a clear paperback format. It is a popular book that can also be given as a gift to a crossword puzzle fan who appreciates spending their free time solving problems and learning new things.

Food for Thought Crosswords

This book may bring a grin to your face if you are a foodie who enjoys learning about different cuisines and food-related terms. The book is not only entertaining to solve, but it is also difficult in every manner. It has difficult writing and provides you with a broad understanding of a variety of culinary themes. The puzzles are designed to pique your curiosity and encourage you to attempt more.

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