5 Best Fantasy Romance Books Update 05/2022

Best Fantasy Romance Books

Do you like books about fantasy romances, or do you not? What do you want to read?

To help you find your next fantasy romance book, I’ve put together my favorite and most popular fantasy romance books. You won’t have to look anywhere else to find your next fantasy read!

What is Fantasy Romance?

The best fantasy romance books are out there, but before we get to that, let’s take a look at what fantasy romance is all about.

It is very common for fantasy romance books to have stories about magic, fairies or other magical creatures as well as supernatural events like time travel, all taking place in a magical world.

They are part of the romance book category and have this supernatural, magical thing in them. They also have a love story with a happy ending in them, too.

People in this category who do it best write stories that are filled with the most imaginative worlds, enchanting characters, and captivating storylines with a romance that will sweep you off your feet. This is the category where the best stories are written.

There’s nothing better than this!

This description of fantasy romance books still leaves a lot of room for a lot of different types of books to fall into this group.

There are adult and young adult fantasy romance books, contemporary romance books, books about fantasy romance in the city, and books about fantasy romance in the history of the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re more interested in fairies or magic. You can find books with both of these things in them, too.

Elements of Fantasy Romance

There are many different types of fantasy romance books, but I’ve found that many of them have a lot of the same things in them.

In a fantasy world, you can build things that look like they belong

Right? If the story took place in some kind of magical setting, it wouldn’t be called “fantastic love.”

Books with a lot of fantasy should be your first choice if you want to read something that isn’t like any other book.

My jaw dropped when I saw some of the magical worlds that fantasy authors came up with and made for their characters to live in. They are so cool!

Fantasy romance books spend a lot of time describing the setting of the book and the world the characters are in, including the people or creatures that live there, the rules or mores that apply there, and the overall look and feel of the place. This is why.

Plots in which good and bad are shown in a story.

If you read a lot of fantasy romance books, you’re more likely to read about good versus bad plot lines or subplot lines.

Magic is often seen as both good and bad, so many fantasy romance characters have to fight dark magic or dark creatures over and over again.

Fantasy romance books with dark elements can be violent or have bullying elements, so choose your fantasy books carefully based on what you like to read and what you don’t like to read!

Stories with a Thrill.

Because fantasy romance books are about good vs. bad, many of them add a sense of suspense to their storylines.

In fantasy romance books, there is a lot of romantic suspense. If you don’t like romantic suspense, you might not like this part of the books.

Fantasy Romance is a book series.

With so much attention paid to world building, suspense, and the fight between good and bad, fantasy romance books are often written in multiple book series. This is because there is so much attention paid to these things.

With too many details and descriptions of plotlines to fit into just one book, authors instead write amazing fantasy romance book series, giving you a chance to really get to know their characters and their struggles over the course of a long time.

You might not want to spend a lot of time reading a three or five book series, but when you find a fantasy romance book that meets all your needs, you’ll be so excited that it is part of a series because you’ll have more to read and enjoy!

Slow Burn Love Story

I like the fantasy romance books that have a lot of romance and a lot of fantasy in them.

I don’t pick up a book in this category just for the action and adventure, but for the sweeping love story between the characters that binds them together and makes them stronger than anything else.

In fantasy romance books, I’ve also found that the romance between the main characters often takes a long time to get going.

This may be especially true for fantasy romance book series, but even in books that aren’t part of a series, there is often a slow buildup of friendship between characters.

There are so many things I love about slow-burn romances. Even the love connection between two characters can shock them, because the tension and growing attraction can be so intense!

It’s a good idea if you like slow-burn romances to read a fantasy book.

There are two types of romance: fantasy novels and paranormal romance novels.

I also think it’s important to point out that fantasy romance books and paranormal romance books are two different types of books.

These aren’t formal definitions to separate the two groups, but more how I see their differences to me.

Fantasy romance books have a lot of things that only deal with magic, fae and magical creatures, and fantastical worlds.

A lot of paranormal romance books don’t have a lot of magic in them and instead have other types of paranormal creatures like vampires and ghosts.

However, both categories have a main love story that ends in a happy ending.

Here is a book list of only fantasy romance books. Some of the books may have shapeshifter elements in them or the like, so it’s not a sure thing.

The Best Fantasy Romance Books

If you want to read a great fantasy romance book, then these next books are for you.

These are some of my favorite books in this category and the ones I think are worth reading.

From Blood and Ashby Jennifer L. Armentrout

From Blood and Ashby Jennifer L. Armentrout

It’s been a long time since Poppy has been able to live the way she wants to. As the Maiden, the future of the kingdom is in her hands. She is to stay alone until the day of her Ascension.

Her Royal Guard, however, becomes a question when Hawke takes the job. She starts to question her duty and the desire that he has awakened in her heart.

If Poppy doesn’t live up to her potential, she could lose her life or her heart. As tensions rise among Desenters and attacks on the kingdom, she could fail the gods and lose her life or heart.

I completely agree with the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards that this book was the best romance book.

It has great writing, a story that makes you want to read on, characters you love, and a slow-burn romance that is so good.

She is very strong and I found her life as the Maiden to be very interesting. I especially liked her relationship with Hawke.

After I finished this book, I had to start the next one in the series right away. It was just as good, if not better, than the first one.

This is a book and a whole series that should not be missed!

A Promise of Fireby Amanda Bouchet

When Griffin, a warlord from the magic-starved south, sees that Cat Fisa can see the future, he takes her and hides her in his castle.

Griffin knows that Cat is the Kingmaker, the woman who sees the truth through lies and knows the truth. He wants to use her powers to help him rule the new world he just took over. Then he realizes that he wants her for more than her magic.

I couldn’t stop reading this book and didn’t want to put it down. Cat and Griffin’s back and forth banter was off the charts as she tried to fight her feelings for him. Griffin was the most patient alpha in the world. I really liked it.

Her friendship with Griffin’s team, who tried to protect her at all costs, also made this book great. I also liked the Greek gods in the story, which made it a different kind of fantasy book.

You can read this as a stand-alone or keep reading the whole series.

The Bird and the Swordby Amy Harmon

The Bird and the Swordby Amy Harmon

On the day my mother left me, she told me to swallow my words, and I haven’t said a word since. Because of my mother’s curse, I’m no longer just a prisoner. I’m no longer invisible to the people around me, but I’m no longer a prisoner.

Gifted people are being hunted in our land. So, I keep my words close to my heart. But there is someone who hears my words and wants my loyalty, my duty, and maybe even my love.

The first book that made me fall in love with fantasy romance was this one.

Harmon is a great writer, and this fantasy romance filled with healers, seers, spinners, and changers is one of her best. She creates an unforgettable world and beautiful prose in this book.

It’s also a great slow-burn love story in a beautiful, medieval world. I wanted to be a fly on the wall of the castle as Lark and Tiras became more than just captive and captive. I couldn’t stop reading because I was enthralled and couldn’t put the book down.

The best thing about this book is that it is a standalone fantasy romance book, so you don’t have to wait for the next one. “It’s a must-read.”

Radianceby Grace Draven

There has been no one else to marry in Brishen Khaskem’s Kai kingdom, which means that his only value is to marry a human so that two kingdoms can work together.

She is the niece of the Gauri king. Ildiko is going to marry the young Kai prince, who is the son of the king. As they were getting married, Brishen and Ildiko saw each other as ugly as they thought they would be. But through friendship, they came to see each other as more beautiful than they thought.

From the first meeting between Brishen and Ildiko, this fantasy romance book had me. I was blown away by the premise of the book, which had me hooked from the start.

These two characters, from different kingdoms, are what really make this story stand out from all the rest. They look past their appearances and find true love inside.

It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of “magic” in this book, but I found it to be a great, “marriage of convenience” story that was the perfect slow burn romance.

Dragon Boundby Thea Harrison

This is how Pia Giovanni sees it: She’s half human and half-Wyr. When she’s blackmailed into taking something from a powerful dragon, she knows that her time is up.

As a result of Dragos’s mercy, her life as she knows it will never be the same again. Since he has claimed her as his own, her heart goes out to him, too.

Fantasy romance: I really liked this one. It’s a stand-alone story, but it also starts a series that lets the supporting characters have their own stories.

One of the best-known Dragos is a hot alpha. Pia isn’t afraid of him, and she doesn’t back down from him. The parts where you see him change and learn to compromise were my favorite parts of the story.

All the sparks and more! I think you should read this if you like fantasy romance books.

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