7 Best Graham Greene Books Update 05/2022

Graham Greene Books

As an MI6 spy, Graham Greene went around the world and became one of the most famous writers of all time, even though he was very busy. You can start with this list of his best books. He has more than 24 novels and short stories as well as poetry, two autobiographies, and a lot of other things.

Brighton Rock (1938)

Brighton Rock (1938)

A word: hell was something he could trust.

He wrote a book about a gang war that is going on in Brighton’s dark underworld. It’s one of Greene’s best-known and most-loved works of literature. Pinkie, a 17-year-old who is mean and ruthless, has killed a man. He thinks he can get away with it, but Ida Arnold, a brave, life-embracing, self-appointed sleuth, has made it her job to stop him.

This is a page-turner that is also a well-written thriller. It combines fast-paced action with good writing to make a novel that feels timeless, even though it was written more than 80 years ago.

Dr Fischer of Geneva (1980)

I think I used to hate Dr. Fischer more than any other person I had ever met, just like I loved his daughter more than any other woman.

Greene paints a powerful picture of the greed of the rich in this dark satire. Doctor Fischer doesn’t like the human race. One of the Toads, a millionaire with a taste for sadism, spends a lot of time and money planning infamous parties that show off the shallowness and greed of his friends.

Alfred Jones is now married to Dr. Fischer’s daughter, and he soon gets an invite to one of the notorious parties. But Jones is very different from the Toads. He is not rich or greedy, and he will not accept Fischer’s humiliation.

Love and loss, as well as the nature of greed and power, are always interesting in this short book. It’s even more interesting and concise than a book three times its size.

Our Man In Havana (1959)

Visiting the city was not the same as living there. It was the city where Wormold first fell in love and he was held to it as though to the scene of a tragedy.

When Greene wrote this book, he called it “entertainment.” It’s one of Greene’s more light-hearted novels, which he called “entertainment.” He sells vacuum cleaners in a city that has a lot of power cuts. Whenever a mysterious Englishman comes to him and says he can make more money, he’s excited to take him up on the offer. His daughter spends her money with such skill that it amazes him. In return, he only has to do a little espionage and write a few stories.

Soon, Wormold starts making up stories and hiring imaginary agents to help him with his growing spy network. When his stories start to come true, things get even more complicated and Havana becomes a dangerous place.

This book isn’t just funny; it’s a thriller and a political parody that still has a lot to say today.

The Quiet American (1955)

The Quiet American (1955)

Her sound, the clink of a cup, and a certain time of night all came back to me when I closed my eyes. She was the promise of rest.

Greene’s book about love, innocence, and morality in Vietnam is one of the most controversial of his work. Alden Pyle, a CIA agent, is the “Quiet American.” He is young, idealistic, and sent to Indo-China to spread democracy through a mysterious “Third Force.”

Because of his overly optimistic attitude, his friend Fowler is a cynical foreign correspondent who finds it hard not to be a part of the chaos that is taking place.

But Fowler’s reasons for intervening aren’t clear to both the police and himself, because Pyle has taken Fowler’s beautiful Vietnamese lover.

Greene is very good at giving a good look at American foreign policy and a very interesting love triangle that is clever in its pace and tone.

The Quiet American is still a terrifying and prescient picture of how innocent people are all over the world.

The End of the Affair (1951)

It’s not possible to love and do nothing.

A heartbreaking book about love, hatred, and obsession. A love affair between Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles, which took place during the London Blitz, comes to an end when she suddenly and without explanation breaks it off.

He hires a private detective to follow Sarah after a chance meeting two years later, and his love for her turns into an obsession.

Beautifully written, this is one of Greene’s so-called Catholic novels. It’s so real, so full of pain and rage, that you almost want to turn away from the page. It’s one of Greene’s best works.

You can’t read this and not be moved by it.

The Power and the Glory (1940)

Hate was just a bad imagination.

Time magazine named this book one of the 100 best novels of the twentieth century. Many people think it’s Greene’s best work.

It was 1930 in Mexico, and there was a lot of violence against the priests. A worldly priest, known as the “whisky priest,” is on the run. He is fleeing not only an unwavering police lieutenant but also his own wavering morals. If he doesn’t get help soon, the police will close in on him and cut off his escape routes.

Whiskey priest: As he scrapes his way to salvation, he is haunted by an affair from his past that he can’t shake. He can’t choose between the bottle and the Bible, but he can’t give up on those who need him and the people he cares about.

Loser Takes All

By Graham Greene

Loser Takes All by Graham Greene is a wild ride that will make you laugh at every turn of the page. The book is about a couple: Mr. Bertram and his fiancee, Cary. Herbert Dreuther, Mr. Bertram’s boss, thinks the couple should go all out for their wedding and honeymoon. Herbert takes over the planning of the event, and even forces Bertram to stay at the Hôtel de Paris after they sail on Herbert’s yacht, which is a very nice hotel.

After they’ve thought about it, the couple agrees to all of these extravagant purchases and goes ahead with the rest of their plans. But when Herbert doesn’t show up to the hotel for a few weeks, the couple finds themselves in a debt that they can’t pay off at all. To their luck, there is a casino nearby. Betram thinks that gambling could help them get out of this.

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