18 Best James Patterson Books Update 05/2022

It’s been said that James Patterson is a best-selling American author who is best known for his mystery books, thrillers, and crime novels. Author: He is one of the most well-paid authors in history. He has the most New York Times bestsellers, and he was the first author to sell a million ebooks in 2010. He is also a big fan of giving back and has given millions of dollars to fund classroom libraries all over the country, which he is very proud of.

To figure out which James Patterson books are the most popular, we asked Goodreads users. People use Goodreads to rate, review, and share their favorite books. Over 125 million people use Goodreads. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new James Patterson book or if you want to find your next favorite mystery or thriller. Here are the 21 most popular James Patterson books, according to Goodreads users!

The most popular James Patterson novels, according to Goodreads members:

‘Along Came a Spider’

With more than 400,000 reviews on Goodreads, “Along Came a Spider” is the most popular James Patterson book for people who use the site. This is the first book in the “Alex Cross” series, which now has 28 books (and another due to be published next month). Alex Cross is a brilliant homicide detective who wants to stop a psychopathic killer in this fast-paced thriller. This is the first book about him.

‘Kiss the Girls’

“Kiss the Girls” is the second book in the “Alex Cross” series, which is about a homicide detective who is looking for two serial killers who work together across the country. It is a fast-paced and suspenseful thriller that is told in short chapters. It keeps the attention of the reader until the last page.

‘1st to Die’

To start off the “Women’s Murder Club” series, the first book is called “1st to Die.” It’s about four friends who all work in the field of criminal investigation. They are a medical examiner, an assistant district attorney, and a reporter. Their bosses don’t want them to work together to find a killer who’s been terrorizing San Francisco.

‘The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride’

As a teenager, I was in love with this young adult fantasy series about six homeless, parentless kids who all have special powers, like being able to fly. The six kids were born in a lab with avian DNA. They have escaped and must avoid the evil scientists who are always trying to get them back.

‘Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas’

A James Patterson book called “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” tells the story of Katie Wilkinson, who has found the perfect partner. Then he disappears from her life and leaves her with a weird diary that tells heartbreaking stories in this overwhelming and emotional book.

‘School’s Out—Forever’

Following an accident that leaves one of Max and her flock injured, the FBI finds them. When the FBI agrees to help their brother, the flock goes to a special school where Max learns how she can save the world.

‘2nd Chance’

Women from the Women’s Murder Club meet again in this thriller when two terrible and tragic events seem to be linked. When the women find out about the connection, the answer and the killer’s motive shock the whole country in this fast-paced murder mystery.

‘Sam’s Letter to Jennifer’

It’s a modern romance about Jennifer, who goes back home to be with her ill grandmother while still grieving the loss of her husband, and how they meet. When Jennifer finds a package of letters from her grandmother, the writing inside tells the stories of her grandmother’s life.

‘Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports’

“Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports” is the third book in the “Maximum Ride” series. Max and her flock learn about a sinister plan to genetically engineer a small group of people into a superior race and kill the rest of us. Even though the group has been split up, they still need to work together to stop the experiment and save the world.

‘3rd Degree’

It’s the third book in the “Women’s Murder Club” series. Detective Lindsay Boxer finds three bodies and a mysterious message. In order to find a killer who has promised to kill every three days, she brings in her three friends. It looks like the next victim is one of their own.

‘4th of July’

When Lieutenant Lindsey Boxer fired her weapon, she set off a chain of events that led to her being put on trial for murder. Friends of Lindsay have to help her clear her name and stop a killer before they do it again in this thriller.

‘The Beach House’

When law student Jack Mullen and his brother, Peter, live in the Hamptons and Peter is a valet there, the book “The Beach House” is a great mystery. His brother did not drown by accident when his body was found on the beach. To find out what happened, Jack must look into it on his own. It looks like the police have been paid off to not look into it.

‘Jack & Jill’

When a U.S. senator is killed while Alex is called to the scene of a little girl’s death, this third “Alex Cross” mystery is very scary. This time, the killer strikes again, putting Alex Cross in a race against time to solve the murders.


It’s the fifth book in the “Maximum Ride” series, and something is killing ships and animals off the coast of Hawaii. The Navy asks Max and her flock to help them with their top-secret investigation. During the same time, they find out that Max’s mother is being held prisoner underwater, and they must deep-dive through evil waters to get her.

‘Cat & Mouse’

In this “Alex Cross” story, a well-known killer comes back for revenge, and he wants to kill Alex before he dies from his terminal illness. The same time, Thomas Pierce is looking for his own killer, and when their paths cross with Alex’s, it could be deadly.

‘The 5th Horseman’

In this 2006 episode of the “Women’s Murder Club” series, a new member of the group is lawyer Yuki Castellano, who wants to join. With the help of Yuki, the Murder Club women find a merciless killer who may be linked to a string of mysterious patient deaths at a hospital that wants to protect its reputation above all else.

‘Hide and Seek’

In “Hide and Seek,” Maggie Bradford is a famous singer who is on trial for killing two of her husbands. This is a celebrity trial that has drawn the attention of the whole country. Maggie’s famous husband had dark and dangerous secrets of his own, it turns out.

‘Roses Are Red’

Detective Alex Cross is on the trail of a brilliant killer who calls himself “Mastermind,” who is robbing banks and killing bank employees who don’t follow his exact instructions. Alex has to stop the bank robber before he can pull off one last crime at home.

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