11 Best Jojo Moyes Books Update 05/2022

He became a household name thanks to the movie Me Before You. It’s a heartbreaking love story that you should read if you haven’t already, or if you have read it and love it, but don’t know which Jojo book to read next. Good Housekeeping has a list of her best books.

Her fans all over the world love her books because they have a mix of humor and heartbreak, romance and drama, and characters that are very real. When she talks about difficult things like poverty or assisted suicide, she doesn’t shy away from them. She writes about them with the lightest of touches. Here’s where you start.

The Giver Of Stars

Confrontational, I know, but I think this most recent book by Jojo is the best one she has written. It’s very different from Me Before You, but it’s still very happy. During the Great Depression, Alice Wright moves to Kentucky so that she can marry a rich American. She’s very out of place. In the end, she only finds friendship and freedom when she joins a group of horseback librarians who give books to the poor. I really liked this adventure story for girls because it had strong female characters and great writing, and I thought it was great for girls.

Me Before You

This book has sold more than 14 million copies around the world, and for good reason. It is a beautiful book. During this story, a quadriplegic man and the carer who is trying to give him a reason to live break your heart, but then your heart starts to rise again. They are both great people, and you can’t help but root for them. In order to keep tissues close by, you should keep them close to you.

The One Plus One

In the same way that Me Before You, which is one of her best-known works, this story is about an unlikely romance. I think it should be given more attention for how lovely it is. It’s hate at first sight for single mom Jess and self-made millionaire Ed, who have a lot of money. Jess, her daughter, her step-son, and her smelly dog go on a road trip across the country with them. They become friends. Only Ed doesn’t know that Jess hasn’t been completely honest with him. When you read this book, you’ll see how modern life in Britain is both funny, sweet, and tender. It also touches on some very serious topics with the lightest of touches.

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The Girl You Left Behind

Jojo Moyes is best at writing heartfelt novels with characters you love and can believe in. In The Girl You Left Behind, two young women, one from the 1800s and one from the present, have to make a difficult choice. This is a hugely enjoyable, wide-ranging, and believable book that is well-researched. It includes all the guilt, betrayal, and grand passions that the First World War caused, as well as two enviable romances between two impossibly romantic couples, one in the present and one in the past. The job was done well.

After You

She didn’t think she would be writing a sequel to Me Before You, but after a lot of people asked, she’s written a new chapter for Lou and Will’s story. During After You, Lou is struggling to get through the days because of her grief, until a teenage girl who claims to be Will’s daughter shows up on her doorstep. She says she’s his daughter. This book has a lot of laughs, a lot of heart, and a heroine you really want to help.

Still Me

The heroine of Me Before You comes back for a third time. In the book Still Me, Lou Clark moves to New York to be the PA for a trophy wife. She wants to be a new person, but she still has a lot of doubts about herself from the past, and her boss is a real pain. The story is very good at balancing heartbreak and hope with a little humor to make it more real.

Ship Of Brides

After World War II came to an end, more than 600 brides from Australia are going to England to live with their husbands. The book follows four young women as they make new friends and learn about each other’s pasts. It’s a very good book that has a lot of romance and emotion in it.

The Ship of Brides: A Novel: Moyes, Jojo: 9780143126478: Amazon.com: Books

The Horse Dancer

He used to be a horseman at an elite riding school. When his life goes wrong, he turns his attention to training Sarah and her horse, Boo, for his granddaughter and her show team. But when bad things happen, Sarah is on her own. Until she meets lawyer Natasha. This heartwarming story is one of redemption and hope, and it’s sure to be a hit with horse lovers.

The Last Letter From Your Lover

This is the story of two women: Ellie, a journalist who finds an interesting letter in her paper’s archives; and Jennifer, who wakes up from an accident and can’t remember anything until a hidden letter brings back memories of the lover she was willing to give up for. The story spans 40 years. These words about lost love are so beautiful that they tug at the heart strings.

Night Music

In the blink of an eye, Isabel’s husband dies, and the lovely life she had always taken for granted is snatched away. She and her two kids end up in a crumbling house in the country that’s falling down all around them, but they don’t care. Doing up the house is what keeps Isabel going, but it causes a lot of trouble for her neighbors, who don’t like it. We love Jojo’s first book because it has real people and strong emotions.

Sheltering Rain

Joy and her only daughter, Kate, don’t get along. She doesn’t know much about her 16-year-old granddaughter Sabine. Sabine shows up on Joy’s doorstep and changes her life. It was one of Jojo Moyes’ first books, written before Me Before You. It’s not as polished as her later books, but you can see early signs of her brilliance in it.

Sheltering Rain: the captivating and emotional novel from the author of Me  Before You: Amazon.co.uk: Moyes, Jojo: 9780340960356: Books

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