16 Best Julia Quinn Books Update 05/2022

Julia Quinn Books

Julia Quinn is a best-selling author of historical romance books.

They were written by her, and they made the Netflix show “Bridgerton” a big hit!

We looked at reviews on Goodreads to see which of her books were the most popular.

When Netflix’s “Bridgerton” became a big hit, Julia Quinn wrote the books that made it happen. They each have their own complicated but steamy love stories in this eight-book series about the Bridgerton family.

She has written more than 30 novels and short stories, and each one is loved for her charming writing style and swoon-worthy romance plots. The “Bridgerton” series is her most well-known one, but she has written a lot more.

People who use Goodreads to rate books can help us figure out which Julia Quinn books are the most popular. Over 125 million people use Goodreads to rate, review, and share their favorite books with other people. Goodreads users say these are the most popular Julia Quinn books, so if you want to read the beloved “Bridgerton” series or find a perfect historical romance, these are the books you should read.

The most popular Julia Quinn books, according to Goodreads reviewers:

The Duke and I

The Duke and I

On Goodreads, “The Duke and I” is the most popular Julia Quinn book. It has almost 250,000 reviews. Made even more popular by Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” “The Duke and I” is about Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. It’s about how they faked their relationship. Daphne has had a hard time turning friendships into romance in the past. She is hoping that her fake relationship will help her chances. Simon is trying to keep away all the young women who want to be his girlfriend.

The Viscount Who Loved Me

In 1814, London’s most elusive bachelor, Anthony Bridgerton, has decided to get married and has chosen a wife: Edwina, who is now his best friend and wife. Kate, Edwina’s sister, is trying to stop them from getting together. She does everything she can to make sure her sister doesn’t get hurt, but she’s also secretly in love with Anthony in this steamy “Bridgerton” sequel.

Romancing Mister Bridgerton

“Romancing Mister Bridgerton” is the fourth book in the “Bridgerton” series, and it’s about Colin Bridgerton, a handsome bachelor who is often on the cover of a popular gossip magazine. She can’t help but fall in love with Colin, her best friend’s brother. When Penelope learns his biggest secret, everything changes between them.

An Offer From a Gentleman

In the third book in the “Bridgerton” series, Sophie Beckett, the daughter of an earl, is told about how her stepmother has forced her to work as a servant. In the masquerade ball, Benedict Bridgerton is very attractive. Sophie sneaks into the party and meets him while dancing. During the time that Sophie ran away, Benedict knew that he had to find and marry the beautiful maid with whom he felt a strong attraction.

To Sir Phillip, With Love

To Sir Phillip, With Love

In this “Bridgerton” book, talkative spinster Eloise Bridgerton and moody Sir Phillip get married even though they have never met each other. They hope to find good partners in each other. This historical romance is both witty and heartwarming. When Eloise finally arrives by carriage, both of them learn that their new partner is very different from what they thought.

When He Was Wicked

For his way with women, Michael Stirling was known as a “rake.” He was known for this until he saw Francesca Bridgerton and fell in love with her less than two days before her wedding. Now that Francesca is single again, she doesn’t know what Michael thinks about her. That is, until they touch each other and start the unruly passion between them.

It’s in His Kiss

When Gareth St. Clair inherits an old family diary, he wants to find out what secrets are hidden inside. Gareth can’t read it because it’s all written in Italian, which he doesn’t speak. It turns out that the answers to Gareth’s questions aren’t found in the text but in each other.

On the Way to the Wedding

In the last book in the “Bridgerton” series, Gregory Bridgerton is engaged to Hermione Watson, who he once thought was “the one.” She now knows that she’s in love with someone else, though. When Hermione’s best friend, Lucy, wants to help Gregory win Hermione’s heart, Lucy can’t help but fall in love with him, even though she has a lot of other things to do.

Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven

This is the first in a “Bridgerton” spin-off series called “Just Like Heaven.” It’s about Honoria Smythe-Smith and Marcus Holroyd, two people who have known each other their whole lives because Marcus was best friends with Honoria’s brother. Marcus gets sick, and Honoria takes care of him. The two can’t help but fall in love with each other over time in this sweet and fun romance.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

Nigel Bevelstoke kissed Miranda Cheever when she was 10 years old and told her that one day she would be a great beauty, just like she was now. Miranda is now an adult and wants to find the man who gave her the confidence she has today. When she finds him, she finds that Nigel’s spirit has been broken by time and loss.

Because of Miss Bridgerton

Because of Miss Bridgerton is the first book in the “Rokesby” series, which is a “Bridgerton” spin-off that takes place a generation earlier. Everyone thinks Billie Bridgerton will marry one of the Rokesby brothers because their families have lived next to each other for a long time and their children were almost raised together. She doesn’t like any other Rokesby except for George, but when the two are together, their love is clear.

What Happens in London

After hearing that her new neighbor may have killed his fiancée, Olivia Bevelstoke decides to spy on her neighbor and see if it is true. When Sir Harry Valentine sees his neighbor spying on him, he gets suspicious right away and is soon asked to spy on her in return when he finds out that the man she’s engaged to may be planning to bring down England.

Ten Things I Love About You

Ten Things I Love About You

Finally, Annabel Winslow’s family wants her to marry the Earl of Newbury, an old, rich man who is trying to find an heir before he dies so that his money doesn’t go to him nephew, Sebastian Grey. This is the last book in the “Bevelstoke” book series. She runs away from the earl and meets Sebastian, who wants to keep their identities a secret for the night, but it can’t be kept long.

A Night Like This

Anne is working as a governess for three young girls when Daniel, the Earl of Winstead, comes back from three years away. Until the danger that is following Daniel finally catches up with him, Anne has to remind herself that a nobleman can’t tempt her.

The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband

She decides to cross the Atlantic to find her brother and nurse him back to health when he gets hurt in a fight. Her search for her brother leads Cecilia to Edward Rokesby, an officer who is unconscious and needs help. She tells everyone that she is his wife so that she can help him, and he thanks her for it. Until the truth comes out, Edward doesn’t know that he’s married to Cecilia, until he wakes up and doesn’t remember anything about the night before.

The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

It’s a series of eight books called “The Bridgertons.” Each book follows a different member of the family through their own unique and steamy love stories. Fans of “Bridgerton” can read this book to find out what happened to their favorite characters. It has eight “second epilogues.”

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