7 Best Neil Gaiman Books Update 05/2022

Best Neil Gaiman Books

A lot of people know and love Neil Gaiman because he is one of the world’s best-known, most successful, and best-loved authors alive today. There are a lot of movies, plays, or fancy audiobooks with famous people in them that are based on Neil Gaiman’s books that are good.

Another thing that makes Neil Gaiman so good at writing: he started out as a journalist and then started writing comics.

Afterward, he started writing novels for adults and children, as well as short story collections and even a successful blog. He also wrote episodes of Doctor Who.

My favorite author, Neil Gaiman, has written a lot of books and comics for kids, so I’ve read almost all of them. During my early years of reading, I soaked up all of his imagination, becoming inspired over and over again.

The Best Neil Gaiman Books, Ranked: Worst to Best

List of the best Neil Gaiman books: Not his comics or his non-fiction, but not either of those things. These are Neil Gaiman’s books that aren’t true. If you want to read about Sandman or any of his work for Marvel and DC, this is not the place.

These are the best Neil Gaiman books. They include his books for kids, his books for adults, and his collections of short stories. They’re all ranked from the worst to the best. Good Neil Gaiman writing is on this list.

You might be wondering where to start reading Neil Gaiman, or you might just be looking for the best Neil Gaiman books. Here is my own list of what I think are the best. Start at his worst and work our way down.

Fortunately, the Milk…

Fortunately, the Milk…

Neil Gaiman has never written a bad book. I also read this book when I was 23, knowing that it was written for very young children.

This is still a great book by Neil Gaiman, in part because Chris Riddell’s illustrations are so beautiful, but it’s still a great book. A real stretch of this writer-artist pair’s imagination muscles has been put to work.

As a bonus, it shows how well Neil Gaiman can adapt his ideas for children rather than adults. To him, everyone who reads is a reader, and he takes care of both.

Fortunately, the Milk… is a children’s book that Chris Riddell did a lot of work on. It tells the story of a father’s trip around the world in a fun way.

As soon as they get home, he tells his child this story. He was on a trip to the store that should have been a quick trip for milk.

It’s a sweet story with a cute idea and a stegosaurus scientist in a hot air balloon. No book with a stegosaurus scientist in a hot air balloon can be a bad book, right?

Trigger Warning

There are times when Neil Gaiman is at his best when he is writing short stories (like many other writers), but Trigger Warning is not one of them.

Unlike his first two short story collections, Trigger Warning is one of the worst books you can read: it isn’t very good at all.

As I said before, Gaiman has never written a bad book. This isn’t one of the best Neil Gaiman books, which is even more of a shame because his other short story collections are some of his best work. On that below.

Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys is one of Neil Gaiman’s more interesting books. It kind of looks like American Gods, but not in a good way. As a result, it’s also a very long book. It doesn’t have a good reason for that, though.

In the book Anansi Boys, the story of Fat Charlie, a sad and angry Floridian man, is told. His father died while singing at a karaoke bar. Then it turns out that his father was Anansi, the god of the spider.

From this point on, the book turns into a competition between Charlie, who isn’t very likable, and his evil brother Spider.

Anansi Boys isn’t as interesting as Neil Gaiman’s other books for adults. In fact, in that group of the best Neil Gaiman books for adults, Anansi Boys is the worst.

Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd and the Frost Giants

These aren’t the best-known books by Neil Gaiman. Odd and the Frost Giants is a very short book that was written for kids and illustrated by Chris Riddell, who is one of Neil Gaiman’s favorite artists. It’s set in the world of Norse Mythology, which is Gaiman’s favorite subject.

During the winter of Asgard, the Frost Giants have taken over the land. Odd is a young boy who is asked to help Odin and Thor, as well as Loki, reclaim Thor’s hammer and free Asgard from the Frost Giants.

This is a very cute story. It’s a story about Norse mythology that was written by a person who knows a lot about that subject. Children can enjoy this book just as much as adults can. It’s not like Fortunately, the Milk…


Putting Stardust so far down this list may or may not be a move that splits people. I don’t know what to do. I think this isn’t one of the best Neil Gaiman books. In fact, I think the movie version of the book is better than the book itself, in my opinion.

Stardust is a kind of fairy tale that takes place in an English village called Wall. It’s set in a place called Wall (it has a wall).

When Tristan doesn’t get the girl of his dreams to marry him, he sets out to find a fallen star for her. When he finds the star is a woman, he binds her in manacles and drags her across the land.

Children are not supposed to read this story, even though it might be a fairy tale. It has one explicit sex scene and a very bad male protagonist. Neil Gaiman is very good at writing them.

No, this is not one of Neil Gaiman’s worst books. It’s also not his worst.

The Sleeper and the Spindle

Here, everything is good. At this point, we’re really into Neil Gaiman’s best books. If he had written better books than the bottom five, then they would be better. They are all good, but they aren’t as good as his best books. Think of this as a list of the 10 best Neil Gaiman books. The Sleeper and the Spindle is the first one on the list.

They are two very different animals. As a Neil Gaiman fan, I was shocked when I first saw it. It was clear from the start that this was a different kind of Neil Gaiman book: an illustrated fairy tale for adults.

You should do this when you make a fairy tale into a new story. There is a new twist on the helpless damsel and the brave hero dynamic. It’s modern, fresh, and exciting. Having a story that’s both fantastical and real is exciting.

No doubt about it, this is one of the best Neil Gaiman books because it’s beautiful and unique. All that holds it back is that it’s a little short. I was hungry for more.

The Graveyard Book

Both the title and the story are based on The Jungle Book, but in a dark way. Murder: The Graveyard Book starts off with a murder that leaves the dead family’s child alone. Then, the story of a lonely boy growing up in a graveyard turns out to be very strange and weird.

Like Mowgli, Bod is raised by ghosts and ghouls in the graveyard. It’s a story that looks a lot like one that Burton would write. It’s also a book for kids.

This is one of the best Neil Gaiman books for adults and kids to read together. Children can get excited by the strangeness and the excitement, and they can project their own feelings onto Bod and his journey. Adults can enjoy the character writing, the sinister tone, and the wonderful world-building.

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