7 Best Nora Roberts Books Update 05/2022

Best Nora Roberts Books

So where to start writing about Nora Roberts? I don’t know. Because, you know, she is Nora Roberts, right? There isn’t one book by Nora Roberts that is the best one to start with at first. Over the years, she has written more than 225 romance novels, helped define and advocate for the genre, and written so many of my favorite happy endings that I love. Nora Roberts has been given a lifetime achievement award by the Romance Writers of America. In 2008, they changed the name of the award to the “Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award.”

In boxes and under her bed, my mom kept a huge collection of things. I found her when I read through it. So, for people who don’t have a romance expert as a mother, her backlog can be a lot to deal with She wrote more than 225 books. Here is one of many ways that readers and people who are interested in romance novels can work their way through her huge library.

Where to Start With the Best Nora Roberts Books: Contemporary Suspense

When I think about where to start with Nora Roberts, there are two places that come to mind. Her contemporary suspense romance novels are the one that makes the most sense to me. This is why people fell in love with Nora Roberts when they read her books in the 1980s and 1990s. It is what many think of when they hear the name Nora Roberts.

Black Hills

Black Hills

If you want to start reading Nora Roberts, Black Hills is one of the best books to start with. Lil Chance was Cooper Sullivan’s next-door neighbor when he was growing up on his grandparents’ cattle ranch in South Dakota. He helped out and formed a close friendship with the girl next door. But when Lil started to have more feelings for Cooper, their relationship ended quickly.

When Cooper was 12 years old, he left his job as an NYPD investigator and came back home to South Dakota to run the ranch. Her goal was to become a biologist and start a wildlife refuge, so she has done both. Both of their lives will be in danger, though, if the small pranks on the refuge turn into something more dangerous. Because Cooper and Lil will also be in danger of losing their hearts when these old friends try to find and find out who killed their friend.


If this kind of suspense is your thing, keep reading up the road.

When an ex-husband and ex-wife archeology team is on the brink of a big discovery, they start to get blackmailed and have a lot of unexplained deaths happen.

In addition, look at The Obsession, Public Secrets, Whiskey Beach, and The Chesapeake Bay Saga.

Next or If You Don’t Like Suspense: Hit up One of Her Lighter Pinterest-y Home Renovation Series

In fact, I’d bet everything I own that Nora Roberts is a big fan of HGTV, too. When she writes her books, there are a few things that keep coming up, and one of those things is how to improve your home. The term “renovation porn” has been used by more than one person to describe her books. So if you want your romance with a little help picking paint colors or installing new tile, Nora Roberts has the answer.

Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy

Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy

The first place to go is the Inn at Boonsboro, which is near the town.

Three brothers who work on restoring a historic hotel on Maryland’s Eastern Shore are the stars of this trilogy. It’s the first book in a series called The Next Always. Cameron, the family’s architect, is in it. His work is taking up all of his time, but there is one woman that he has a crush on from high school. In Clare’s case, she is a single mother of three young boys. She and Cameron both think they’re too busy to have sex with each other.

But as their relationship goes beyond a teenage crush, they start to build a new family together and call each other by their first names. It’s possible to visit the real-life Inn run by Nora Roberts and her husband after you finish all three books in the trilogy.

Bride Quartet

After Roberts’ Bride Quartet, even though this isn’t a book about home improvement, it’s a great follow-up. Wedding porn is about four best friends who start a full service wedding planning business together. This is the wedding photographer that Vision in White introduces: Mac Elliot, whose own family history makes her wary of marriage.

It’s not until a reliable, cute high school English teacher comes into the picture that he’s able to change her mind. It’s the florist, pastry chef, and business manager who find love in the next books. Talk about table settings, first dance songs, and more.

Follow these Up with…Suspense and Home Renovation



In the past, Cilla McGowan was a child star. Now, she wants to start a new life by fixing up homes. Keeping the house her movie star grandmother lived in before she took an overdose 30 years ago is her new project.

As she works on the project, Cilla wants to lose herself in it, but she keeps getting distracted by the graphic novelist who lives next door. For this reason, Cilla is very careful not to fall in love with Ford. She thinks that her family is cursed with love. Then, when she finds a box of letters that make it look like her grandmother’s death was not accidental, she will need his help.

Midnight Bayou

Another good choice for someone who wants to read dark Nora Roberts books about home renovations is Midnight Bayou. This one is a little more supernatural than suspenseful. During Declan Fitzgerald’s renovation of a run-down New Orleans mansion, he starts to believe that the house is haunted.

Finally: if you’re Feeling Futuristic

Naked in Death

Roberts uses the pen name J.D. Robb to write the In Death series, which is set in the future and is also a mystery. It’s a little weird that both J.D. Robb and Nora Roberts use the same name for their work. Begin with Naked in Death. New York City looks a lot like it does in 2058. Detective Eve Dallas is trying to figure out who killed a senator’s daughter.

It looks like Rourke is the person who owns a lot of antiques and is very powerful and very rich. But Eve doesn’t think he did it, and he didn’t. That’s not just because she’s in love with him. And if you love this book, your TBR is going to get a lot bigger. Because there are fifty-nine books in the series right now, that means there are a lot of them. They aren’t done with J.D. Robb.

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