13 Best Product Management Books Update 05/2022

What is the significance of Product Management Books? In the old days, it was common practice to learn alongside a colleague who was already an expert in the subject matter. They’d share their trade secrets with you like they’d been in a hundred and one fights, acting like seasoned warriors. Free online information is becoming less useful as the amount of material available grows. Product Management internships are more difficult to come by than ever before. Picking up a book is the next best thing.

Make sure the authors have been through what they’re writing about. It’s impossible to learn anything by reading about theories; you must examine real-world examples. No matter how much or little experience you have in project management, there are many benefits to reading a good book. Here are some of our favorites, covering everything from the basics to advanced themes…

Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love

Encouragement, resources, and assistance in the form of real-world applications

The Silicon Valley Product Group was formed by Marty Cagan to aid and encourage other product managers by condensing years of knowledge into this book. In this book, he shares some of the most important things he’s learned while working for some of the world’s most well-known corporations. This is an excellent resource if you’re seeking for someone who can speak with authority on Product Management.

Cracking the PM Interview

Looking for a new career as a PM?

Founder and CEO ofCareerCup, Gayle McDowell is the author of two books, Cracking the Coding Interview and Cracking the Tech Career. On both sides of the interview table, Gayle has worked as a software engineer for Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Aspiring product managers’ go-to interview guide, Cracking the PM Interview. Learn the fundamentals by watching our interview with Gayle.

The Product Book

A comprehensive reference for all levels of project managers

Josh Anon (former Pixar PM) and Carlos González de Villaumbrosia (Product School CEO) have written a book called “How to Become a Great Product Manager.” Practical examples are backed up by theoretical innovation in The Product Book, which is a refreshing change from the norm. Inexperienced PMs will find it useful in brushing up on the fundamentals of the field.

Tribe of Mentors

From a broad and remarkable list of top performers, a wide range of advice

More than 130 successful people have shared their wisdom and experiences with Timothy Ferris. ‘Leaving no stone unturned,’ as the author puts it, means addressing all demographics and professions. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a more efficient morning routine or a new way to prioritize your tasks; this book has you covered.

My Product Management Toolkit

For those times when you’re in desperate need of a new tool to solve a problem

These are some of the most frequent tools that Product Managers use, and Marc Abraham has put them together in this handy resource. In every aspect of the task, there are specific procedures and programs that must be used in order for the job to be completed. Every problem has a solution, so learn how to identify them. If you’d want to learn more about this year’s most crucial tools and applications, check out this post we prepared.

Hired: How to Get a Product Management Job

The easiest way to land a new job is to learn from the best.

It’s not always easy to grasp the nuances of job hunting and career changing in the goods industry. This dedicated resource provides information on the most common and rare transitions; acquiring a job in specific tech businesses; and providing direct interview assistance for anyone looking to land a career in the industry. Experienced PMs from Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon back up this information.

The Lean Product Playbook

The bible of today’s prime ministers

Step-by-step instructions on how to implement the principles of Lean Startup may be found in the Lean Product Playbook. Product-market fit can be achieved with the help of the model developed by Dan Olsen, an experienced tech consultant. Based on user input, it provides a six-step process for fast iterating based on examples. Check out our exclusive interview with the author to learn more about the book.

Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

In just five days, you’ll learn how to solve big problems and test new ideas.

Three Google Ventures partners reveal the five-day approach they utilize to go from prototype to decision. Is this even possible? Pick up this book and see for yourself…….

Launch: The Roadmap to Product Management Success

Learn how the best project managers adapt to changing trends and tech culture.

The technological landscape is ever-evolving. Product managers have a long history, yet their interests change over time. In later years, Blockchain, Machine Learning and other advancements have increased their usability. Experienced Product Managers can teach you how to take advantage of these possibilities while also dealing with the difficulties that come with them.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal provides us with a step-by-step manual for creating better products.

He wanted to write the manual he wishes he’d had at the beginning of his career in product development. The Hook Model aids businesses in encouraging customer behavior without the use of overly aggressive (and costly) marketing campaigns. How to produce products that become a customer’s habit and draw them back for more is explained in this detailed tutorial.

Ship It: Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All

All of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets

Instinct alone will not get the job done for even the finest Product Managers. You aren’t a psilocyber. There is a need to collect data. It is imperative that you take a methodical approach to learning about your customers. In addition, you must learn how to effectively convey this understanding to your team, so they are encouraged to share your vision and stay on track. The book, ‘Ship It,’ contains both specialized and general product management guidance.

Game Thinking

Game designers may take a lot of lessons from product designers like Amy Jo Kim.

Take a page from the big game developers’ book and see how they do it. The Sims, Rock Band, and Ultima Online developer Amy Jo Kim reveals her success secrets. What is it that keeps viewers riveted to their screens? What has made gaming an industry worth $130 billion? What’s more, what’s the connection between this and your products? Find out by reading this book!

Product Mindset: How to Get Inside Your Customer’s Mind

Due to the fact that the best PMs are those who are customer-focused.

When it comes to creating items that people enjoy, you need to get to know their lives and their moods. You’ll discover how Spotify wooed musicians, Netflix tamed AI, and your smartphone shares a psychological process with a casino slot machine. Observations and insights from product managers at firms like Intercom, Pandora, Jet.com, and others.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Knowing what drives your consumers, as well as what drives yourself, is essential.

This book by Daniel H. Pink, who has been called provocative and convincing, examines the topic of motivation. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are Pink’s three pillars for motivating people, and they help him address issues like job satisfaction and our desire to do good in the world. This will not only help us better understand ourselves, but it will also help us better understand our customers.

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