11 Best Romantic Suspense Books Update 05/2022

Best Romantic Suspense Books

Find Me in the Snow came out a while ago. People have asked me about other books in the same genre. There are a lot of books out there, but a few authors and books are really good. In the past, I’ve read a fair amount of romantic suspense books. Here are the top 20 romantic suspense novels that I think are the best. My own book also made the list.


My favorite romantic suspense novels are on this list. You should read them, as well.

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect

Female colleagues at a Michigan company write down the qualities they think make a man perfect. When they do this, they unintentionally unleash a killer who wants to kill each of them one at a time.

Naked in Death

In the year 2058, technology is the only thing that rules the world. When it comes to New York City Detective Eve Dallas, one thing still rules her heart: passion… She is a New York police lieutenant who is looking for a killer who is very dangerous. As a police officer, she has seen it all. And she knows that her survival is based on her instincts. I told her not to get involved with Roarke all the time, but she doesn’t listen to me. An Irish billionaire and a person of interest in Eve’s murder case. But passion and seduction have their own set of rules, and Eve has to take a risk in the arms of a man she doesn’t know.


When I was asleep last night, I dreamed that I went back to Manderley again.

People who read this book are taken to a gray stone house on a Cornish coast that isn’t very well-known, where the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter talks about the frightening things that happened when she married someone she didn’t know very well. For, in every corner of every room, there were ghosts of a time that had passed but had not been forgotten. The sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, kept the past alive by making sure every room was spotless and ready to be used, but not by any of the current residents of the great house. Rebecca, Maxim’s first wife, died and was haunted by her beauty. The second Mrs. de Winter walked in the shadow of her mysterious predecessor, determined to find out the darkest secrets and shocking truths about Maxim’s first wife, the late Rebecca.

Something About You

Cameron Lynde, a female Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Department of Justice, had to choose the hotel room next to 1308, where some hot and heavy lovemaking ends in bloodshed. Among all the FBI agents in Illinois, Special Agent Jack Pallas is the only one who works in that state. Because of a botched crackdown three years ago, Jack Pallas almost lost his job because of it.

Have a job with Cameron Lynde? Is this a joke? Jack thinks this is a joke to play on him after he was away from Chicago for a while. There is no joke about it: the two must put their differences behind them and work on the case at hand.

The Guest List

The Guest List

The bride–The plus one–The best man– The wedding planner–The bridesmaid–The body

A party is taking place on an island off the coast of Ireland. People from all over the world are there to celebrate two people becoming one. The groom is handsome and charming, and he’s a rising TV star. The bride is smart and ambitious, and she owns a magazine. I think it’s going to be in a magazine or be in a celebrity’s wedding because of their fancy party favors and boutique whiskey.

Even though plans are perfect and people aren’t, they’re still not perfect. During the party, resentments and small-minded jealousies start to mix with the happy memories and well-wishes that are being shared. Then someone dies. Were there any people who didn’t want the happy couple to be happy? Then, why?


Before she came to Paris, Chloe Underwood wanted to have some fun. Instead, she ended up living off of scraps as a children’s book translator. So when she gets the chance to translate at an international business conference in a remote château, she jumps at the chance. Then, Chloe finds out that her employers aren’t the boring businessmen they seem to be.

Soon, she’s running for her life from a group of international arms dealers who are doing very bad things. Now that Chloe knows so much that she can’t live.


Archaeologist Morgan Adler’s work and life are in danger while she works on the Horn of Africa. This forces her to make a last-minute dash to a nearby US military base to beg for help. Green Beret Pax Blanchard is supposed to stop Dr. Adler before she gets to the base. So, he saves her life, but he has only just begun to protect her.

A fire that starts between Morgan and Pax is what threatens to eat them both alive in the desert heat. As long as she is alive, he will do everything he can to keep her safe.

Her Darkest Nightmare

Evelyn Talbot knows that a psychopath can look like a normal person. She was just 16 when her boyfriend, Jasper, locked her up and tortured her, then left her for dead. Evelyn is now a well-known psychiatrist who specializes in the criminal mind. She is the person behind Hanover House, a maximum-security facility in a small town in Alaska that is run by her. Sergeant Amarok and her job make each other unhappy. His community is at risk because Hanover is a threat. At the same time, his love for Evelyn is threatening to tear his world apart. Just as the Alaskan winter shuts down both the town and prison, a woman’s body is found. It’s the last thing Amarok needs to know: Hanover has to leave.


the witness

Elizabeth Fitch, the daughter of a cold, controlling mother and an unknown donor, was a studiously and obedient student until one night when she went to a nightclub and drank too much. She let a strange man’s seductive Russian accent lead her to a house on Lake Shore Drive.

She is now known as Abigail Lowery, and 12 years later, she lives alone on the edge of a small town in the Ozarks, not far from the town itself. A security systems designer who works for herself, she has a fierce dog and a lot of guns to protect herself. She doesn’t say much and doesn’t show anything about herself. Because it’s a small southern town, that’s the fastest way to get attention.

Brooks Gleason, the police chief in the town where Abigail Lowery lives, is interested in the mystery of her sharp mind, secretive nature, and unromantic point of view both on a personal and professional level. Despite the fact that he thinks Abigail needs protection from something, Gleason is used to small-time troublemakers, not the powerful and dangerous men who are about to come after him and want to kill him.

It’s also possible that Abigail Lowery, who has built her whole life on security and self-control, could lose both of them.

Sister Dear

When Eleanor Hardwicke’s beloved father dies, she learns that the man she’s mourning isn’t really her dad, which makes her world even more broken. Ethan was born from an affair, and her father is still alive and living happily with the family he chose. Eleanor’s personal life is going downhill, so she goes to him for help. He leads her to another branch of her family tree, which includes an envious half sister.

Perfectly done. Victoria has all the things Eleanor could ever dream of, and she has them all now. Loving childhood, a luxurious home, and a devoted husband. This is all Eleanor’s. She wants to get it back. It’s not like good sisters don’t have to share. Eleanor, on the other hand, has been waiting a long time to get her chance to play in this weird romantic suspense drama.

Extreme Exposure

It’s been a long time since Kara McMillan’s child’s father broke up with her. Since then, she’s kept men away, even though every day she craves a lover’s touch. Hard-boiled journalist must become vulnerable in order to get that. She said she would never do it again.

Sen. Reece Sheridan has a look that is both dangerous and beautiful, and he has a lot of power and influence because of it. But he’s only interested in one person. This Kara, this brave investigative reporter, has a sensuality that he can’t get enough of. He thinks that if she’s a firebrand in print, she must be just as fiery in bed.

But this isn’t a fling. A political scandal and threats against Kara’s life could very well break them apart. This is what could happen.

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