12 Best Sandra Brown Books Update 05/2022

As long as people have read Sandra Brown’s suspense novels, they’ve been both excited and scared. Her characters, who are always very different from each other, are forced to work together in dangerous situations, only to become attracted to each other as danger lurks around them. When there are more than 60 best-selling Sandra Brown thrillers to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to start with. These suspense novels are full of action, crime, and a little romance. They’ll make you want to breathe in more than one way! This is a list of 11 of Sandra Brown’s best so that you can start writing.

Thick as Thieves by Sandra Brown

In Sandra Brown’s new thriller, a woman learns about her father’s involvement in a heist that went wrong as she tries to find out what happened.

Tailspin by Sandra Brown

It doesn’t bother Rye Mallett that the town is covered in fog when he agrees to deliver a package to a doctor in Georgia. Brynn O’Neal is an unknown person who is very sharp-tongued. After crashing his plane and meeting her, he learns that there is more to this package than he thought. Rye and Brynn must work together to deliver the package and keep it from dangerous people who want to get their hands on it, even though they don’t like each other.

Envy by Sandra Brown

Three people went out on a boat, but only one came back. This is how it worked: This is the premise of a book that editor Mavis Matherly-Reed can’t help but read. Parker Evans, the author of the book, is a mystery, so she travels from New York to Georgia to find him. In the more they work on the book, Mavis thinks the story of betrayal is real and that her own life is in danger.

Envy: Brown, Sandra: 9780446611800: Amazon.com: Books

Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown

Jade Sperry’s life was almost over when three boys, including the son of the town’s most powerful man, raped her. She was almost killed by them. Jade is now a successful professional and single mother. She wants to get back at the people who hurt her. Jade goes back to her hometown with the help of a man who is also trying to heal from past hurts. She doesn’t think about the danger her rapist’s powerful family could pose.

Chill Factor by Sandra Brown

Lilly Martin, a newly divorced woman, is trying to get home before a blizzard comes. She hits a man with her car. The man, Ben Tierney, and Lilly stay in a cabin to stay warm and dry while the storm is going on. In the past year, five women have gone missing in the area, all of them taken by a serial killer named “Blue.” Lilly can’t forget that. If Ben and “Blue” are the same person, Lilly starts to wonder.

Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

During the course of her work as a journalist, Kerra Bailey has found the biggest break of her life. A lead to the truth about a hotel bombing from decades ago and the military hero who helped save lives that day. Following the help of the hero’s son, Kerra finds herself in a dangerous world of treachery, assassins, and even love.

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

They say that Emory Charbonneau is a very good pediatrician, and that he is also very good at running. But when she gets lost in the mountains, she can’t use any of these skills to help her. She’s alone but for a man with no phone, no friends, and no name. Emory is hurt and alone, so she has no choice but to trust her rescuer. In the end, she is forced to make the most difficult decisions of her life.

Amazon.com: Mean Streak: 8601422216455: Brown, Sandra: Books

Friction by Sandra Brown

It’s been a long time since Crawford Hunt, a Texas Ranger with a dark past, has had custody of his 5-year-old daughter. He’s done everything in his power to get it back. When an assassin tries to kill the judge in his case, Holly Spencer, his plans go awry. Crawford gets more and more angry as he learns more about the assassin. But is getting the revenge he wants worth having to give up his daughter for the second time?

Sting by Sandra Brown

Jordie Bennet is a businesswoman whose brother stole a lot of money. Because he didn’t ask, Shaw Kinnard has been sent to kill her. The FBI and Joshua’s boss are now after them. Jordie and Shaw go on the run in Louisiana’s swamps. Both people don’t trust the other, not even a little. But trusting each other might be the only way they can get out of this alive.

Outfox by Sandra Brown

The only thing that connects eight women who have gone missing is the man who used to be called Jasper Ford, but now calls himself that. In the last 30 years, Drex Easton has been looking for Ford, and now he lives next door to him. He wants to make Ford pay for what he has done. Drex soon finds himself side-tracked by Ford’s wife, Talia Schafer. But is Talia an intended victim in need of protection, or is she willing to help out?

Outfox: A Novel - Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Tác giả Sandra Brown |  SachMoiNhat.com

The Crush by Sandra Brown

Rennie Newton is shocked when the contract killer she exonerated starts stalking her after she served as a juror. She is very careful and private. To make things even worse, Rennie is the person who is most likely to be charged with killing another contract killer. There is no one else she can turn to. Wick Threadgill, an ex-detective who has a long-running feud with Rennie’s stalker, agrees to help her find the real killer.

Mirror Image  by Sandra Brown

A best-seller in the Globe and Mail newspaper. When a TV reporter is hurt in a Dallas-bound plane crash, she finds herself in a world of mistaken identity and political skulduggery in this fast-paced romantic suspense novel.

Having a Dallas-bound plane crash isn’t just bad luck for TV reporter Avery Daniels. It’s an act of fate that gives her a great chance to make more money and get better at her job. But it also makes her a very important person in a story about violent passions and deadly desires. Afterwards, Avery is mistaken for the glamorous, selfish wife of Tate Rutledge, a well-known senatorial candidate and member of a powerful family in Texas. As she lies helpless in the hospital, Avery learns that someone close to Tate planned to kill him. Now, in order to save him, she has to live another woman’s life and put herself at risk. She has to do this to save him.

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