10 Best Value Investing Books Update 05/2022

Best Value Investing Books

As an active investor and certified market analyst for more than 20 years, I have spent a lot of money on my learning library. I’ve read all of the books on this list. A great portfolio of Warren Buffett-style value stocks can be built with this information. I put them in order of how important the information is to building one.

The Best Investing Books of All Time

The best value investing books teach you about how to value a company, especially its intrinsic value, so you can better understand a stock. You will learn about value stocks and how much money you have to fall back on. Next, you’ll learn how to make a stock screener, and then you’ll learn how to pick the right investments.

The Best Investors of All Time

The best investors of all time are judged by how much money they make. In this list are people like Joel Greenblatt and William O’Neil. Add Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Seth Klarman to this list. They are all great investors. Great investors not only make money, but they also want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world so everyone can learn from them.

Margin of Safety by Seth A. Klarman

Margin of Safety by Seth A. Klarman

Strategy for the Risk-Averse Investor: Value Investing for the Thoughtful Investor

Klarman’s 1991 book explains one of the most important things about value investing: The Margin of Safety.

Klarman talks about value investing and the strategy that goes with it by pointing out the margins on a piece of paper. In the book, Klarman gives investors a plan they can follow to give themselves a safety net.

The margin of safety protects investors from unexpected losses and “Black Swan” events, like when the stock market goes down. If you want to keep your money, Margin of Safety is the right book for you to read.

One of the most important books for investors is called Margin of Safety, and some of them will pay $3,000 for an original copy. There is a book called Margin of Safety that can help you learn how Klarman thinks about and invests.

You can learn how to invest like Warren Buffett with our Buffett stock screener guide.

The Most Important Thing Illuminated by Howard Marks

Marks, the chairman and co-founder of Oak Tree Capital, is another investor that Buffett likes. He is also a good manager. When Buffett saw Marks’ client memos, he wanted to write a review for a book of them on the dust jacket.

In The Most Important Thing, Marks encourages investors to think for themselves by telling them about his mistakes and how he learned from them. He calls The Most Important Thing “extremely rare and very useful.”

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The book written by Ben Graham, who is known as the “father of value investing.” Graham also had a big impact on Warren Buffet.

Benjamin Graham was the best investment advisor of the 20th century, and he taught and inspired people all over the world. Graham’s “value investing” philosophy protects investors from making big mistakes and teaches them how to plan for the long term. It has been the stock market bible since its first publication in 1949.

People who took this course learned a lot of important things, which is good. In the revised version with Jason Zweig’s comments, the book is brought up to date with new examples of how the book’s tenets still hold true.

Even though the book is 623 pages long, it’s very dry. You’ll need a lot of coffee to get through it.

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Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

Value Investing From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

It was Judd Kahn, Bruce C. N. Greenwald, and Michael van Biema who came up with this idea.

Readers learn about the best value investing minds and their ideas in this book, which is a history of the field. Greenwald is the lead author of the book. He teaches value investing at Columbia Business School in New York City.

Greenblatt thinks Value Investing is a good book because it shows how the value investing masters use their techniques and strategy. This book is a must-read because it is an academic study of value investing and a great introduction to the markets for people who want to invest in the long run.

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The Little Book of Value Investing by Christopher H. Browne

The Little Book of Value Investing gives investors the tools they need to follow a value-investing model that always outperforms the market.

It was written by Christopher H. Browne, the managing director of one of the most well-known investment firms in the US, Tweedy, Browne Company. It was written in a simple way.

Listen to this audiobook to learn about the most important methods, ideas, and approaches to value investing, like how to find value, how to buy stocks on sale, when to hold on and when to let go, and how to be a smart investor.

It’s only 4 hours, 32 minutes long, but I think you’ll find some interesting ideas and tips in it.

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The New Buffettology by Mary Buffett

What made Warren Buffett so rich and how you can do the same thing!

The New Buffettology is the first book to explain Warren Buffett’s selective contrarian investment strategy for taking advantage of undervalued stocks. This strategy has made Buffett the second richest person in the United States.

This book is meant to teach investors how to read and use financial information in the same way that Warren Buffett does. It walks them step-by-step through the equations and formulas that Buffett uses to figure out what to buy, what to sell, and when.

In our article on how to build a great stock screener, we also used this book to help us.

Authors When Mary Buffett and David Clark talk about Buffett’s recent investments, they show that his strategy has made huge profits at a time when no one expects them to, and with almost no risk to his money.

The Aggressive Conservative Investor by Martin J. Whitman

The Aggressive Conservative Investor by Martin J. Whitman

Klarman thinks The Aggressive Conservative Investor is a good way to learn about value investing.

In The Aggressive Conservative Investor, Whitman talks about a lot of important value investment ideas, like stock analysis, risk-avoidance, and stock valuation.

If you want to learn more about value investing and how it works, this book is for you.

The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom

People who want to learn more about Warren Buffett’s business and investment strategies can read The Warren Buffett Way.

Hagstrom says that Buffett made a lot of money and Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.B) by looking at stocks and businesses as businesses, not investments, instead of investments. Investors who want to be like Warren Buffett need to have the same mindset.

In the most recent edition, Hagstrom says that investors need to think long-term and not worry too much about loss aversion. Among Buffett’s best skills is his ability to think logically about a changing market, Hagstrom says.

Using Buffett’s investments as an example, Hagstrom looks at how he bought H.J. Heinz, which is now Kraft Heinz Co (NASDAQ: KHC), and how Berkshire Hathaway bought IBM (NYSE: IBM). The Warren Buffett Way is the book to read if you want to learn more about how Buffett makes money.

The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier

My Journey to Wealth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment has changed me for the better.

Guy Spier talks about how he thinks about value investing. Light on strategies and more on how to change your mindset to become a successful value investor. He talks about how having an elite education doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a good investor; in fact, it might make you less successful.

There are positive stories about the author’s life in this book. If you need some soul food that is laced with positive stories about how the author has been, this book is for you. This book is very popular with Amazon customers, who mostly say this book is great because they can relate to the author’s investing journey.

Nonetheless, this book isn’t very good at teaching you how to be more positive or how to be a good value investor. Instead, it talks about how being a good value investor makes you a better person.

Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard S. Marks

Marks wrote this book about how to invest because he learned a lot from his Oaktree memos over the years. He says that understanding market cycles is one of the most important things for investors to learn.

Marks thinks that the market cycle determines the prices of investments and makes people want to buy them. When Mark talks about Cycles, he admits that fear and greed make people see things in a different way and make them not see problems.

Marks doesn’t think that having the right information about the market won’t help you make money. As a result, Marks doesn’t think it’s important to know how much something will cost and to be willing to act on those assumptions in order to make money.

What if you want to learn more about the connection between human psychology and market cycles? If so, you should read “Mastering the Market Cycle.”

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