14 Best Blogs About Books Update 05/2022

Book reviews and literary blogs will show you a lot of great books in a lot of different genres. Heck, at some point, even I made a few book lists and set some reading goals.

But let’s try the best of the best in the world of book blogs with this list of twenty-five. Is there any particular order in this group of things? Check them out and have fun!

A Life in Books

In A Life in Books, aesthetics give way to the power of words. It’s a small blog, but it’s still very powerful. For a long time, Susan worked as a bookseller and an independent author. She is in charge of the website.

She is also a professional review editor for two literary magazines. On her blog, she talks about some of her favorite books and some of the best literary finds she’s found. There are a lot of interesting literary debuts that she talks about. There aren’t any ads on her blog at all, which is what I like about it. A lot of people haven’t seen it on the internet in the last few years.

Book Riot

The second blog on this list is much bigger and has a lot of different people writing for it. It has a lot of articles about all things bookworm.

A lot of good information about new audiobooks, romantic books to read in your book club, and Instagram accounts to follow for poetic ideas is on the website. It’s a lot of different things, but they’re all about technology and pop culture. You won’t find a lot of highbrow content on Book Riot, but it’s a great place to find out what’s going on in the book world and read a quick story.

Read Write Love 28

To start, here’s an adorable little blog written by Norris, who says that she’s a bibliophile and has been reading nonstop since the age of 3. People don’t write on the page very often, but if you like personal reviews and a heartfelt writing style, check it out.

That most of the posts on the blog are aimed at people who are still in college. A website called “Read Write Love” has a lot of fun things like book summaries, giveaways, and even beta reader services. If you’re a bookworm and want to go on a literary journey, this is a great place for you!

NYC Book Girl

She’s a 20-something bookish artist who lives in New York City. The name of the blog refers to her. When it comes to literature, Morgan Hoit has a good sense of style, as well as when it comes to graphic and web design. When you look at her part of the internet, you’ll find it pretty to look at.

To say that the blog is still very young is to say that it was started in June 2017. Because of this, it now attracts a group of people who are always looking for book lists, book reviews, and music playlists. Morgan is one of the things I like about her because she is very active on social media and likes to talk to her fans. Her blog also reminds me of the good times I had in New York City when I spent hours in Strand reading books.

John Pistelli

You sign up for John’s email list because he doesn’t care about images, marketing tricks, or other things that make people want to read what he writes. He’s a minimalist who puts good writing above everything else.

On his blog, you can read long-form book reviews that each get a score between 1 and 5. You can find them there. He’s also been posting his reviews on the Goodreads site (at this point he wrote over 400 of them). And believe me when I say that he knows what he’s talking about when he says it. He is a literature teacher at the University of Minnesota, where he has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Minnesota. His book reviews aren’t just on his blog and Goodreads. They also show up in some of the best literary magazines around the world.

Confessions of a Literary Addict

Here’s another interesting book blog for you. It has a lot of great book reviews that are written in a personal and funny way. It also has a lot of stories and personal blog posts about goal setting and being a bookworm, so it’s not just about books.

What I like about this one is that it has a lot of self-deprecation, which is kind of fitting for a woman who likes books and cats. It doesn’t matter that the blog looks like it’s written by a girl. I can picture myself talking to the author about new graphic novels, Steampunk anime, and Game of Thrones mysteries.

Reads All The Books

Keep reading books that aren’t just about Western Literature. Then, instead of having philosophical discussions with your friends afterward, don’t do that. This blog is for people who don’t care if they read a bad romance book once in a while. The name of this web site says it all: All books are welcome here.

It gives you permission to read a gaudy book from time to time and not feel bad about it. Here, you’ll find everything from children’s books to books about alien love, to biographies of people who did crazy things in the past.

The Writes of Woman

The Writes of Woman is a huge library of literary knowledge that is always being updated. As far as I can tell, this site has a lot of different articles about what books are good this month, what books are good this year and what happened in media.

What’s interesting about this blog is that it only has books written by women. Fiction and non-fiction are both covered in this book. It also has a lot of interesting interviews with women writers.

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is a well-known blog that has been up and running for a long time. During the majority of the site’s history, at least three new articles were added to it every single day. On it, you can read well-written, literature-inspired articles about a wide range of subjects, such as philosophy, history, love, and the meaning of life.

There is a blog written by Maria Popova, a person I’ve always admired because of her dedication to the written word and how well she can talk about books with other people. Her blog not only has a list of the most original thinkers of all time, but it also has a lot of great art.

The IndieView

If you want to know about self-published books and books from small and independent publishers, check out the IndieView. It’s a great place to find out what’s going on. It’s a great place to go if you want to find books that most book reviewers don’t read.

People who write and review indie books can be found in a huge database. If you want to connect with other people who read books, this is great. At least one new review is written on the blog every week. It was started in 2010.

Kath Reads

“I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place.” That’s the quote from Anne Tyler at the top of the blog. This seems to be what drives Kath Reads, also known as “The Last Reader.”

To look at, this blog has a lot of books, coffee, and cozy blanket graphics. It has not only book reviews, but also book lists and new authors to follow, so you can learn more about them. It was written by Kathleen, who is from Manila and now lives in Germany. A lot of people think she is an INFJ like me.

The Book Satchel

Those who love books can roam around freely and pick up bits and pieces of literature and put them together. It was written by Resh Susan, who has been a book fan since she was a child. As of November 2015, she’s had a blog online. Each month, there are about five new posts on it. These are mostly book reviews and lists with beautiful book-themed photos.

What I like about this one is that it has a lot of fans. Many authors contact Resh so she can read and review their first book (which she always does in an honest way). Overall, it’s a great place where a lot of different parts of the publishing industry work together.

Patience Randle

This is another beautiful literary blog, but this time, it’s written from a more personal point of view. For example, it talks about how to find out-of-print old books, learn new skills, and become a better person not just in the literary world but also in real life.

Patience Randle is the person who writes the blog. She’s a creative person who also spends a lot of time on social media. There were over 24,000 people who were following her bookish Instagram account the last time I looked at it.

The New Yorker – Page-Turner

There is a magazine called the New Yorker if you haven’t been living under a rock all your life. It talks about everything from politics to art, cinema, and culture, and it’s a real treat for anyone who likes art or literature.

What you may not have known is that the New Yorker also has a lot of articles about books, literature, fiction, and the writing process. It’s called a “page-turner,” and it has high-quality thoughts that will change how you think about life and history.

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