9 Best Books About Bubble Gum Update 05/2022

Books About Bubble Gum

Yummy Children’s Books about Bubble Gum

When kids are young, they learn how to blow a bubble as a part of their journey. It can be hard for a young child to learn how to put gum in his or her mouth the first time. It’s a lot of fun and messy to make the perfect bubble, but kids usually move on to chewing on a soft, squishy piece of bubble gum instead. A lot of books for kids about bubble gum are out there. Kids will learn how gum was made in a history lesson. When they don’t throw away chewing gum the right way, they’ll also enjoy all the trouble it can cause. A lot of interesting stories can be found about bubble gum. So get together with some kids, pass around some gum, and read these interesting and funny books.

Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum

Pop The Invention of Bubble Gum

A great, non-fiction picture book about the history of bubble gum. Comical pictures add to the fun of this book about a man named Walter Diemer, which is very easy to read. This accountant who worked for a candy factory came up with bubble gum in the 1920s. Even though chewing gum had been around for centuries, it wasn’t until then that this person came up with bubble gum. After a lot of time in the lab, Diemer came up with a bubble gum. For kids who want to learn a little history about bubble gum, this is a must-read. It’s full of interesting facts.

On Account of the Gum

A lot of people have trouble with bubble gum getting stuck in their hair. This book is all about that. It doesn’t matter how it came to be there. The big question is how to get it off when the gooey mess is stuck to a few strands. It’s not easy for this little girl to get out of this sticky situation. She has to try some of the most ridiculous things to get out of it.

There are some days that don’t start out so well. That’s what you think, though. Even your own family may want to help you, and things just keep getting worse. I don’t know. Here’s a case in point:

Everyone knows: Don’t eat gum before you go to sleep! But the little girl is in love with her bubble gum and sleeps with it in her mouth. Overnight, the gum moves to the pillow, and when the girl wakes up in the morning, the gum is stuck in her hair, too. Her bangs show it. It’s a shame. All right. The scissors got stuck in the gum that you put in your hair, so Dad starts cutting. Okay: A lot of people say that if you want to get scissors and gum out of your hair, you need to take two sticks of butter and spread them all over your hair, and then you can get them out.

Then, let’s see. She thinks grass clippings will do the job. When that doesn’t work, she thinks pasta and bacon will be the best thing to do. There’s a lot of other stuff that sticks as well. The rabbit that was brought in because… Because you had grass in your hair, I thought your rabbit could help us get in there? But your rabbit just sat there, like it thought it was a hat. It isn’t easy to get rid of a rabbit. Cats are a good idea.

Trouble Gum

Grammy knows how to give her piglet grandsons something sticky to do when they’re bored. Gramma gives each of the two porcine brothers a piece of bubble gum when they are bored. There will be a lot of mess, even though Mom said that gum should only be chewed, even though she told the kids not to do that. People who are little will enjoy the piglets’ antics and the problems they have with bubble gum when they read this book.

The Bubble Gum Girl

The Bubble Gum Girl

A book about a little girl who has big dreams. It’s very silly. All of her money goes to buy bubble gum, of course. But what starts out as a simple purchase ends up getting her into the messiest situation of her life! An ambitious girl with a love for bubble gum is depicted in a way that is both charming and very detailed.

Bubble Gum Brain

A bubble gum book with a good message. Boys with very different brains, one with bubble gum and one with a brick, talk about how they think about life. Bubble Gum Brain likes having a flexible way of looking at things and a flexible, wide-open mind. Brick Brain thinks that things will never change and there is no point in trying to change them. There’s a good book that starts a conversation about how you can look at things positively and learn from your mistakes.

The Bubble Gum Kid

Billy Bob has a very big problem that needs to be solved. There is a bully at school who teases him all the time. It turns out that he wants to come up with a way to put the bully in his place. Will Billy Bob be able to beat the bully? You can use bubble gum to solve a lot of common problems in a unique way. Kids will love this.

Love is Bubblegum

Love is Bubblegum

Love can be hard for kids to understand. These are the words that babies say that show what love means to them. This is what this author did. One child does a great job of comparing love to bubblegum. His words are sure to resonate with all the kids who read this book and blow bubbles and chew gum.


In a gumball machine, two little boys are fighting for the best prize. The winner will get a shiny, silver race car. It’s a good thing only one person will get this toy, too. There is only one thing you need: a lucky quarter. Which boy will be the one to get it? Children who are young will enjoy this book because it’s easy to read and has fun retro-style illustrations.

Gabby the Bubble Gum Fairy

An illustrated book for people who like bubble gum. She has a very unique ability in this Rainbow Magic book. She can make sweets out of everything. Whenever Jack Frost comes, he takes all of her magic. The other fairies come to the rescue.

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