15 Best Books About Camping For Preschoolers Update 05/2022

If you’re going on your first camping trip with young kids, there’s no better way to get them ready than to read them some great books about camping. The answer is, of course. You can talk about it with them and let them help with the preparation (which is a great idea, by the way). But there’s something very magical and stimulating to their young minds when you show them the fun of camping through vivid stories and bright pictures. A month before we started our two-week camping trip with our three-year-old, we started giving him camping books for preschoolers to help him get used to the experience and get excited about the trip we were going on. Because it worked out so well, he kept asking, “When are we going camping again?” Ha! Then again, we might have prepared him a little too far ahead of time. I’ve put together a list of 15 great camping books for toddlers that range from simple picture books to more complex stories and images. Some of the books are right on the money, while others are more general and include hiking and a love of the outdoors. This is how you would say it: There aren’t always easy ways to find books that are inclusive and diverse, so I’ve tried to add them. As I write this blog post, I’d love to hear about any good camping books for preschoolers that have more different viewpoints. To me, they sound interesting.

It’s also important to remember that you can always go to your local library and borrow books for free. One of us bought the book, and the rest of the group checked out books from the library.

Camping Books For Toddlers

Pete The Cat Goes Camping

We love Pete The Cat. Our son is a big fan. His favorite thing about Pete The Cat is the bright colors, the silly-looking Pete, or the fact that we have a cat. No matter what, he loves everything about Pete The Cat. This is a simple book about Pete going camping with his family. It talks about things like fishing, hiking, and making s’mores. Big Foot is actually a real person in the story. If you have a toddler who gets scared easily, they might be scared by the idea of that.

Curious George Goes Camping

How can you not love Curious George’s pranks and mischief? Curious George Goes Camping is one of the best books in the Curious George series. In this book, George goes camping with the man in the yellow hat. George runs into the woods when he gets curious, and things start to go awry. Fun and simple, but there is a little bit about fire safety in it.

Maisy Goes Camping

This is the least complicated of all the books, and I think it would be best for younger kids. It’s short, and most of the story is about how the characters try to fit into the tent. I like this book because it’s not very in-depth, but it does a good job of presenting camping in a fun and silly way.

Angelina and Henry

In this book, Angeline and her cousin Henry go camping and get lost in the woods. This is a very sweet book. During a storm, they get lost together. But thanks to the courage of Angeline, they find their way back to camp. Perfect for anyone who wants a female main character.

Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars

Oliver and Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars is a fun book about four friends having fun while camping. It’s based on a real-life story. This book is a great way to show kids how camping looks without telling them how to do it. As a result, it talks about camping themes like playing with shadows, being afraid of the dark, stargazing, a s’more, and sleeping in tents, but not all of these things are in it.

There is a good thing about this book: The money from the sale of the book goes to help kids “get access to medically-related services that their parents don’t pay for, or don’t pay for fully.”

Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe

This is a beautiful book with beautiful illustrations and a fun story about a child’s three-day canoe and camping trip. They are longer and more complicated than the previous books, but this one can grow with your kids over time. As a bonus, it’s also a good choice if you’re going to do any water sports, like kayaking or canoeing. Because the two kids are being led by two adventurous moms, I also love that they’re going outside.


When you’re looking for camping books for toddlers, the flashlight is a good choice. With no words to go with the images, it gives you the chance to come up with new storylines every time and/or to encourage your child to come up with the storyline. The flashlight beams on different things, highlighting the beauty and mystery of the outdoors at night. As a family, we have a lot of fun with flashlights, so this book was a no-brainer!

Camping Spree With Mr. Magee

This fun story is about Mr. Magee and his dog, Dee. They go on an adventure together. In this book, there are beautiful illustrations and an exciting storyline that older toddlers will enjoy hearing. The two of them manage to get out of a very dangerous situation. If your toddlers are afraid of heights, you might want to put this book away until they’re a little older so they don’t get scared.

Fred and Ted Go Camping

The son of famous children’s book author P.D. Eastman wrote this book. Fred and Ted Go Camping is the story of two friends on a camping trip and the different ways they deal with things. It’s written in simple language and illustrated in cartoon-style. There is a good chance that your toddler likes the Go, Dog! books. This one is a good choice for your child. It shows them how to set up a tent and fish, as well as images of camping to help them picture what a campsite looks like.

S is for S’mores: A Camping Alphabet

A great camping-themed book called S Is for S’mores is a great gift for kids of all ages. The illustrations are beautiful, and the content is more in-depth than most preschool books about camping. This is a great book for caregivers who want to give toddlers a book about camping that is both educational and fun. I also like that the book has families from different cultures and backgrounds in it, which I think is very interesting.

C is For Camping

The book C is for Camping is a beautiful board book for toddlers. It’s great for teaching kids about camping as well as reinforcing the ABC’s. It’s a good choice if you want a less complicated book than the one with ABCs. I like it because it shows what camping looks like and talks about some of the rules of camping, like making sure your campsite is clean. Readers will have to be more involved in the book because there is no storyline. They will have to explain and talk about the images in it. The book has a fun, nostalgic feel to it, but it also has people from different backgrounds and cultures in it.

Camping Day

Camping Day is a silly, funny book about going to camp. It’s great if you’re looking for something light and fun to read with your toddler. To be honest, this is not the book for you. It’s a fun story about four crocodile friends and all the mishaps they get into while camping, and it’s very funny.

Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems

Toasting Marshmallows is a collection of beautiful poetry and rich imagery that makes you want to go camping. This is a book that will grow with them as they get older, like the first one. It’s great for people who want to start young and teach them about poetry and words, as well as how much they love camping.

Let’s Go on a Hike!

Is it likely you’re going to be going camping and hiking with a toddler at the same time, too? Laugh-out-loud book: It’s all about the fun of living outside. When his dad gives him binoculars, the experience turns into a fun exploration. He can start to see all the interesting things that live in the forest. My child is a big fan of binoculars, so I know how true that is. I like that it has a multi-ethnic family, which isn’t the case with many children’s books.

The First Forest

This is another book that isn’t about camping, but if you want to build up a collection of books about camping and the outdoors, this one is a great choice. Isn’t a big part of camping about having fun and being respectful of the outdoors? Beautiful: It has beautiful illustrations and a story about the importance of caring for others. It’s a book that can be looked back on many times. As a matter of fact, our toddler often asks for this book when it’s time to read.

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