8 Best Books About Cars Update 05/2022

Books About Cars

Whatever the occasion, a book is an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys automobiles. Despite the rise in popularity of e-books in recent years, nothing compares the tactile experience of holding a real book in your hands. To top it all off, a lot of these books make excellent coffee table books for motor enthusiasts.

We sought for books on a wide range of subjects, as well as ones that are specifically geared toward a specific model of car for our selections. This collection includes anything from Formula 1 race cars to historic automobiles, so you’re sure to find something for yourself or a loved one.

Editor’s Pick: How Cars Work by Tom Newton

How Cars Work by Tom Newton

Beginner vehicle enthusiasts will benefit greatly from Tom Newton’s How Cars Work. Do not expect any technical or in-depth information, but rather an illustrated guide to over 250 of the most significant automotive parts and how they operate. In addition to simple line drawings and straightforward writing, it provides the reader with the essential terminology and mechanical skills necessary to begin reading more sophisticated literature like shop manuals.

Designed for high school students, it provides knowledge in bite-sized chunks and follows a simple “one topic per page” approach. Mechanics and service managers frequently use this book to explain repairs to consumers. The perfect present for a budding auto enthusiast who is eager to learn the ins and outs of how things work in a car.

The Complete Book of Ford Mustang by Mike Mueller

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, if you’re a fan of the Ford Mustang, you’ll want to get Mike Mueller’s book. This book examines the history of the Ford Mustang over the course of its 50-plus years of production, and it’s packed with photos and illustrations to help readers get a better understanding of one of America’s most recognizable automobiles. Aside from the cosmetic changes that have taken place over the years, this book provides data and information about how the Mustang has evolved over time..

While the book does not delve too far into technical details, it does provide an in-depth look at the history of each model year of the Mustang. It’s well-organized, from the Mustang’s beginnings in 1964.5 all the way to 2015. For Mustang enthusiasts around the world, we recommend this book even if it doesn’t cover the most recent model.

Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile by DK

Even the most well-versed auto historians are unlikely to have a complete grasp of the automobile’s history, which spans back to the late 1800s. You can get a terrific gift with Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile. It begins with an examination of pioneering vehicles and early assembly-line cars such as the Ford Model T, the early Cadillac years, and the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, before moving on to decades of stunning vehicles from the 1920s.

Included in this book are the Bugatti Type 358 and Lancia Lambda as well as the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 and Jaguar XK, as well as the Volkswagen Beetle and Jaguar E-Type from the first generation. The DeLorean DMC-12, Ferrari F40, and Mazda MX-5 are just a few of the iconic vehicles included in the book. Perfect for automotive enthusiasts who want to learn more about automobile history.

How to Build a Car by Adrian Newey

How to Build a Car by Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey is a name familiar to anyone who follows the worlds of Formula One or IndyCar. As one of Britain’s most celebrated engineers, Newey’s autobiography How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer is a fascinating read. This book delves into Newey’s 35-year Formula One career, examining the vehicles he’s created, the drivers he’s worked with, and the races he’s participated in.

Some never-before-seen drawings are included among the book’s many images, many of which depict some of Newey’s most notable works. Currently serving as Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, Newey has worked with some of the sport’s most celebrated drivers to help them win the Drivers’ Championship.

The Complete Book of Porsche 911 by Randy Leffingwell

The Complete Book of Porsche 911, by author and photographer Randy Leffingwell, provides a year-by-year look at the German automaker’s most iconic vehicle. In addition to the current GT2 and GT3 track-ready street cars, Leffingwell covers racing, prototype, and limited-production 911 versions dating back to the first 901 prototype. Dedicated Porsche 911 fans will appreciate this book, which covers the air-cooled models from 1963 to 1998 before moving on to the water-cooled models, which have been produced since 1998.

This Porsche 911 book has it all, from the 964, 993, 996, and 997 models. Photographs from Porsche’s own historical archives highlight some rarely-told stories about the iconic sports car’s growth.

The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars by Dennis Adler

The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars by Dennis Adler is a must-have for every car aficionado, with over 200 breathtaking photographs. Author and photographer Adler has won numerous accolades for his work, and in this book, you’ll learn about 100 of the greatest automobiles ever made. This book covers everything from the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagon to the Hispano-Suiza and Hudson.

Additionally, the book features Adler’s selection of the world’s greatest automobiles, based on the opinions of some of the world’s most renowned automotive experts. It is commonly accepted that these 10 automobiles are among the most iconic of the 20th century. This book explores not just the impact these automobiles have had on the industry, but also how they came to be so significant in the history of the automobile itself.

The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car by Stuart Codling

The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car by Stuart Codling

Interested in finding out more about Formula One racing cars? Stuart Codling’s The Art of the Formula 1 Race Car is a must-read in addition to Adrian Newey’s autobiography. A variety of Formula 1 race vehicles were brought into the studio by photographer James Mann to show off their engineering prowess and intrinsic beauty. From the first championship-winning Alfa Romeo 158, driven by Guiseppe Farina, in 195, to today’s most exciting cars from Mercedes-Benz and Lotus to Ferrari, Maserati, and McLaren, Mann provides a comprehensive look at the history of Formula One racing.

Stuart Codling, author of this book, provides historical and technological biographies, while Gordon Murray, a multiple-championship-winning automobile designer, provides incisive comments.

Jeep: The History of America’s Greatest Vehicle by Patrick Foster

Sports cars aren’t for everyone. There’s a decent possibility you have a Jeep enthusiast in your life, as off-roading has been more popular in recent years. Off-roading was a new concept for Jeep, which is why Patrick Foster’s Jeep: The History of America’s Great Vehicle chronicles the company’s 70-year history.

Beginning in World War II, Foster traces the American automaker’s corporate transformations, financial challenges, and accomplishments, as well as all of the machines that have made Jeep so recognizable in contemporary day. From the olive drab World War II military relics to the iconic Wrangler seen on the road these days, this book will give you all the understanding you need into Jeep with over 300 color and black-and-white pictures.

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