19 Best Books About Disney Update 05/2022

For someone who loves Disney but already owns every piece of merchandise, you could give them a book about what makes Disney so great. Books aren’t what you’d expect to get as a gift, but they’re actually really thoughtful. They make great conversation starters, can be used as decor, and can be read over and over again for years until the binding starts to fall apart.

They include cookbooks full of Disney-themed recipes and a look at how Disney clothes are made. Any fan of the company would be excited to add these to their coffee table. Bonus points if you give them a Disney Plus subscription or even park passes with one of these great books so they can truly live out their dream of going to Disney.

Here are Disney books every fan would love:

‘The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook’

Besides their name, of course, one of the things that Disney parks are best known for is their food, which they serve. You can bring the memories of the Disney parks right into their home with this cookbook. It has recipes for everything from dole whips to Mickey-shaped everything. Park stories are sprinkled into each recipe, so they’ll get a little bit of nostalgia with each bite of food they eat.

‘Disney World at 50: The Stories of How Walt’s Kingdom Became Magic in Orlando’

A big event like this one comes with a lot of history. It’s Disney World’s 50th birthday! If they read this book, they’ll be able to understand everything. Even the most knowledgeable Disney fan could learn something new from it.

‘One Day at Disney: Meet the People Who Make the Magic Across the Globe’

When you think about how many people work for Disney around the world, it’s jaw-dropping. There are vets at the Animal Kingdom in Florida’s Walt Disney World, and there are sculpture artists at Disneyland Paris. From more than 80 cast members in “One Day at Disney,” you’ll get to see what goes on at Disney on any given day through their eyes.

The book also has a series on Disney+ that goes along with it. Everyone should know about the new streaming service, and if they don’t already have one, how to get them one.

‘Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real’

People who can’t get enough of “The Imagineering Story” on Disney+ will love “Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real.” In this book, you get a look at how Imagineers make the world’s happiest place come to life.

‘From All of Us to All of You: The Disney Christmas Card’

In the Walt Disney studios, Christmas cards were a big deal. Their top artists made the graphics for them. In this beautiful book, you can find a lot of those old holiday cards. It’s a good gift for the holiday season.

‘Walt Disney’s Disneyland’

This big coffee table book has a lot of different pictures, illustrations, and documents about the happiest place on Earth. I think it’s a beautiful way to learn about the history of the theme park in Anaheim.

‘The Art of Disney Costuming: Heroes, Villains, and Spaces Between’

There are interviews with the people who made the costumes from movies like Mary Poppins, Aladdin, and Maleficent, as well as a lot of beautiful photos in this big coffee table book.

‘Maps of the Disney Parks: Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai’

Six decades worth of maps of Disney parks around the world are in this coffee table book.

I think this is a really cool book because the pages fold out into full-size maps.

‘Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation’

This book is for people who like Disney animation. It tells about the women who were so important to the success of early Disney films and shorts, so you’ll want to get it for them. If you want to learn more about the book, now would be a good time. Disney+ is working on a documentary series based on the book.

‘The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky’

To people who love Disney, the Monorail is a big deal. It’s the best way to get around. In this story, we learn a lot about the transportation system’s long history, from the time it was first started to today. People will see the Monorail in a new way when they look at photos from over the years and art that was made for the project.

‘The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company’

It’s a book about how Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, learned how to be successful and how to be a leader. It’s for people who want to know how the most powerful entertainment company in the world is run from a business point of view.

‘Entertaining with Disney: Exceptional Events From Mickey Mouse to Moana!’

“Entertaining with Disney” is a great gift for a friend or family member who likes to host, and they will love it. How to throw a party based on “Frozen” and other Disney movies, as well as recipes for a party based on Princess and the Frog. Check out our full review of the book here. This is the link.

‘Eat Like Walt: The Wonderful World of Disney Food’

“Eat Like Walt” is a look at the history of Disney food, how Walt Disney ate, and more. He had simple tastes, and he didn’t like anything more than a bowl of chili. This is a fun fact.

‘Walt Disney’s Ultimate Inventor: The Genius of Ub Iwerks’

Imagineer Don Iwerks, Ub Iwerks’ son, wrote this book about the man who helped make Mickey and Minnie Mouse with Walt Disney. It’s a very personal look at him. In addition, the book looks at all of the things the legend is known for.

‘Marc Davis in His Own Words: Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks’

“Marc Davis in His Own Words: Imagineering the Disney Theme Parks” by Chris Merritt and Pete Docter is a two-volume book set that we love. It’s very long and impressive. Here’s a link to our review of this must-have book set for anyone who loves Disney Parks.

‘Art of Hand Lettering Love: An inspirational workbook for creating beautiful hand-lettered art about LOVE’

“The Art of Hand Lettering Love” is for people who want to learn how to do calligraphy quickly. It’s based on the fonts used in Disney movies and the quotes they came from.

‘The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot to Remember’

Behind-the-scenes photos and artwork from the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank, California, show how movies have been made over the last 90 years.

‘Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the World’

This beautiful book was made to go along with the Walt Disney Family Museum’s exhibit on Mickey Mouse. It talks about the history of the world’s most famous mouse, with text by Andreas Deja, a well-known Disney animator.

‘Birnbaum’s 2022 Walt Disney World: The Official Vacation Guide’

A guide to Disney World is a great gift for people who are going there this year. The book has money-saving and insider tips in it.

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