10 Best Books About Empaths Update 05/2022

In other words, empathy is being able to sense and understand the feelings of other people. This means you might be an empath if you are very aware of how the world works and can sense other people’s emotions. Mental health experts are starting to see it as a scientific trait for people who can sense high emotional intelligence and have a good sense of intuition. This word is often used as a spiritual term. It’s the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and think about what they’re going through, how they feel, and how they react to physical things.

If you have the following traits, you might be an empath. To learn more about this unique ability and how to deal with the world if you identify as an empath, here is a list of books that can help you. There are also a lot of books on the list that are good for introverts and people who are sensitive.

Best Books For Empaths in 2021

You might read these books if you think you are an empath, an introvert, or sensitive. They could help you get in touch with your real self. In addition, it can help you understand this ability and deal with the world when it seems overwhelming to someone who is sensitive to the pain of other people. The following books are very popular with empaths all over the world, and they are ranked by how many people have read them.

The Empath’s Survival Guide

Author: Judith Orloff MD

Self Help is the genre.

Empathy can be hard to understand at first, but this book will help you get a better sense of how it works and how to go deeper into it. The author herself is an empath and a doctor, and she is one of the most well-known voices on this subject. With the help of a doctor, she has come up with a practical plan for people who are exposed to the energy, pain, and emotions of others without a built-in defense mechanism. Empaths and people who are very sensitive to things like compassion, intuition, and creativity will also benefit from this book. It helps them embrace their gifts while also talking about sensitive topics like addiction and overeating.

Empath: A Total Guide for Growing your Gift and Discovering your Sense of Self

Author: Judith Dyer


This book is for people who always feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. It’s a good thing to be born an empath, the author says, and it’s also a great power.

Judith Dyer treats empathy in a way that is nurturing and caring, and she helps you use your empathic abilities to open up more doors. It is one of the most interesting things she talks about in the book. It is a sacred practice of forgiveness and reconciliation called Ho’oponopono, which she talks about in the book. She also helps you understand your potential, deal with hypersensitivity, use spirituality for self-improvement, and protect yourself from draining your energy and warding off bad things.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Author: Susan Cain

Self-help, Personality, and Psychology are the main types of books in this genre.

One of the most important things about being an empath is being able to feel. Having a high level of sensitivity means that you are more likely to be shy and serious about things that are very important to you – which makes you an introvert. People who are empaths are looked at through the lens of their introversion in Susan Cain’s best-selling book. It also looks at how important empaths are in the 21st century social fabric. She says that even though introverts have the power of empathy, society still doesn’t understand or value them. In her book, she encourages and helps introverts to come out of their shells and take charge of their abilities, while using solid research and real stories to back up her claims.

Awakened Empath

Author: Aletheia Luna, Mateo Sol

Self-help and spiritual healing are the main types of books in this genre. This book is for people who are thought to be too sensitive for this society. People who can easily feel the ecstatic joy and chronic depression of others in their own bodies. Because they have so much power, they often don’t set healthy boundaries and let people who aren’t good for them into their lives.

If you think you’re a lost and confused soul because you’re so empathetic, this book will help you figure out and get rid of the negative energies around you and help you find peace inside. It helps you achieve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, as well as help you accept both the good and bad parts of empathy. It also gives you four different ways to think about empaths, from mystical to psychological.

Dodging Energy Vampires

Author: Christiane Northrup

Self-help and psychology are two of the main types of books in this genre. To energy “vampires,” empaths and people who are very sensitive carry “inner light,” which makes them easy prey. They feed on this deep, caring energy.

In this book, the author has used research, true stories, and stories from all over the world to find these vampires. If you are an empath, she has given you ways to figure out how to fight back against their tactics and control your own energy. After working with women’s health and wellness for a long time, the author has found that in many cases, mysterious health problems are caused by an energy vampire in a patient’s life, which drains their energy. When she wrote her book, she talked about how to deal with the dysfunctional shadow an energy vampire can cast in your life, and how to heal from it.

Whose Stuff Is This?

Author: Yvonne Perry

Genre: Self-Help and Personality development, and Spirituality.

If you’re an empath, this is for you if you always feel angry, sick, or down all the time. The book thinks that this is mostly because people who are close to them, like family, friends, or coworkers, are always taking in their energy, which makes them feel lifeless. With more than two dozen proven ways to get rid of negativity, this book tells the true story of how the author kept her own energy from being stolen.

The Highly Sensitive Person

Author: Elaine N Aron

Genre: Self-Help, Psychology

In this book, the author talks about how some people stutter or shake even though they can do it. People who get overwhelmed by crowds and loud noises at a party might also like this book.

It focuses on the main problems that a person who is very sensitive has. Most of the time, they have low self esteem. They are often called neurotic because they are very imaginative and creative. This can make them want to stay inside and not interact with the outside world. This book tells you how to live a happy and fulfilling life as an empath. It also tells you how to change how you think about the past. It is very important for parents who are raising a very sensitive child to read this.

Trust Your Vibes

Author: Sonia Choquette

Genre: Self-help, Personality enhancing, Psychic

Many empaths have been inspired to learn more about the psychic side of their abilities after reading this book. It has been called the book that reveals how the psychic sees the world. Spiritual teacher and psychic Sonia Choquette helps people understand the sixth sense that comes with their empathetic powers and learn how to use their own intuition. Using this power can give you confidence, courage, and peace of mind, as well as give you a sense of security in your own abilities. This book shows empaths how to do this.

Esoteric Empathy

Author: Raven Digitalis

Genre: Self-Help, Magick Studies

People who are empaths are different from psychics, who interpret mental impressions. They take in and receive emotional impressions. The empath can have a powerful experience if they control their abilities, but it can also be painful and draining if they let their abilities run wild. Meditation, exercises, rituals, and metaphysical customs are some of the ways this book helps people become aware of and use this gift. It also tries to teach people about the ins and outs of empathetic abilities. Raven shows the reader how to use crystals, herbs, tools, and plants to help change energy.

The Empath Experience

Author: Sydney Campos

Genre: Self-Help, Psychology

To read this book, you should know that people who are close to you often share their problems with you, or that standing in a public place gives you the creeps. To help people who haven’t yet found out who they really are as empaths, author Sydney Campos comes up with life lessons based on what she’s learned. They become emotional sponges for people who are close to them. This makes them feel overwhelmed. When someone close to them is down, an empath can still shine bright in their glow even if they aren’t feeling well themselves.

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