11 Best Books About Finding Your Passion Update 05/2022

Books About Finding Your Passion

Do you like the things you do?

Do you feel like you don’t get enough out of your job?

No, I’m not sure where to start when I try to figure out what I love.

Passion and purpose are not the same thing, but they are very close. Passion is about how much you love what you do, and purpose is about why you do it. Both are important for success.

Check out the following books for ideas on how to live a more passionate and meaningful life! They would make you want to do work that you enjoy.

Fearless Passion by Yong Kang Chan

Fearless Passion by Yong Kang Chan

For me, finding your passion is a process of finding out about yourself. It’s not a simple process. It’s not something that you figure out and can’t change.

Do it and see if it’s what you want to do. This book shows how I went from being an accountant to becoming an animator. Instead, I became a writer and a tutor. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you can always change it.

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

Having a goal gives us purpose and happiness in our lives.

Do you like your job, but you still felt a little stale. You might be in need of some adventure.

This book encourages you to follow your dreams by going on a quest. Chris is a big fan of going on trips. He went to every country in the world (193 of them) before he turned 35.

If you enjoy reading about inspirational stories and going on trips, this book is for you. In this book, the author also talked to people who were like him, like one who walked across the United States and another who kept a vow of silence for 17 years.

The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood

The Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood

There aren’t many books out there that only talk about how to find your passion. This is one of them.

Passion is a very private thing. But Janet and Chris came up with a simple way to find your top five passions.

Don’t be fooled by how easy the method is. 🙂 Choose between two things when your heart is asked. In this book, you can find out what your passion is if you have too many or aren’t sure what your passion is.

Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

In your heart, what does your inner compass say to you?

This book talks about relying on your own internal map. People have their own path to follow, says Martha. Each of us has to figure out what our North Star looks like and follow our own inner compass in order to be happy.

It’s a good book if you’re going through a big change in your life and don’t know where to start. It’s good for people who want to be more in touch with their true feelings and needs.

Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews

“Your goal in life isn’t to change the world. It’s to live.” Your job is to change yourself.

In this book, you don’t just learn how to find your passion or purpose. It’s about living.

choose to not like your work. Andrew thinks that you can do this if you don’t like your work:

change how you think, or how you act

Change your job now.

In the book, Andrew talks about other things like beliefs, attachment, and courage, which are all things that go along with doing what you love, too. To change your view of life and your job, read this book.

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

“The search starts with passion, but it doesn’t end there,” says

Jeff thinks that work never ends. It is the thing that you can’t not do.

Do what you were born to do.

We should remember that it’s not just about what we do, but who we become.

There are times when getting everything you want doesn’t make you happy.

For each person, the path to finding your true calling is unique.

But if you want some ideas from people who have done well, the stories in each chapter will help you work on your own calling.

The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine

The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine

“Please don’t make me choose one thing to do for the rest of my life!”

It’s good for people who have too many interests and don’t know what to do about them. This book is for you. Renaissance soul is someone who likes many different things.

Margaret would show you how to stay focused and get paid for what you love in this book. Most importantly, you will learn how to live a life that has a lot of things you love.

Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson

His first book, The Element, tells us what an element is and why we need to find our own. This is the second book. It’s about how to find your “thing.”

Ken says that Element is made up of your talents and your own passion. We need to find something that we both enjoy and are good at.

A mix of stories and exercises. This book is a good place to start for people who don’t know what they’re good at or what they enjoy.

Find Your Passion by Henri Junttila

Do you know what is the best way? The best way to figure out what’s important is to ask yourself.

It takes a lot of self-examination and reflection to find your passion. In this book, Henri asks us important questions to make us think about what we’re reading.

This book isn’t just about finding your passion, it’s also about being aware of your own feelings. If you get stuck, use this book to think about yourself. You’ll be able to better understand yourself.

It Starts With Passion by Keith Abraham

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is simple.

This is how the book starts. Most people don’t start with why; they start with what they want to do first. But when we don’t know why we do what we do, the work doesn’t have any value.

There is something missing from your life, and this book can help you get back in touch and get your passion back.

The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn

“There are no jobs that aren’t important, just people who don’t feel important when they do their jobs.”

That kind of book doesn’t exist in this book. It talks about how to find your passion or purpose. In fact, it is a book about business and how to lead. That’s not why this book is on the list, though. It shows that passion and purpose don’t have to be big. A simple thing like going to the post office can be enough.

The first story is about a postman named Fred, and how the author met him. Freden likes his job, so he took the time to get to know his new customer, too. He did more than he was paid for.

In some ways, “delivering a letter can be a job!” If you don’t have a lot of passion for your job, read this book. It makes you think about what your passion is.

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