11 Best Books About Frank Lloyd Wright Update 05/2022

Books About Frank Lloyd Wright

The life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright have been talked about by architects, critics, and fans for a very long time now. He is both loved and hated by a lot of people, and sometimes by the same people. The following is a list of some of the most popular books about Wright that people have read. Wright’s own writings and speeches are not in this list.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion

The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion

Dr. William Allin Storrer has long been the go-to person to keep track of all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. There are a lot of photos and floor plans in this big book, which was updated in 2006. It’s based on years of research, and it has a lot of information about everything Wright built in the United States. You can look through the Storrer archival papers at the University of Texas in Austin, or you can buy a book about the same person. In either case, learning about Wright’s designs and ideas is a good place to start when you want to learn more about him as a person.

The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

William A. Storrer wrote a small paperback called “A Complete Catalog” that lists facts and places in chronological order. This makes it a biography of an architect’s life’s work. A lot of the black-and-white photos from early editions have been replaced with color photos, and the entries have become more detailed and inclusive. They include every building that Frank Lloyd Wright is thought to have built.

When you’re on the road, you can keep this 6-by-9-inch book in your car and use it as a travel guide. It still has a geographical index and is still published by the University of Chicago Press. A mobile app called the Wright Guide is also out there.

The Wright Style

Subtitled This 1992 book by Simon & Schuster put author Carla Lind on the Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) map. It was about recreating the spirit of Wright. At this point, Lind talks about the interior design of forty Frank Lloyd Wright homes and where the furniture, rugs and wallpaper came from.

It’s a lot of work for Carla Lind to write about Wright’s books. When she started her series in the 1990s, she looked at Wright’s glass designs, furniture, fireplaces and dining rooms. Each of these books is less than 100 pages long.

Lind has turned some of these short introductions into longer books, like Lost Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Vanished Masterpieces by Pomegranate. In the last few years, a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings have been demolished for a number of reasons. This 2008 book by Carla Lind shows old black-and-white photos of Wright’s lost buildings, as well as color photos of parts of the buildings that have been kept.

Prairie Style

It has been at the top of the books about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School for almost 20 years now. Dixie Legler’s book is called Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright. In this book, there are a lot of pictures that show off the Prairie Style concept. It looks at both the architecture and the landscapes of this type of architecture.

This is a picture of Pedro E. Guerrero, who was married to Legler. He was a well-known photographer, and he wrote a book called “Picturing Wright.”

Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright

Many Masks A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright

The New Yorker writer Brendan Gill wrote a biography of himself in 1987. Some people didn’t like it. Gill’s book, on the other hand, is fun and easy to read, and it includes interesting quotes from Wright’s autobiography and other sources. The language in Frank Lloyd Wright: An Autobiography might be more difficult for you. You can read about the architect’s life in his own words if you don’t like Gill’s.

Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography

Her name is Meryle Secrest, and she has written a lot of profiles, but none are more well-known or well-researched than this 1998 biography by the University of Chicago Press.

The Vision of Frank Lloyd Wright

Thomas A. Heinz, an architect and writer, has put together a very detailed and well-illustrated book about all of Wright’s buildings. It covers almost all of the buildings Wright built. It’s a hefty 450-page, color-photo book that goes with the William A. Storrer books that you read.

Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life

Ada Louise Huxtable is one of the world’s most famous architecture critics. She did a lot of work on Wright’s work late in her own life. Huxtable deserves to be read just as much as Wright deserves to be written about.

Loving Frank

Loving Frank

In Loving Frank, Nancy Horan tells the mostly true story of Frank Lloyd Wright’s love life. It’s a controversial book, but it’s also very interesting to read. You might not care about Wright’s relationship with Mamah Borthwick Cheney, but Horan’s novel is very interesting and gives a new look at Wright’s genius, even if you don’t care about it. Because the book is so popular, it comes in a lot of different formats.

The Women: A Novel

C. Boyle, an American author, wrote a fictionalized biography of Wright’s personal life. In the book, a Japanese architect tells the story. Even though many of the events in the book are true, Boyle made them up. Many times we learn about the truths behind complicated behaviors by reading about them in a book or movie. Boyle, who lives in a Frank Lloyd Wright house in California, thinks Wright had a lot of different skills.

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man who Played with Blocks

2015’s A Short Illustrated Biography is a quick read. It’s like a refresher course on Wright or what a tour guide might tell you about one of his many public buildings. As a museum educator, Pia Licciardi Abate worked at the Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York for more than 16 years. Dr. Leslie Freudenheim has been a popular lecturer at libraries and museums all over the country, and she is the co-author of the book. As the title says, sometimes the success of a man is linked to the building toys that little architykes like to play with.

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