11 Best Books About Gaslighting Update 05/2022

Because these books are going to help you so much if you’ve been in a relationship with someone who gaslights, you’ll know that they will be very useful to you. Take a breath and learn a little about the manipulation tactic of gaslighting. You’ll likely see it when you learn more about how it works.

Books about gaslighting can help you get a healthy relationship and care for your own needs. Whether you have a bothersome mother-in-law or don’t know how to get out of a relationship where gaslighting is common, these five books are good resources.

What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a psychological trick used to manipulate someone else. It’s found in romantic relationships, family dynamics, and workplaces. It can also be seen on TV shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in movies like Gaslight, which was made in 1944.

How to Recognize Gaslighting

These books will help you better understand when someone is being manipulative. When someone gets angry at you for something they did, that’s a sign that they’re gaslighting you. Gaslighting is when someone makes you think you did something wrong or said something you didn’t. It’s because of this that these books are so useful.

Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us

I didn’t think Trump would be on this list. Amanda Carpenter explains why we’re “enthralled” with Trump’s crazy antics and how a professional gaslighter manipulates the whole country to get people to believe what they want to believe. If you need help with one of the most powerful gaslighting people, get this book right away.

In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

There is a doctor who wrote this book, and he will help you understand how people manipulate you. Children! Wives! Co-workers! You’ll learn about people who are victims in manipulative relationships, how to use power when confronting someone who is gaslighting, and how to be strong so that you can avoid unhealthy relationships.

The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

Take a look at this guide if you want to know why gaslighting is bad for people. The Human Magnet talks about why we let people hurt us, or why we’re drawn to pain. In this book about gaslighting, a lot of attention is paid to codependent relationships, manipulators in power, and emotional turmoil.

The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life

Worried that your new boyfriend might be lying to you? Turn to this book for help. With detailed examples of gaslighting in relationships and warning signs, you’ll have a better idea of how to manipulate people. Dr. Robin Stern talks about how gaslighting can change your self-awareness, confidence, and personality.

Gaslighting: Recognize Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People–and Break Free

You can get more information about sociopaths and other manipulative people by reading Dr. Sarkis’s book about gaslighting. In time, you’ll learn how to deal with your partner’s lies and break up with them. With this guide, you’ll learn about why people have manipulative tendencies and how to avoid them. You’ll also get some practical advice.

Always Forever Maybe  By Anica Mrose Rissi

Gaslighting is done slowly and in a creepy way in this story of a storybook romance that goes wrong. This makes the story more real. When Betts meets Aiden, she falls in love at first sight. But things quickly turn bad. They both question their own memories and perceptions. He even worries that she will hurt him even as he hurts her more and more every day.

This story will be familiar to anyone who has been in a bad relationship, and it will make sense to them. When someone is in a dangerous situation, the resources at the end should help them find a way out. This is a great way to start a conversation.

When The Beat Drops By Anna Hecker

In my first book, WHEN THE BEAT DROPS, Mira, 17, is fooled by her new boyfriend into not paying attention to some of his less-than-savory activities. Because he’s also her manager, her job as a DJ is linked to their relationship. This is an advantage he intentionally takes advantage of.

A lot of the time, people who are abused at home have more at stake than just their relationship. They may rely on their partner for social status, transportation, tutoring, money, or even (ironically) as a way to get away from an abusive home life, but they may not know it. As a matter of fact, people who need outside help before they can be persuaded to leave their relationship may need help finding a new way to meet their needs before they can be convinced to leave.

Blood Water Paint By Joy Mccullough

At seventeen, Artemisia is one of the best painters in Rome. When her painting teacher rapes her, everything changes. Her world and her role in it start to fall apart as he tries to convince her that it was OK. This powerful story of rape and redemption is a great way to start a conversation about sexual and emotional abuse by authority figures. It’s mostly told in verse. The verse format may also be a good fit for reluctant readers.

Burro Hills By Julia Lynn Rubin

Jack Burns lives in the desert town of Burro Hills. At times, he feels like an inmate. Jack wonders if he will ever be able to get away from the broken dreams of his parents, who he grew up next to. People who deal drugs should stop. Get out of debt. There is so much masculinity in high school boys that it’s hard to get away from. His own head, too.

There was nothing new about this until Connor came along; he caught Jack’s attention and made him look for new ways to escape. But Jack’s old friends don’t want to let him go so easily, and they’re willing to lie, threaten, and manipulate to keep things the same, so they can keep things the same. Toxic masculinity can do a lot of bad things to people, and this is a clear look at how it can hurt people.

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