6 Best Books About Incest Update 05/2022

I personally like the books that aren’t allowed. You don’t want to look at them. There is no way you can stop reading them. Don’t worry…a LOT of my readers are obsessed with these books. If you like reading something different and unique, you’re not alone. This is a good thing! Some of these stories are dark and twisted, but there is also a lot of light and love. If you haven’t read one before, now’s your chance to start. judgment-free! Most of these books are too hot for Amazon or have been banned because of their content. You can still get your hands on them, though! If you want to know why they’re dangerous or banned.


Hale is about a brother and sister who fall in love. It’s emotional, steamy, and thought-provoking. In Hale, you can’t be weak. A promise: You’ll never forget this story. Find out more here.

He’s everything to me. I’d die without him. Because he makes me sick. His brother. He’s in my head. My mind is black and bruised. Turned on its head and not right at all. A secret that eats me to death, but one I’ll keep to the grave. Afterwards, things start to happen. He can see inside of me. It can see through the dark. Loves the things he finds. I spread things. It is. Now, he’s also sick.

Like Dragonflies

Like Dragonflies is a great story about a brother and sister who fall in love. It’s lovely, sweet, and sexy. These feelings are just the right amount in this book, which is about a forbidden love. The taboo book will be a good choice if you want to read something that is both emotional and light. Find out more here. I come from Ashton Hills, and I’m the good girl from Ashton Hills. Rich. Pampered. Spoiled. Slowly suffocating under my mother’s tight grip. I think that’s why he’s so bad. Poor. Abused. Criminal. This is how it feels to be swallowed by the darkness every second.

Lost souls look for freedom and happiness. We’re lonely, broken, and stuck. For as long as the world brings us together. Sometimes you fall in love right away. A huge explosion of feelings. Something that can’t be missed. The past creeps up on us like a bad guy when our hearts get tangled up. When our parents make mistakes, they become things we have to deal with. Crazy in love: We’re crazy in love with each other. In the end, they found each other. They have the same father.

The Wild

If you’re looking for a dark, forbidden survival romance, The Wild is the book for you. It tells the story of a father and daughter who are forced to rely on each other in ways that most people would find disgusting. It’s hard. : It’s weird, sick, and not right. They’re going to let love go. Find out more here.

It was hard for us to live in the real world, so I took them to the wilderness. Making a new life without heartbreak was the goal, but it was hard to do that. People aren’t there. In this case, there is no technology at all. No one will bother you. ::::::::: Chance to fix what was broken. But the wilderness is wild and rough. Brutal and without mercy. It doesn’t care what you think. Tragedy also lives there. There’s no way around the truths that won’t let you go. Love, no matter how bad, is the only thing you can truly count on. Confusing. Wrong. Twisted. Beautiful. Sick. Love is crazy. Set it free, then. It’s a bad idea to read this book. It’s called “The Wild.” In this book, only brave, open-minded people will be able to read it. People who want love even in the most awful of situations will be able to read this. Extreme sexual themes and violence in some scenes, which could make you feel bad, are in this story.

The Free

An incestuous age-gap love story called The Free is hot and steamy! As a man with strict morals, Atticus finds himself caught in a web of bad and evil. She leads him down a dark path that he can’t get back from, and he doesn’t want to. Find out more here.

He took me out of the wild. I was alone and death was right around the corner. I would be healed and then let go. A break from my harsh reality. Food. Comfort. Safety. ::::::::: It’s only for a short time, and one day I’ll have to go home. I don’t want to go back. Because I want him to. To love and tame me. When you free the wild, there are some very bad consequences. He thinks they’ll put him in a cage because he’s with me. Our love isn’t right. They won’t get it. Forbidden. Immoral. Perverse. Vile. I don’t care what people think. It should only bother us. Each one of us is innocent as well as beautiful as well as worth it.
Love is crazy. Set it free, then.


There is a dark romance between a gay brother and a sister called “Laska.” All three of these brothers are important in the world to each other. Most of the time, their relationship is very strange, but they don’t give a fuck about it. It’s not fair to anyone who stands in their way. Find out more here.

This book is very dark. This movie would be scary if there wasn’t the love story woven into the blood and torture and incest. I’d even call it horror if there wasn’t that. You might throw this book away and read the next one. If you don’t like a challenge, don’t do this. If that’s the case, I’m about to test your gag reflex and your sense of right and wrong. Let’s go, everyone.


People who have read Cognati think it’s dark and twisted. A love story between twins is called “twincest.” Cousins is a Latin word. When the twins read this story, they’ll meet their cousin and follow him down a dangerous path in the name of love. There is romance in this story, but it doesn’t end the same way that most stories end. I told you. Find out more here. I’m on my own. All on my own. Everything else is just a bad boy who is trying so hard to be a good man. There are people I need to leave behind and find. All of us. Uncle Charles is real. A strong, powerful man. It’s hard to tell who this person is. He greets me with open arms. Though his world isn’t like mine. Rules are different for each game. Dark. Confusing. Twisted. Wrong. But, still, I get them. Because his teachings are so different, I don’t want to be afraid to learn from them. Every lesson, every punishment, and every reward should be yours to take. I’m in the place I was meant to be.

In the end, most men want to be like their father when they grow up. I want to be like my uncle, Charles, one day. You can teach me some things when he is no longer able to. Cognati is a story in the Inferno World that follows a young man named Luke Greene, later known as Pater. It comes right after the book Sparks and before the book Inferno by Yolando Olsen. When she wrote this book, she wanted it to fit in with her world. It is based on a character she made up, but it could also stand on its own. In fact, after reading Cognati, you’ll most likely want to go into Inferno to find out what Pater is up to next…if you can stand it.

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