10 Best Books About Kidnapping Update 05/2022

Books About Kidnapping

Inquiry: “What are the finest kidnapping books?” To get the answer to that question, we read 214 of the best Kidnapping novels and ranked them.

Following is a list of the top “Best Kidnapping” titles, ordered by how many lists they appear on, with each title appearing on at least two different lists. Titles in alphabetical order appear at the bottom of this page, and the lists we utilized are also alphabetical.

Cry No More written by Linda Howard

Cry No More written by Linda Howard

To fill the emptiness in other people’s life, Milla Edge goes on a mission to recover missing children, all the while attempting to escape the painful memories of her own past. Milla sets off on a journey to Mexico to investigate a baby-smuggling gang that has taken the lives of countless children in its labyrinthine maze. An enigmatic one-eyed guy may have the key to locating the organization. Mission risks increase as Milla’s hunt for him heats up. Because the ring is a part of something much greater and more deadly, it has the potential to reach the highest levels of authority. Milla’s life is in danger as an unseen, murderous assassin seeks to silence her for good. Suddenly, Milla is the hunted.

Devil’s Game written by Joanna Wylde

Known as “Hunter,” Liam’s nickname Blake is enmity with the Reapers MC. This man was born and reared in the Devil’s Jack family and understands his obligation. In order to protect his club from the Reapers, he will use any weapons he has at his disposal. But why resort to violence when the president of the Reapers has a daughter who is all by herself and at risk? After all these years, Hunter finally has a reason to get his hands on her. The Reapers have loomed large over Em’s life from the day she was born. Her father, Picnic, is the club’s president, and he’s quite protective of her. Picnic killed her previous lover while she was in love with him. The guys in her life are now more concerned with making her father happy than they are with having fun with her. A attractive stranger shows there, and he doesn’t hesitate to treat her like a lady. one unafraid of her father. Liam is who you’ve been looking for all along. That is what she believes, at least.

Look Again written by Lisa Scottoline

A ‘Have You Seen This Child?’ flier arrives in the mail, and reporter Ellen Gleeson is nearly tempted to toss it. Her heart freezes each time she sees her adoptive son, Will, who is very similar to the youngster in the photograph. In her heart, she understands that her adoption was legal, thus she is compelled to ignore the similarities between her adopted sons. Though being a journalist, she can’t help but obsess over the picture until she discovers its true meaning. If Will belongs to someone else, does she have the right to retain him or give him up? The more she searches, the more she risks losing her own life and the life of the boy she loves as she uncovers information no one else was supposed to find. Look Again, Lisa Scottoline’s first novel, is a thrilling and heartbreaking thriller that is likely to win her new admirers and have book groups talking.

Mean Streak written by Sandra Brown

Mean Streak written by Sandra Brown

In Sandra Brown’s gripping tale of survival, the age-old issue of “Does the purpose justify the means?” is put to the test. On a North Carolina mountain road, doctor and marathon runner Dr. Emory Charbonneau vanishes. It’s too late for her husband Jeff to report her missing after a recent disagreement, and the trail is cold by the time he reports her missing. Literally. Fog and ice cover the mountains, making it impossible to find her. After a mysterious head injury, Emory regains consciousness to find herself held hostage by a guy who won’t even give her his name, while the police investigate Jeff’s “quick divorce.” She’s prepared to take whatever risks are required to get away from him. The two, on the other hand, have an unexpected run-in with individuals who follow a different set of rules when it comes to justice. Regardless of the consequences, Emory can’t turn her back on a needy young lady who is at the heart of the conflict. Wrong is made right in the hands of a guy who inspires dread while simultaneously igniting fire in the hearts of others. In light of her husband’s betrayal, Emory wonders whether the guy with no name is, in reality, her protector from those who desire her dead and from the pain of her own heartache. Featuring the intrigue and powerful narrative that have made Sandra Brown one of the world’s most popular writers, MEAN STREAK tells the tale of love, duplicity and the choices we must make in order to live.

Pretty Girls written by Karin Slaughter

#1 New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter returns with a sophisticated and chilling psychological thriller about two estranged sisters who must come together to find the truth about two harrowing tragedies that have devastated their lives, one twenty years in the past and the other twenty years in the future. A group of friends. Survivors. Julia, the sister of Claire and Lydia, went missing when she was seventeen years old. There has been no communication between the two ladies since, and now their lives are very different. The Atlanta millionaire’s trophy wife, Claire, is a picture of elegance and sophistication. Lydia, a single mother, is in a relationship with an ex-con and is having financial difficulties. Both haven’t quite healed from the shock and anguish of their shared loss, a wound that is mercilessly wrenched open when Claire’s husband is slain. Since they occurred over 25 years apart in time, how could they be related?? The surviving sisters forge a truce to pursue the truth, exposing the secrets that killed their family all those years ago, and discovering the potential of forgiveness, and retribution, in places they didn’t expect to find them. One of the best thrillers of the year, Pretty Girls is full with memorable characters and plot twists that will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.

Still Missing written by Chevy Stevens

Three things were on her mind the day she was abducted: selling a property, forgetting a previous disagreement with her mother, and making it on time for dinner with her patient boyfriend, Annie O’Sullivan, who was 32 at the time. The open house is a bust, but just as Annie is ready to depart, a vehicle drives up, and she realizes that maybe this is her lucky day after all. still missing interweaves Annie’s year in captivity with her attempt to put her life back together and the continuing police inquiry into her captor’s identity in a remote mountain cabin, which unfolds via sessions with her psychiatrist. It’s frightening, visceral, cruel and beautiful, all at the same time in Still Missing.

Stolen: A Letter to My Captor written by Lucy Christopher

This is how it went down. I was kidnapped from an airport. Everything I knew and had become used to has been stripped away. In the midst of sandstorms, heat, and dust. And he expected me to adore him, too. It’s my tale, too. A letter that appeared out of nowhere. Teenage girl Gemma is abducted from Bangkok Airport and sent to the Australian Outback.. Because of how vividly it is depicted, the book’s vast and bleak terrain practically becomes a character in itself. Tyree is everything from a stereotypical bad guy. He is a youthful, athletic, and utterly stunning man. Years of preparation have gone into this new way of living in the woods. For him, she is everything. Is it possible for him to make Gemma love him back under the blazing Australian heat, isolated from the rest of the world? Gemma writes a letter to Ty, reminiscing about the weird and frightening months they spent in the bush. As a result of these months, there is a blurring of the borders between love and obsession and love and reliance.

Tears of Tess written by Pepper Winters

Tears of Tess written by Pepper Winters

“It seemed like the end of the world. Everything is in order and everything is in its place. Then everything changed. “I was sold.” Besides a wonderful boyfriend and a bright future, Tess Snow has everything she’s ever wanted: one more semester until she can start her profession in real estate development. The vacation to Mexico is a romantic gift from Brax to Tess in celebration of their second anniversary. An idyllic vacation is complete with warm sand, mouthwatering beverages, and passionate encounters between lovers. Tess has a full heart and is looking forward to a week of passion. It is, however, a broken paradise. Kidnapped. Stripped of all of my belongings and injected with drugs. Tess is thrust into a dark and threatening realm. With no one to turn to, no hope, and no future, Tess transforms from a frightened child into a ferocious warrior. It won’t be enough to save her from the misery of being sold, no matter how strong she is. The question is, can Brax save Tess from being wrecked by her new owner before it’s too late? Not recommended for those who are sensitive to loss, slavery, or nonconsensual sex in this New Adult Contemporary Romance. Finding love in the most unlikely of places, developing a steely resolve out of need, and a measure of forgiveness that may not be sufficient.

The Butterfly Garden written by Dot Hutchison

A lovely garden may be seen near a secluded home. Lovely flowers, shaded trees, and more may be found in this garden. “Butterflies”—young ladies abducted and meticulously tattooed to look like their namesakes—are also on display. The Gardener keeps an eye on everything, a cruel and deranged guy who is preoccupied with keeping his beautiful specimens. A survivor is taken in for interrogation after the garden is found. Victor Hanoverian and Brandon Eddison of the FBI have been charged with solving one of the most horrific crimes in their lives. They are not alone. She’s known only as Maya, and she’s an enigma in and of herself. Even as Maya exposes old grievances, new ideas, and horrifying stories about a guy who’d go to any extent to keep beauty in his grasp, her narrative continues to twist and spin in the Butterfly Garden. As she reveals more and more of her story, the agents have to question what more she has to hide

The Deep End of the Ocean written by Jacquelyn Mitchard

One of Oprah’s initial picks for her Book Club, few first books get the type of attention and praise this one has received. The Deep End of the Ocean imagines every mother’s greatest nightmare—the abduction of a child—as it examines a family’s effort to persevere, even in the face of adversity. This is a novel of unusual strength, one that will touch readers’ hearts and make them enjoy the feelings that unite us all. It is filled with compassion, comedy, and great insights about the texture of real life.

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