13 Best Books About Life Update 05/2022

In addition to books that educate, there are novels that amuse. Mentally stimulating and emotionally uplifted works of literature. In addition, there are life-changing novels that reverberate long after you’ve put them down.

The second kind of masterpieces includes those like these ten. In the end, they all have a profound effect on you because you’ve had the opportunity to read and contemplate them.

The Alchemist By: Paulo Coelho Year: 1988

Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd kid, dreams of traveling the globe in quest of a worldly treasure in this stirring narrative of self-discovery that was first published in Portuguese. It’s a journey that leads him to discover how to listen to his heart and pursue his aspirations that’s considerably more fulfilling for him.

That particular something: This work of art, which is both simple to read and rich in description, will spur you on to follow your own ambitions, just as Santiago did.

The Artist’s Way By: Julia Cameron Year: 1992

For those seeking a spiritual and realistic path, this life-changing book serves as an effective self-help workbook for the creative process. It’s a dynamic experience to read this book since each chapter ends with a challenge.

With its unique combination of profundity and simplicity, this book has the ability to spark the creative spark in anybody, from accountants to athletes, and beyond.

Life of Pi By: Yann Martel Year: 2001

An encyclopedic knowledge of animals and a penchant for philosophy, Pi Patel is the son of a zookeeper and a student of philosophy. Pi, his family, and a hyena, an orangutan, a crippled zebra, and Richard Parker, a 450-pound Bengal tiger are stranded in a lifeboat when their ship sinks on their journey to North America from India. The story that follows is a magical one filled with mystery and excitement.

While this is not a book about religion, it does convey a story about the significance of believing in anything – whether it be God, Mother Nature, or your own power.

The Road Less Traveled By: M.Scott Peck Year: 1978

This non-fiction book is a blend between psychology and spirituality, and it is full of knowledge and insight into what it takes to be a satisfied person. Efficiently analyzing the complicated, human ideas of discipline and love, Peck proposes four different phases of spiritual growth on the way to self-realization.

This statement sums it up perfectly: Problems bring up our bravery and wisdom; in fact, they produce our courage and wisdom.

The History of Love By: Nicole Kraus Year: 2005

In this exquisite book-within-a-book, the tale of Leo Gursky and Alma is told. The narrative is powered by the excitement of mystery and the pleasure of connection as it travels across seas and decades.

After reading this book, you won’t be able to stop thinking about Leo and Alma for days on end. Even if the narrative does fade from your memory, it will never really leave you.

Conversations with God By: Neil Donald Walsch Year: 1995

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue is the title of the trilogy’s first book, and that’s exactly what it is. The whole series is a fascinating back-and-forth dialogue between the author and Reader on a wide range of themes, including religion and spirituality, education, love, and political issues..

Even if you don’t believe in the presence of God, these novels will make you reflect about the world around you and your own personal life.

The Giving Tree By: Shel Silverstein Year: 1964

It is a wonderful and tragic tale of a tree that cared for a little kid. With little care for what she may get when he grows older, the tree does all she can to help him.

That particular something: Although it’s marketed as a children’s book, this fable offers a profound lesson for readers of all ages: the gift of giving and the acceptance of the many ways in which people repay it.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience By: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Year: 2013.

When it comes to really meaningful life experiences, researchers have found that a feeling of profound attention, immersion, and absorption is essential. To address the question, “How can we make our lives meaningful?”, this classic treatise on happiness explores topics such as family, art, and sports.

You’ll learn how to recognize your happiest moments and use them to your advantage with this game-changing guide.

Sophie’s World By:Jostein Gaarder Year: 1991.

A fiction and a philosophical work rolled into one, Sophie Amundsen and Alberto Knox, a middle-aged philosopher, meet while Sophie is a youngster living in Norway and Alberto introduces her to philosophy.

What is it about you that makes you so unique? The origins of the universe are also an intriguing question. questions that Sophie must answer are. You’ll wonder about them, too.

The Red Tent By: Anita Diamant Year: 1997

The narrative of Leah and Jacob’s daughter and Joseph’s sister, Dinah, is told in this book. The author explores the life of women in biblical periods, focusing on mothers and daughters, midwives, love, and living in a strange nation, based on indications in Genesis.

Intensely feminist and profoundly moving, this narrative will alter your perspective on biblical times.

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

This Dalai Lama-inspired book by Howard Cutler was written for a Western readership. In his address, he stresses the importance of happiness and how simple it is to get it.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Let rid of your inflated self-esteem and take advantage of everything that life has to offer. In Eckhart Tolle’s teaching, he explains that the ego is the source of all conflict in the world. Because Oprah Winfrey chose this book for her book club, millions of others have had the opportunity to read it.

The Hundred-Year Marathon

This book tells the story of China’s long-term plan to displace the United States as the world’s dominant power. The book’s author, Michael Pillsbury, has held key national security posts in the US government and draws on that expertise to issue a wake-up call to the nation’s security issues.

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