10 Best Books About Millionaires Update 05/2022

Books About Millionaires

With big goals, you dream of becoming a millionaire one day. You want to be financially secure. Want to live a nice life. So, how do you make your dreams happen?

One of the best ways to start and keep going is to read books about millionaires. We’re talking about books with stories about people who went from rags to riches. These stories will inspire you and help you feel more confident about yourself. We’re also talking about books that give real-world advice on how to invest and make smart money decisions.

This is our list of the 10 best books for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur and become a millionaire. These books will help you build the confidence to fight dragons and become rich.

Total Money Makeover

by Dave Ramsey

Total Money Makeover

Dave Ramsey is the best money manager for people who live in the United States. There are millions of people who listen to Ramsey’s radio show every day and he has a lot of money-saving courses and even an app called Every Dollar. Ramsey himself went from being broke to being a multi-millionaire. Ramsey’s system has helped people control their spending habits, get out of debt, and build wealth. No one wants to be broke.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, but how much you spend. This is what your net worth is. First, you need to get out of the stress of being in debt and always thinking about money. That’s why Total Money Makeover is at the top of this list, and why I put it there. There are two ways you need to get your spending under control: at home and in your business. When you can’t control how much money you spend, it will be hard to build real wealth.

The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas J. Stanley, PhD

They are not as different from billionaires or celebrities as you might think. They are more like your next-door neighbor than they are like millionaires. If you live in a wealthy neighborhood, you might not even know it. Most of the time, they don’t live in the most expensive homes or drive the flashiest cars. How much money does it take to have and spend a million? Based on a lot of research, that’s what this book proves.

The Millionaire Next Door was one of the first books to say that the first step to becoming rich and happy is to be smart about how you spend your money. It’s not good for people to live like high rollers before they have money. People in the book who have the money to live nice lives aren’t skipping out on them. But they have put off having fun until they have their finances in order.

Everyday Millionaires

by Chris Hogan

It’s Chris Hogan’s wealth-building expertise and his research that he brings to this book. This research shows that you don’t have to come from money or have a lot of money to become a millionaire. You don’t even have to have a lot of money to become rich. The secret, which is no longer a secret, is to work hard and keep your mind on the goal.

People who are rich found out about Chris Hogan’s book by talking to a lot of people who are. This book dispels myths about millionaires, including how they think and act. In this book, you can get to know how a real millionaire thinks and acts. Because you’ve been making assumptions, you might not be able to believe what you see. While there are many books on the market about millionaires, if you want to get inside the heads of a lot of millionaires so you can follow their advice, this is the book for you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Even now, more than 23 years after Robert Kiyosaki’s book came out, many people are still interested in reading it. The unconventional way he thinks and the advice he gives are the keys to success. It’s still common for people to use some of his methods today. They challenge established norms and focus on the mindset of being rich are two of them.

One of the best things about Rich Dad Poor Dad is that it talks about assets. In the US, we talk about credit cards and how much money we can borrow to buy a house. We’re taught to spend in a way that makes it look like it’s a good thing to do. Things that last for a long time aren’t taught to us. A startup or small business is a good thing, and until we think of it that way, we won’t understand how running a business can change our personal wealth.

The Latte Factor

by David Bach

David Bach has written nine best-sellers about personal finance, and he has a lot of them. The Latte Factor shows that people may have more money than they think. People who want to be financially free and live the American Dream should read this book. It gives them simple steps to follow. It’s about saving and investing your money to make it grow, so you can pay yourself first and make more money.

This book shows how important it is not to waste small amounts of money. Over time, money adds up. A parable or story about a young woman named Zoey is how the book is set up. During each morning coffee break, she stares at an expensive painting she doesn’t think she can buy. Her money worries make her think she doesn’t have enough money for the things she really wants, like a pricey painting. She doesn’t have a plan and spends too much money on things she doesn’t need (like daily lattes).

You should think about this. There are a lot of people who do the same thing at work. Does your money go to small ideas instead of big goals that will have a long-term impact?

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

It was written in 1937, and it has sold more than 15 million copies. The “Law of Success” and other philosophies it teaches have been used by many successful entrepreneurs over the years since it was written. The author says that he interviewed 500 of the most successful people at the time and came up with the 13 steps to wealth. There are many famous people in this group: from Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, from Theodore Roosevelt to John D Rockefeller, and a lot more!

Think and Grow Rich has been called a book that can change your life. A lot of times, it makes people think. You can change how you think about money for the rest of your life. It talks about things that are very important, like setting goals and having a positive thought process. Napoleon Hill was a character in the book who may have made up some things about his life and stories. Keep in mind that there’s a good reason this book is so well-known. All of us should read this book because it will change how we think.

Built to Sell

by John Warrillow

Built to Sell

There is a book called Built to Sell that talks about how to make your business run without you, the owner, having to do everything yourself. This book is about a fictional business owner, named Alex, who runs a marketing company that isn’t making money. Alex starts to get help from a mentor and a friend. Later, Alex changes the way he runs his business so that he gets money from people who keep paying him over and over again. Then, he spends less time working in the business and his company has enough value that he can sell it.

You might think this book was written by Tim Ferriss, who wrote the 4 Hour Work Week, but it isn’t. The subtitle says that the business is doing well even though the owner isn’t there. Built to Sell focuses a lot more on making the business valuable enough to be sold down the road. People who own their own businesses have to face it: Most of their money is in their businesses. If you want an exit strategy where you can get your money, you need to make a plan. This book tells you how to get to that 7 or 8 figure payoff with this game.

The Highest Calling

by Larry Janesky

The description for The Highest Calling says that it is a “inspirational book about business and life, struggle and success.” If you want to learn how to run your business, this book is for you. It’s really a story about Troy Becker, the owner of a home remodeling business who isn’t real. Troy works 70 hours a week, his family life is in trouble, and he can’t seem to get ahead of things. One day Troy meets a mysterious person who tells him how to make his business more valuable and more satisfying.

In real life, the author of The Highest Calling made a lot of money in a very common field, basement waterproofing. He started a national business with annual sales in the nine-figure range. He knows what he is talking about, and he is very good at it. The only way to make money is not through a high-tech business, but through a small business. Put systems and processes in place, then figure out what’s most important and do that first. Success will follow. In this case, follow the book’s advice and try to make money so you can become a millionaire, which is the goal of the book.

Built Not Born

by Tom Golisano

Built not Born is a book by billionaire Tom Golisano, the founder of Paychex. It gives advice on how to start a business. When Golisano started his company in 1971, he only had $3,000 to start. This shows that he is a self-made person. The book is a 50-year account of how he went from a small business to a multi-billion dollar company.

Tom Golisano is a billionaire, but this book is not a project for a billionaire to show off. Built Not Born teaches you how to be great and how that can affect your personal wealth. It’s good to start here if you want to learn how to build a talented team, put in place a strong business model, and improve business performance in your company. Owner: When you build your business, you also build your own wealth as the owner.

Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully

by Jim Cramer

There is a lot to learn about investing in the stock market. If you fall into the category of “average retail investor,” this book is for you. It’s both fun and useful (which describes most of us). The book written by Cramer is a good place for people who want to learn more about investing but don’t want to get lost in long balance sheets. And just like Cramer, the man we see on TV, the book is fun to read. This is a common-sense way to think about investments and how to learn about the basics.

Often, you will see books like Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor on lists of things to read. That book is a classic and is a favorite of billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who made their money through hard work. However, that book seems to be from a different era. John Cramer’s book is a better, easier-to-read choice today in a world where automated trading and politics-driven market swings make it hard to read. He does this even if you prefer to invest in index funds or in real estate. Cramer shows you how the markets work.


As an entrepreneur, business books can show you how to build value that can be turned into money for yourself. Lifelong learning is very important in the business world. If you’re rich, you’ll read a lot of books. The best:

Make you think in a positive way. Great books make you want to do great things.

Teach how to make smart money moves. Knowing what to do and how to do it is very important.

Your attention should be on one thing at a time. When you “lean in” on your goals and dreams, you are more likely to reach them and become more powerful.

Everybody can become a millionaire in the U.S. if they have the right mindset and a strong desire to work hard. Do you not deserve to live the American Dream, no matter where you are? These are the 10 best books for people who want to make money. As soon as you’re done with these books by authors like Mark Cuban and Vicki Robin, check out other books by these authors, too.

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