10 Best Books About Nikola Tesla Update 05/2022

Books About Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a well-known scientist, inventor, and modern visionary. He is best known for his work on the modern day Alternate Current (AC) that we use. He also worked on a lot of other inventions that have made our lives better today.

You want to know what are the best books to read about Nikola Tesla!

This is how you can say that Tesla was born in the Croatia. There, he learned about modern engineering and physics through informal lessons. After he moved to the United States, he worked for a lot of different businesses and learned about electrical and mechanical skills. Finally, he made enough money to pay for his own inventions, which he later patented.

His later work was all about wireless communication. Even though he couldn’t finish his work in his lifetime, his clever ideas are the foundation for the technology we use today. In honor of his scientific work, the SI unit for magnetic flux density was named after him after he died.

The people didn’t like him while he was alive or even after he died. However, recently, his work has come to light, and the science community is again interested in his work. This has led to a lot of books about him, and some of them are reviewed below:

Best Nikola Tesla Books: Our Top Picks

Here are some of the best books about Nikola Tesla that you can read to learn more about the subject.

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

My Inventions The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

This is a very long biography of the great scientist. If it were written by someone who had been there, it would be as detailed as it could be. He was a genius, and this book is enough proof of this. He was a genius.

His early life, his training, and his work on many different inventions are the main parts of this book. His stories are very interesting and his work is very interesting, so it’s hard to put it down once you start it. His story about his own life is very interesting in a unique way.

If you want to know more about his life because his work has been hidden for so long, this book is for you. A very talented scientist with a wicked sense of humor: He was very good at what he did. This is a great book for people who want to learn more about science and history.

Authors: Nikola Tesla (Author)

Tesla: Man Out of Time

This is an in-depth look at the wizard scientist Nikola Tesla. The author talks about his early life, through his best years in life, and until he died. His amazing story has been told in the most interesting way possible.

Tesla’s work had made him think of himself as a mad scientist. His ideas, inventions, and experiments were known for being unusual, a little dangerous, and way ahead of his time. The reason he didn’t become popular until at least the 1990s is because we didn’t know what he could do until then.

The author has put a lot of light on the genius who isn’t known. It’s worth reading about how he spent his life making a mark that will last for centuries to come.

Authors: Margaret Cheney (Author)

Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla : Biography of a Genius

Another biography about the great work of Nikola Tesla. This one focuses on his inventions and theories, and how he lost out on a lot of patents because of politics and conspiracy theories.

People now know that many inventions that were made by Tesla have been given to people who didn’t make them. Many of his working blueprints haven’t been made into physical things or even thought about for use in modern times. This book is mostly about things that aren’t good.

In this book, Tesla’s unique personality traits and the fact that he couldn’t make a name for himself while he was alive make it more interesting. This book is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of conspiracy theories and unfair treatment.

Authors: Marc Seifer (Author)

Nikola Tesla: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Inventors)

Nikola Tesla A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Inventors)

It’s one of many biographies about his life. This one goes from when he was born in Croatia to when he lived in the United States after that. A short book that covers all the important events in his life, right up to the point where he died. Some of his work is also talked about in order to put his life in a better context.

Nikola Tesla was interested in engineering and physics when he was young. He worked for a lot of different companies, made many inventions, and was even feared by his generation. It talks about a lot of important things, becoming monotonous and boring.

This book is great for someone who wants to learn more about Tesla’s life, discoveries, theories, and inventions, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reading about things that aren’t important.

Authors: Hourly History (Author)

Tesla : The Lost Inventions (Tesla Technology Series)

Nikola Tesla was famous more for his dangerous ideas than for his important work on AC current and renewable energy. His experiments include interesting machines and plans for dangerous inventions that are still dangerous today.

This book is different from other books because it talks about some of these inventions and how they work. It includes inventions that haven’t been made in the real world, but that have a lot of interest because of how they could help the modern world. Tesla thought that there was unlimited energy in the universe, and his inventions used energy from sources like this to make them work.

This book is like a dream come true for people who like to learn about the world around them. It’s a must-have for scientists, students, and people who love having a great mind.

Authors: George Trinkaus (Author)

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

In this book, which was written by Tesla himself, you can see a piece of art from him. People are living on this planet and using up energy resources. He talks about how he can use renewable energy resources to live more efficiently and make the most of his time.

There are a lot of things in this book that show that Nikola Tesla was more than just an inventor or scientist. He was also a good thinker. It shows how much he cared about humanity by how well he knew where human activities were taking the world and how he came up with ways to fix it. It also shows how little people knew about him back then.

The planet and energy resources are important to people who care about them. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more. It was written by one of the best minds of our time, so we should give it some thought.

Authors: Nikola Tesla (Author)

Who Was Nikola Tesla?

This book is for kids who are in elementary school. It introduces young scientists to Nikola Tesla. It talks about how Tesla worked after he came to the United States and how many things he came up with and discovered about the electric current and wireless communication.

Tesla worked with another famous scientist of the time, Thomas Edison, for a short time. This biography talks about their work and how they eventually broke up. When young people learn about how Tesla helped make modern machines and wireless communication possible, they will be excited to learn more about him.

If you have a young child who is interested in science, or if you teach elementary school, this book is a good one to start with. It gives a fair and interesting look at one of the most innovative minds of the twentieth century.

Authors: Jim Gigliotti (Author), Who HQ (Author), John Hinderliter (Illustrator)

The Nikola Tesla Treasury

The Nikola Tesla Treasury

One more collection of Nikola Tesla’s work, this one includes his lectures and articles from many different sources. Also in the book are Tesla’s letters to the editors, which cover the work of Marconi and Edison, as well as Tesla’s thoughts on a number of issues at the time.

There are a lot of things in this compilation that show how clever and imaginative he was. He pointed out things that most people don’t notice. There are letters and articles that haven’t been changed at all, so they show how brilliant he was.

Even though this isn’t a biography or a story, the contents are all clear. Those who are good at what they do will be more interested in this book than the average person, because it talks about the technical side of Tesla’s inventions.

Authors: Nikola Tesla (Author)

Tesla: Inventor of the Modern

Nikola Tesla is the man who made almost all of the technology and machines that we use today, whether he made them himself or through his work with other people. He came up with the induction motor, the AC current, wireless communication, cell phones, the internet, robots, and remote control, to name a few. When he wrote some of his work, he talked about death-ray weapons and interstellar communication, both of which haven’t been made into real things yet.

This means it’s safe to say that he is the person who came up with all of the new things that people today use today. This book shows that this is true. It talks about how important he was to the modern world. In his mind, things were way ahead of their time, and his work is a true representation of an almost miraculous level.

This book shows us how we should think of the great scientist as a visionary. Unfortunately, his genius was hidden by political controversies.

Authors: Richard Munson (Author)

Prodigal Genius: The Extraordinary Life of Nikola Tesla

This biography is different from others because it talks about him as a person instead of his work. How did Tesla’s mind work? How did he become interested in engineering? How did he learn about it? How did he go on to invent mind-blowing technologies?

The author tells a lot of interesting stories about how Tesla lived. Many people don’t know how Tesla was robbed of credit for many of his inventions, which even led to him not getting the Nobel Prize. Conspiracy and politics kept him from getting the fame he should have had.

As a fairy tale, it shows what mad scientists have to deal with. The true beauty of his genius mind and how he was smeared and ridiculed, as well as how he was not even mentioned in history books, show how sad and tragic it is.

Authors: John J. O’Neill (Author)

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