11 Best Books About Paris Update 05/2022

Books About Paris

Check out this list of Paris-themed books to see which ones you should read. Here are some of the best books about Paris that you should read. They range from fiction, romance, history, and classics.

Paris is a magical city that has been written about by a lot of people. This place has so much beauty, charm, history, and romance that writers can’t stop coming up with words to describe it.

The books set in Paris inspire us to think about how we would feel there or how the city looked in the past. We can also get a clear picture of what the city looked like back then.

Besides, if you love everything about Paris, from popular Paris quotes to movies to Paris captions, these are the best books on the city.

These books about Paris will make you want to visit this beautiful city, and some will show you how Parisians lived in the past.

There are a lot of great books that make you feel like you’re walking down the pretty streets of Paris, even if you can’t go there right now.

Best Books About Paris You Should Read

Best Classic Books About Paris

A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

“It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.” This is the first sentence in this book.

season of light, season of darkness has become a well-known phrase!

In Paris and London, right before and during the French Revolution, there was a big fight between family, love, light, and darkness, as well as between good and bad. This story shows that.

If you’re looking for a story with self-sacrifice and love and revenge, this book is for you!

Life of a French doctor after 18 years in prison and going to live in London with his daughter Lucie. What led to the French Revolution and a time of terror will be learned in this class.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Signet Classic) By Victor Hugo

This book is one of the classic Paris books that tells a story about a person who lives in the city’s most famous landmark, Notre Dame, a medieval Catholic cathedral and a beautiful French landmark. The book’s main events took place there.

Quasimodo, the cathedral’s hunchback bell ringer, Esmeralda, a gypsy dancer, and Claude Frollo, the priest, are the main characters in the story. It’s told with a sense of tragic irony.

When you read this book, you will fall in love with the author’s vivid imagination and his skills at describing things.

Les Miserables (Signet Classics) By Victor Hugo

Les Miserables is one of the best books about Paris ever written.

In 1862, this book was first published. It was written by Victor Hugo, and it’s a classic story about people in Paris in the years after the French Revolution.

It’s a big, dramatic story that mostly focuses on Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who has been through a lot.

It also shows and criticizes the social injustices that happened in the 19th century through the story of crime, punishment, and the strength of the human spirit, which is shown through the story.

A moveable feast:The Restored Edition By Earnest Hemmingway

It is a good book to read if you want to know how life was in Paris in the 1920s. Earnest Hemmingway shows you what life was like in Paris in the 1920s through sketches of his daily activities and portraits of him.

Hemingway wrote one of the best-known books about Paris in the 1920s, and it shows how he saw the city through his own eyes.

It’s the story of how a young, poor writer grows up to become the most famous person of his time.

To make this restored edition, we used parts of the original manuscript as well as sketches that were never finished and never published before Paris.

Historical Fiction Books on Paris

The Paris Wife By Paula Mclain

The Paris Wife By Paula Mclain

Hadley, Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, saw the glitz and glamour of the 1920s through her eyes when he moved to Paris. The Paris Wife is one of the best books about Paris, and it has great character development that will bring the glitz and glamour of the 1920s to life.

Fictional story: It shows how Hemingway had a hard time taking on the roles of a mother, wife, friend, and muse as he tried to make a name for himself. It is heartbreaking.

The story shows how they became a golden couple, how they adapted to the free-spirited jazz age in Paris, and how their marriage came to a head. There was betrayal, broken loyalty, heartbreak, and the end of their marriage.

Sarah’s Key By Tatiana De Rosnay

Sarah’s Key is a heartbreaking and emotional story about a tragic event that happened in 1942 and was only made public 60 years later. It is told in two different time periods.

In this book, it tells the story of a 10-year-old girl named Sarah who locks her younger brother in a cupboard and thinks she’ll be back in a few hours. French police brutally arrest Sarah and her family.

During the 60th anniversary of Vel d’Hiv in 2002, a journalist named Julia finds out about long-hidden family secrets that connect her to Sarah’s story and show what happened on this day.

The Queen of Paris: A Novel of Coco Chanel By Pamela Binnings Ewen

These books are one of Paris’s historical fiction book sets, and they show how Paris came to life during World War II in very precise and interesting ways.

It tells the story of a vividly imagined and very fun story about Coco Chanel, a famous fashion designer who was born in poverty. It also shows how she defended the money she made for herself when Paris went down under the Nazis.

Even though there are rumors about her, she will do everything she can to live and not have her stormy past haunt her future.

Letters from Paris By Juliet Blackwell

Claire was very lucky to be alive after her mother died in a terrible accident. The next time she went to visit her grandmother, she found a mask that was beautiful and mysterious. Her grandfather had sent it from Paris after the war.

She went to Paris to find out what was behind the mask that was known as the “unknown woman.”

Clair finds a series of letters that tell the stories of a woman who was immortalized in the work of art with the help of a mask-maker who is not very friendly.

As she learned about the mysteries behind the masks, she found out about things in her own life that were hidden. I think it’s a heartwarming story about finding yourself and picking up the pieces after a bad accident.

The Paris Secret By Natasha Lester

The Paris Secret By Natasha Lester

How far would you go to protect your family? You can see how far people go to save each other in this book about Paris.

This book is about Kat Jordan, a fashion conservator who finds a priceless collection of Dior gowns in her grandmother’s empty house.

As she tries to figure out where they came from, she starts to question everything she thought she knew about her loving grandmother.

In this story, there is a connection to the first female pilots who served in World War II.

Best Books About Living in Paris

My Life in France By Julia Child

If you want to know what it would be like to be a foreigner living in France, this book by Julia Child is for you. Those who love food should also read it.

Julia didn’t know anything about France or how to speak French when she came to France in 1948. As she learned more about the French culture, she became interested in learning and mastering French cooking, so she took classes at the Cordon Bleu.

Tells us about her life in France, including how she fought with the head of Cordon Bleu and was turned down by publishers. She later wrote the best-selling book and movie, Julie & Julia.

It is a story about how she became Julia Child and how she made a lot of money as a chef and a writer. People can learn how to find their passion and true calling by reading it.

The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious and Perplexing City By David Lebovitz

When David Lebovitz, a pastry chef and cookbook author, moved to Paris, he was surprised to find that his life wasn’t the way that he thought it would be. He had always wanted to live there.

I’m sure you’ll laugh out loud when you read his hilarious stories about the weird things Parisians do and do not do.

This is also what he found out later on. He has 50 original recipes that will make you want to eat them all.

In his funny way, he talks about the city, its beauty, and the delicious food he finds. You’ll fall in love with Paris and want to visit!

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