14 Best Books About Penguins Update 05/2022

One time, Joe Moore said, “It’s almost impossible to be angry when you look at a penguin.” I agree! Penguins are a favorite animal to read about in my home. They are also very cute. Who doesn’t love their cute waddle, unique built-in tuxedos, and fun personalities? It’s fun to read penguin books all year long because we have so many at home and at the library. It’s interesting to learn about how important they are to the ecosystem and how they live in the world around them.

Some of our favorite picture books that are about penguins are shown in the list below.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

A little boy comes home one day and finds a penguin on his front porch. This is what he thinks happened to the penguin. He wants to help it get home to the South Pole. On their way, the boy learns that the penguin wasn’t lost after all. It was just lonely. One of the best stories I’ve read this year about friendship and the world of feelings.

Penguins Don’t Wear Sweaters by Marikka Tamura and Daniel Rieley

People who read this book can talk about environmental issues, empathy, and how to solve problems. It’s based on a true story about an oil spill in the Arctic, and it can help people think about these things. It’s also a good way to teach kids that good intentions don’t always work out the way we expect.

Penguin by Polly Dunbar

This book is full of personality and has a simple but powerful message about true friendship. We didn’t know that penguins could be so good at making friends with each other.

Blue Penguin by Peter Horacek

During his dreams, the Blue Penguin sings his own song about whales. This is how it works: Because they both like the song, they become fast friends. If you’re looking for a heartwarming story about a penguin who doesn’t fit in because of his looks, this is the one for you! It has important lessons on friendship and acceptance.

The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins and Champan

The Emperor’s Egg is a book about penguins and their home in the Arctic. It’s a good way to learn about penguins in a fun and interesting way. It’s a great book for kids who are in kindergarten and up, and it comes with a detailed index.

This is another great book about the emperor penguin, and it’s a good match for Penguin Chick. It helps kids think about how hard it is to care for a penguin egg in the cold Antarctic. It’s told in a more conversational way.

Baby Penguins Love Their Mama by Melissa Guion

An adorable book about a mother penguin who takes care of her babies and teaches them important life skills for when they grow up. All the cute things penguins do, like waddling, swimming, fishing, sliding, and more, are covered.

Penguin Problems by Jory John, illustrated by Lane Smith

In this sentence, we say that Penguin is tired of all the noise. Everyone looks like him, the ocean is too salty, and it’s not fun that everyone looks like him. That’s when a wise-mouthed walrus comes along and helps him see the glass as a little half full. A hard time will come when you try to keep a straight face while you read this one in your most grumpy voice.

Penguin in Peril by Helen Hancocks

When three hungry cats run out of food, what will they do? A penguin would be a great way for you to get the fish. When things don’t go as planned, this book shows what can happen.

There are three cats who take a penguin from the zoo so that he can get fish for them. This is a fun book. The penguin realizes that he’s in danger and flees. The cats have a hard time finding the black and white bird in the city, which is full of people and moving cars. It’s a strange but interesting story.

Penguin and the Cupcake, by Ashley Spires

There are cupcakes in the north. This is a very funny book about a penguin who wants to go to the north because he has heard that there are cupcakes there. It turns out that the plane took him to the wrong place. In the Arctic, where there are lots of walruses and polar bears, he meets a lot of funny people. There are so many interesting things that animals say to each other that I enjoy. “Do you know where I can get cupcakes?” No, that’s not true. I don’t eat cupcakes because I don’t want to get fat. My third chin gets all the sugar.

This book has a funny story, but there are also short nonfiction stories for kids who want to read them.

A Baby Penguin Story, by Martha E.H. Rustad

Nornally It was a little dull. I love Pebble Plus nonfiction for kids, but this one was a little dull. Still, the photos are great, and the book has a lot of good information in it.

Little Penguin: The Emperor of Antarctica, by Jonathan London

This is one of my favorite books on this list. This is a truly great book. The story is told in a way that gives a lot of good information about how an emperor penguin grows up, which is very interesting. His three had already heard many stories about penguins, but he stayed interested and really liked this one. Yes, it’s a good idea to find one.

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere, by Bob Barner

I didn’t think this rhyming book was very good, but my Three loved the short rhymes and bright pictures. There were extra facts and pictures of penguins from all over the world at the end of the book that I did like, though.

The Penguin and the Pea, by Janet Pearlman

Princess and the Pea is a well-known story about a princess and a pea. When the Prince and Princess spend time together, they fall in love instead of the “love at first sight” thing you see in most fairy tale adaptations. I like that. Plus, there’s just something about seeing a wig on a penguin that makes you feel good. I can’t help but be happy.

Penguin Chick, by Betty Tatham

We loved this book from start to finish. It kept our attention from beginning to end. It was interesting to learn more about emperor penguins in a way that was more like a story than just a list of facts. We were shocked to learn that the father penguin doesn’t even eat for two months! The book talks about how the mother has been out all day getting food for herself and the baby. In the book, it also talks about how the egg grows, and how the baby penguin makes his first trip to the ocean. Definitely worth it!

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