14 Best Books About Perseverance Update 05/2022

Books About Perseverance

It’s important for kids to learn how to deal with problems in order to learn how to have a growth mindset. We learn how to be resilient and strong through failure, disappointment, and the challenges we face. The older I get, the more I realize that this is true. It’s good to start by sharing picture books with characters who have to deal with problems and then get over them. People who have perseverance and a growth mindset should read these books.

You Can Do It, Bert! – Ole Konnecke

You Can Do It, Bert! – Ole Konnecke

Bert is getting ready to fly. Take a risk and try something new in this fun story. Face our fears, whether it’s learning how to fly or something else. It’s good to do this. Sweet pictures and I loved Bert’s friends who were always there for him.

The Most Magnificent Thing – Ashley Spires

My favorite thing to do with this book is to teach critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and perseverance to kids. It’s hard for a little girl to be happy when things don’t go as planned. Then, after she tries for so long, she has a meltdown and quits. When she revisits her plan, thinks about her mistakes, and comes up with a new plan, her “magnificent thing” is finally built. “MMT” (Most Magnificent Thing): I used this book as the base for a school-wide “MMT” project. To read about it, click here.

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do – Ashley Spires

The new book by Ashley Spires came out in the fall, and I was excited to read it. Lou is a girl who likes to be adventurous and think outside the box. She also likes to play with her friends. But when they decide to play pirates and climb a tree, Lou isn’t sure what to do. She doesn’t know how, but she’s afraid to say it. A lot of good advice about trying new things, overcoming fears, and not giving up.

Jabari Jumps – Gaia Cornwall

Every child can think back to the first time they were on the diving board and looked down into the pool. Wonderful: This is a great book about facing your fears and getting over them. Great for making new friends! Page after page is filled with big, clear words and pictures with views from below and above. He had his toes curled around the rough edge of the diving board, and I really liked the view. LOVE!

Rosie Revere, Engineer – Andrea Beaty

Rosie Revere, Engineer – Andrea Beaty

This amazing picture book shows how important it is to fail before you can be truly great. It’s also a great story about how to have good self-esteem. I love this great, smart young person and the rhythm and rhyme of the words in the text. A great read-aloud!

When Sophie Thinks She Can’t… – Molly Bang

One of my favorite books for teaching kids how to deal with their emotions is “When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Angry.” Molly Bang’s book is called “When Sophie Gets Angry.” This new “Sophie” book, “When Sophie Thinks She Can’t…” is a great way to teach your students about “Fixed” and “Growth” mindsets, as well as problem solving and perseverance. A link to math would also be great because Sophie doesn’t like to solve Tangrams.

What Do You Do With a Problem? – Kobi Yamada

A good book to read with your class at the start of the school year to learn about different ways to solve problems. What Do You Do When You Have an Idea? is a great book to read with it. I love the idea that we have the power to turn problems into chances.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain – Stretch it, Shape it! – JoAnn Deak

A non-fiction book about the brain that talks about how important it is to learn new things and make mistakes in order for your brain to grow. The illustrations and the “voice” of the narrator make this book so fun to look at. This book has some scientific words in it, but it’s easy to read and understand, and it tells you that your brain is amazing and that you should learn from your mistakes and challenges. Growth mindset will love this!

Flight School – Lita Judge

Flight School – Lita Judge

Oh my gosh, I love this book about a cute penguin who wants to fly. This is a great message that encourages you to work hard and keep going until you reach your goals. This is a book that everyone should read. It has beautiful illustrations and a lot of humor. This penguin has a lot of strength and a positive attitude.

More-Igami – Dori Kleber

Perseverance. Patience. Practice. Joey, a little boy who likes to fold things, learns that he needs all three “P’s” to get good at making origami cranes. There are instructions on how to make an origami ladybug on the back of the book. Wasn’t sure why it wasn’t instructions for a crane.

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again – Dan Santat

This is one of my favorite books from last year, and it’s a lot of fun to read. After the Fall is beautiful, brilliant, inspiring, and surprising.

It’s a modern retelling of the story, and after Humpty Dumpty’s fall he became afraid of heights, so he doesn’t want to go up there.

I really liked how Humpty Dumpty was put back together after his accident, but he still has to deal with the emotional effects. Great story with a very interesting ending!

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes – Mark Pett

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes – Mark Pett

This book is so cute that it talks about the idea of perfectionism. Such a great book to help kids understand that it’s through our mistakes that we learn and grow. It shows that you’re trying if you make a mistake.

Hana Hashimoto – Sixth Violin – Chieri Uegaki

Lots to love about this book! It’s a story of perseverance, creativity, and courage; an intergenerational story about how special our grandparents are; a great anchor book for making connections to family; and a great mentor text for writing descriptions and similes. WOW! It’s a great book!

If I Had My Black Belt – Millicent J. Mackeroy

A young girl thinks about what it will be like when she gets her black belt in Taekwondo. Because her fantasies of grandeur are so fun to watch, she reminds herself of how hard and long it took to get her belt at the end of the show. There are so many things I love about this brand new book, from the message to the illustrations.

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