12 Best Books About Princess Diana Update 05/2022

Books About Princess Diana

Season 4 of The Crown gives a close look at Diana’s life as a member of the Windsor family’s inner circle. You can get more information about Princess Diana by reading books about her, like this one. Princess Diana is different from most of the other characters in The Crown, like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, because she has talked openly about being royal. She was also very honest.

In the early 1990s, Diana told her own story in the headline-making book Diana: Her True Story, in Her Own Words, written by Andrew Morton. It’s possible that some of it was used in the show The Crown. A lot more comes from the book than you think. The people who knew Diana wrote books about their experiences before and after she died. Tina Brown, her butler Paul Burrell, her ex-lover James Hewitt, her housekeeper Wendy Berry, her bodyguard Ken Wharfe, and her former employer Mary Robertson were some of them. Another thing is that novelists write about Diana’s life in fiction, like Untold Story. With the help of picture books, kids can learn about the People’s Princess and her place in history. For example, Who Was Princess Diana?

Here are the best books to read about Princess Diana if you want to get more Crown points.

Diana: Her True Story—in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton


Diana Her True Story—in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton

Her fame made her a household name, but she was not able to say what was on her mind. When she went on the record in this book, she secretly recorded herself on tapes that were sent to Andrew Morton through a go-between. That changed when this book came out. Forever, this book changed how the world saw Diana and the royal family. It was very honest and raw. Start with Morton’s book to get the real Diana. Then read Tina Brown’s lively biography to learn more about what Diana said in that 1992 book.

The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown

Ten years after Diana died, the definitive biography of her came out. It was based on 250 interviews with people who knew her best, and it was written by people who knew her the best. When Tina Brown, who was the editor of Tatler and Vanity Fair, wrote the book, she used her wit and attention to style to make it fun. The Diana Chronicles is full of Brown’s knowledge of both how the royal family and the media in the United Kingdom work and how they work together. It’s a pleasure to read. Sparkly and lively, it’s the perfect companion for the Crown.

Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs

Putting a little Diana in your coffee table will make it look more like her. In this National Geographic book, 100 of the most famous photos of the famous person are shown. They show her from when she was a child to when she was married to Prince William and Prince Harry. Tina Brown, the author of The Diana Chronicles, talks about the book in it. This makes it a great companion piece.

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret by Inspector Ken Wharfe

Ken Wharfe was paid to watch Diana go through highs and lows because he did it for a living. In the past, Wharfe has been Diana’s bodyguard for a very long time. As a balanced biography, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret is made up of little bits of information about the way Diana lived her daily life. For a “fly on the wall” look at Diana’s stressful years in Buckingham Palace, read Wharfe’s book. It’s heartfelt but also well written.

The Diana I Knew by Mary Robertson

The Diana I Knew by Mary Robertson

It was when Diana Spencer was an 18-year-old high school dropout who lived in London and worked as a babysitter for Mary Robertson’s young son, Patrick. A card that Diana accidentally left behind led Robertson to find out that she was aristocratic. She had paid her £5 an hour. The American businesswoman and the girl who would become a princess had a long-term friendship. This biography gives a new, behind-the-scenes look at Diana’s childhood and the things she kept even as her life changed.

Diana: Finally, the Complete Story by Sarah Bradford

Sarah Bradford has made a career out of writing interesting stories about some of the world’s most interesting, but also closed-off, people: the royals. Her books about Princess Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and Diana have been read by a lot of people. Diana: It also does what the title says: It gives a fair and chronological look at Diana’s life. Brown’s biography isn’t going to be as colorful as The Crown, but it will be a good source of information.

Who Was Princess Diana? by Ellen Labrecque

Introduce young people to Princess Diana through this short chapter book. It’s time to keep up the royal theme with a book about Queen Elizabeth I from the same series!

Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess by Sally Bedell Smith

She had a rough time in life, as shown by the show “Crown.” The show, on the other hand, skips over some difficult parts, like how she was raised alone after her parents split up. Sally Bedell Smith’s biography talks about Diana’s struggles and her victories. The biography, on the other hand, isn’t entirely sympathetic to Diana. It places her in the whole royal ecosystem.

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

The butler Paul Burrell worked for Princess Diana for 10 years, when she was married to Prince Charles and in the years after. This gave him a unique view of her personality. Tina Brown called Burrell the “maître d’ of [Diana’s] private life.” He played the roles of P.A., man Friday, driver, delivery boy, confidant, crying towel, and so on. To make you cry, Burrell shows how Diana was kind and charming in her every-day life in this heartwarming story. Find out what it was like to work for Princess Di by reading this book with Ken Wharfe’s book, “A Closely Guarded Secret,” and then read both.

The Day Diana Died by Christopher Andersen

Her boyfriend, Dodi Al Fayed, and the car’s driver were also killed in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. If you want to know what happened before and after Diana died, read The Day Diana Died. It’s a detailed look at what happened and what happened after.

Untold Story by Monica Ali

In the event that Princess Diana had been killed in a car accident, what would she have done next? This is a book about changing history, like Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld. It’s a thought-provoking page-turner that tells the story you might have wished The Crown would have told, but didn’t.

DK Biography: Princess Diana: A Photographic Story of a Life by Joanne Mattern

People all over the world saw Diana’s life in pictures. She was one of the most well-known women. Readers of all ages can get to know Diana through these photos and the captions that go with them. Don’t worry, there will be no drama in this book.

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