15 Best Books About Prostitution Update 05/2022

As one of the oldest jobs in the world, prostitution is thought to be one of the oldest jobs in the world This fascinating job has been around for a long time and will never go away. There’s a lot to learn about this fascinating job. This is a list of 20 books about the history of prostitution. This collection is very broad and should be interesting to anyone who is interested in prostitution and sexuality through the ages. These books will help you learn more about prostitution.

History of Prostitution In the World

A Curious History of Sex

In the best book about prostitution’s history, a well-known person in the sex work field wrote it. Dr. Kate Lister is a university lecturer, a researcher on the history of sex work, and the owner of the popular Whores or Yore Twitter account. She gives the reader a well-referenced and fun history of sexual practices, body parts, and sex in general. A very funny and well-written book! It’s good for anyone who wants to learn about sex.

As part of our audio tours in Amsterdam, Kate Lister also talks about sex work, which she knows a lot about. This app has stories from 22 experts, photos, GPS, and a virtual guide. It also tells you how to get around. This audio tour can also be used to read a book at home.

Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work

It says that sex workers play the whore, which is a way to say they play a certain kind of role. They need to be some kind of actor or actress to do this job well. De hoer spelen, or “the hoer play,” used to be a common Dutch phrase. Translated: Playing the whore, as in

Police and anti-prostitution feminists are writing a book about how some of the things they want to do don’t work. It’s not very interesting to people who already know a lot about this subject. It does, however, make a great short summary. It has a lot of good ideas for more reading.

Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry

A book for people who think prostitution is easy money, and for people who do the work and need help. She wrote this self-help book for people who work in the field of sexual and erotic entertainment. Lola Davina was a stripper, escort, and porn actress in the past. In her book, she gives the reader good advice on how to deal with the unique emotional toll that comes with sex work. On the history of prostitution, this book is one of those that is still relevant to this day.

Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships

This book on the history of prostitution is number four on this list. It’s both fun and interesting. It gives a very quick and interesting look at gender roles and sexuality from long ago to today. Conventional wisdoms are questioned, and the standard theories that most experts believe in are found to be flawed in a big way.

The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS

When Elizabeth Pisani started writing, she was an epidemiologist. She has been studying and working on the fight against AIDS for the last 14 years. They write about how bad the current research field is and how hard it is for government money to go to prostitutes, drug users, and gay men who need it the most. No holds barred: This book will make you think again about everything you know about the HIV virus.

Erotic Exchanges: The World of Elite Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century Paris

If you want to learn about elite prostitution in Paris in the 1800s, Nina Kushner’s book is for you! Many of the prostitutes and their clients were kept track of by the Parisian police in those days. This is a well-written and easy-to-read piece of academic work. On the history of prostitution, this is one of the best books out there to read.

History of Prostitution in the Netherlands

And now, some great books about the history of prostitution in the Netherlands and the city of Amsterdam, which became a city in 1275. In this port city, prostitution has been around for a long time. Illegal and kept from the public, but it’s still illegal. As well as legal and out in the open, of course.

When Sex Becomes Work: Everything that everyone should know about sex work

Mariska Majoor, a former prostitute, is the founder of the Prostitution Information Center and one of the most well-known sex workers in Amsterdam. A member of the royal Dutch family even made this woman a knight in honor of her. Mariska is without a doubt one of the best people in the country who know a lot about prostitution. She has worked in this field for more than 30 years. Maria Major is in front of the Prostitution Information Center that she started, and she looks very happy.

This book is not just a guide for people who work with sex. It also gives great information to people who want to learn more about one of the oldest jobs in the world and the Amsterdam Red Light District. In the Amsterdam Audio Tour app, Mariska Majoor is one of the 22 people who can help you learn about the city. In it, she talks about sex work in Amsterdam more in depth. Here’s a quote from Mariska: It was hard for me to answer the question, “What did you do before?” because I used to be a sex worker myself. Being open about your life as a sex worker when you know people don’t like it is hard. Changing that thought would make it easier for people to accept people who work in the sex industry. It was because of this that I started the Prostitution Information Center in 1994, and I’ve been running it ever since.

The Amsterdam Diaries: Kiss and tell tales from the Red Light District

Marcus Segretto wrote a unique book about his experiences in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, which started out as a blog about what it was like to be a customer there. He wanted to show a different way of looking at the way people think about prostitution. When he wrote about how he went to see the sex workers in Amsterdam, his blog was read by more than a million people. They told him to put his blog in book form, which he did. Many books have been written about prostitution, but there aren’t many that talk about how the clients feel and what they think. Because of this, this is one of the must-have books on the history of prostitution.

Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business

Prostitution has never been a socially acceptable job, but in the last decade, the world’s oldest profession has been getting more attention from both Christian and feminist groups who want to stop it. Legalizing prostitution gives you a good overview of the field right now. The author, Weitzer, writes from an American point of view and uses information from European countries like the Netherlands and Germany to show the reader how to do things differently when it comes to prostitution in the United States. What comes out at the end is a list of “best practices.”

History of Prostitution in America

To make this list even better, we’ve also included five of the best books about the history of prostitution in the United States.

Upstairs Girls: Prostitution in the American West

I think that prostitution is one of the most interesting parts of the American west story. These women who worked for money in the American west will be shown in this book. Because these women turned to prostitution, you’ll also learn about the business side of their work, like how they compete with other prostitutes, where they work, and how they market their business.

Love for Sale: Courting, Treating, and Prostitution in New York City, 1900-1945

Author Elizabeth Alice Clement looks at both sexual and moral changes in New York in the first 50 years of the 20th century with a lot of attention to detail. Even though it’s a book about math, it was still fun and educational.

Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women

A great book about the sex work industry in Nevada, United States, is Alexa Albert’s. It gives a good look at the industry on its own. On the history of prostitution, this book is based on a long, six-year study. It gives an honest look at how the sex industry isn’t always what people think. It shows what happens to people behind that veil.

Madam: Inside a Nevada Brothel

Lora Shaner takes you on a deep dive into the life inside a Nevada brothel, so you can see how people live there. It’s a great study of all the different personalities of the people who work and go to the brothel. It’s good for anyone who wants to get a sense of what it’s like to live in a legal Nevada brothel. It costs less than five dollars to read this book about the history of prostitution, and it’s one of the most cheap.

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