12 Best Books About Puberty Update 05/2022

50% of marriages end in divorce, so the end of their parents’ relationship is something many kids have been through before. Divorce is a difficult time for a child, whether the process is simple or complicated. It can bring up complicated feelings and change a child’s daily routines as a result of custody arrangements and the family finding a new normal. Fortunately, there are a lot of good books for kids about divorce that can help younger kids deal with the realities of divorce and come to terms with the changes in their lives.

My Family’s Changing: A First Look at Family Break Up by Pat Thomas

To read this picture book with your kids is a great way to talk about what divorce means for your family and how you can adapt to new ways of living. It’s a good book because it shows the truth about divorce in a clear and simple way. It will help children know that their experiences aren’t unique.

Mum and Dad Glue by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish

A lot of kids think that it’s their job to “fix” their parents’ relationship when they split up or get married. Mum and Dad Glue is a book for kids that talks about this common impulse to try to fix their parents’ relationship. It emphasizes to the kids that the divorce is not their fault, that they can’t fix their parents’ relationship, and that it’s not their job to do so. They and their parents will be fine as life moves on.

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

This book is a great guide for the first few days after a divorce because it has cute dinosaur characters that kids will find fun and interesting. There are many things that a child learns from this book: how to talk to friends about their parents’ divorce and how to live in two different homes, and how to adapt to a mixed family.

Two Homes by Claire Masurel and Kady MacDonald Denton

This sweet and simple story is about Alex, whose parents recently split up. It shows that even though the two homes are very different, Alex is loved in both of them. This book was written by the author in response to a question from a child she knew. It is a sensitive and thoughtful introduction to the subject of parents living apart.

Red Leaves by Sita Brahmachari

Red Leaves is a chapter book that talks about three people who have had to deal with a lot of different kinds of loss and change. It also talks about how the three main characters have a lot in common. Zak, whose parents have recently split up, moves to a new street. He meets Aisha, who is in foster care, and Red, who is living on the streets.

Living with Mum and Living with Dad: My Two Homes by Melanie Walsh

Another book about parents living apart looks at divorce in a simple and effective way, and it’s a great way to start talking about divorce with very young kids. In this book, the illustrations are very cute and bright, and the lift-the-flap format makes it fun to read.

Booked by Kwame Alexander

Poetry-loving kids will start reading this book right away. It’s about a young football player named Nick who has to deal with his parents’ separation, bullies at school, and an injury that could stop him from playing the sport he loves. Booked is a great book for older kids and young teens because it’s a candid and honest look at a difficult time in the protagonist’s life that many people will be able to understand.

Two Naomis by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and Audrey Vernick

Two Naomis is a book for kids who can read on their own. It talks about another common thing for kids whose parents split up: blended families and how to deal with new stepsiblings. Because their parents are dating, Naomi Marie and Naomi Edith don’t like each other. They have to spend time together and learn to like each other.

When Parents Separate by Dawn Hewitt and Ximena Jeria

This picture book is part of a series called “Questions and Feelings About.” It was made with the help of a mental health and emotional well-being charity called CHUMS to help parents and kids talk about the child’s feelings about divorce. When Parents Separate is a great book for dealing with the psychological challenges of divorce. It focuses mostly on processing new and uncomfortable feelings.

Divorce Is Not the End of the World by Zoe and Evan Stern With Ellen Sue Stern

This guide for middle grade kids was written by teen siblings after their parents split up. It’s a good resource for dealing with the practicalities of having two parents (like living in two houses and dealing with birthdays and other events), as well as dealing with the emotions that come up after a divorce. Children will be able to relate to a book written by people who think like they do. Divorce Isn’t the End of the World will help children deal with this new situation.

My Body Sends a Signal: Helping Kids Recognize Emotions and Express Feelings by Natalia Maguire and Anastasia Zababashkina

As a side note, My Body Sends a Signal is great to read with any of the other books on this list. Learning how your body tells you when you’re unhappy, afraid, or panicked can be very helpful for kids who are going through a recent divorce. Children and adults may not always be aware of or fully in touch with all the subtleties of their emotions.

The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls by Valorie Schaefer, illustrated by Josee Masse

At the same time that I was trying to get rid of everything American Girl, our pediatrician recommended The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls to our then 9-year-old daughter. She loved the book. “Wait a minute. Really?!” I looked at her and said. She smiled back, and it was real. As a child, it might have been better for me to roll my eyes than as an old woman.

That said, I was surprised by how well the book was received by the people who read it. I I found it a few months later, stuffed in a drawer with sticky notes all over it. This first book is for girls who are at the beginning of the pre-pubescent range, ages 8 and up. It covers everything from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods to pimples, and everything in between. For girls who are 10 and older, there’s The Care and Keeping of You 2. This book talks more about periods, puberty, and peer pressure, but from a very safe and clean point of view, so it’s not scary at all. (Sex and sexuality aren’t talked about very much.) If American Girl is a big motivator in your home, there are a lot of other books that deal with other things that this age group is interested in, like “Is This Normal?” and “The Feelings Book.”

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