7 Best Books About Respect Update 05/2022

Today, I’m going to show you some books about respect because it’s the word of the week in my series on how to build up your character. Unknown to this series? As part of my Meaningful Mama tour, I’d love for you to read more about it. This year, I’m going to add some literature to the show. Reading is another way we can help our kids become more like the people they want to be. This week, we talk about RESPECT.

The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)by Stan Berenstain 

It’s a book that we own. We love the Berenstain Bears around here. They always have a life lesson and often talk about how characters grow. This story is the same. Why do we respect our elders is the main thing this book talks about when it comes to respect. We were able to talk to the kids about how we respect our grandparents, parents, teachers, and other trusted adults because they’ve been alive longer and have more experience than we do, which makes us respect them even more.

Respect (Wonder Books: Level 3 Values)by Kathryn Kyle 

Find: I found this book at our library. What I like about books like this is that they are very clear. Even though it isn’t a story, it gives very practical advice about how to show respect. This book talks about how we show respect to others, our world, our things, our parents, our class, and our country. It also talks about how we show respect to ourselves. It gives a lot of examples of how to show respect in a lot of different ways.

The First Forest by John Gile 

People at our library found this book interesting. The author tells a story like an Aesop fable to make his point. “The First Forest” tells us that greed and selfishness are bad, and that peace and harmony come from an attitude of grateful appreciation for the gifts we get and a respect for the need and right of others to share in those gifts, too. This story explains why some trees stay green all winter while other trees lose their leaves in the winter. Because they wanted to grow bigger and better than other trees, the trees that lose their leaves in the winter are being punished. They shoved other trees away and were mean. Those trees that have personalities of their own are shown in beautiful pictures in this book. Your mind works to figure out what life lessons can be learned from these trees.

Respect Counts (Character Counts)by Marie Bender 

This is another book I found at the library that really explains what respect means in a lot of different ways. Family, friends and school are all important. They should be treated with respect. We should also treat ourselves and our elders with respect. Trying to understand people even if their beliefs or opinions are different from our own is a way to show that we care about them, even if we disagree with them. If we don’t agree, we need to show respect by listening and talking about our differences in a way that isn’t going to make things worse. Because not everyone looks, thinks, or feels like you, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They’re just different from each other. There are some things I agree with in this statement. However, I have to disagree with that statement in a world where everything is subjective and there is no absolute right or wrong. In the book, it said that not everyone has to agree with everything. I believe there are some things that are true, and I don’t think that some people are wrong. No one can be right because logically, it does not make sense to have different views. There is no doubt in my mind that we need to talk about these disagreements with complete respect and a general sense of love. We don’t try to force people to believe what we think. Instead, we live a life of sacrifice and love as we seek the truth.

Respect (Values) by Kimberley Jane Pryor 

Other books on this list are educational, and this one is too. It talks about what respect is, what it looks like in our world, and how it works. Children will find it useful because it gives them specifics and answers that are clear.

Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curis and Laura Cornell 

It’s cute, even though this book isn’t about respect. It does, however, get to the point that respect is one of the most important words to learn. Big words that kids will learn in this world are shown in a poetic way with brightly colored pictures. People who show respect to others use words such as “privacy,” “cooperate,” “appropriate,” “patient,” “considerate,” and “accepting others as they are,” to do this. There are some words that don’t connect so well. A lot of things lead up to the point that she likes family, respect, and love the best. If you look at any of my character development lessons, you’ll see that this book fits in with a lot of them. I thought it would be good to bring this book in this week. I think you’ll like this book because it’s so bright and fun. It has a rhythm, great pictures, and a different way of thinking about how to learn new words.

Jackie’s Bat by Marybeth Lorbiecki 

You know what? This book made me cry a lot. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is coming up, so I read this book. I am going to tell you a story about Jackie Robinson right now. When Jackie played in the Major Leagues, she was the first African-American to do so, too. Little white boy: The Dodgers’ bat-boy told this story. It shows you how he went from being racist to learning to treat people no matter what their skin color is. It gives a quick look at what Jackie Robinson’s experience was like when he went into an all-white place. Because they were the first to attend a white school, not stand up on the bus, and fight for all people’s rights, I admire them. Our kids need to learn how to treat people from all walks of life. The fact that my kids are color-blind as far as people made it hard for me to teach them about these things. No one has ever noticed that there are a lot of different skin tones or asked questions about them. There are times when I wonder if we start to separate on our own. I also know that we learn from the past. As long as it isn’t taught, we can easily do the same things we did before. This book is a good way to talk about how important it is to treat people with respect because God made them all individually.

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