10 Best Books About Royalty Update 05/2022

Books About Royalty

Were you amazed when Will and Kate married? Do you keep up with all the news about Harry and Meghan, or do you not care? Or do you want to be taken away by a prince from another country. Is this true? If so, these books about royalty are for you!

This list of books about royalty includes both books that are based on real-life royalty and books that make up their own royalty. Some of them are based on the British royal family. Some people think of an American monarchy. King, queen, prince, and princess stories are all there for you to read. Get your fill of royal books right now!

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin


This list of books about royalty starts with a historical fiction book. Goodwin takes ideas from Queen Victoria’s own diary to write this novel.

Victoria was just 18 years old when she was thrust into the role of Queen by accident. Her strong rule was clear from the start. Check out this version of Victoria’s life as a monarch and her relationship with Prince Albert, which is one of the most famous in history.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

This was my first Gregory book, and it’s still one of my favorite books to read ever! King Henry VIII has two sisters who show up at his court. Anne and Mary Boleyn are Anne and Mary. In Mary’s case, the King likes her. Anne is more ambitious, though. It becomes more and more clear to Mary that her life is just a tool in her family’s plans. She starts to make decisions for herself and the future that she wants for herself.

When it comes to books about royalty, Gregory is the queen of them all. You can read any of her books, and you’re sure to be enthralled.

The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

There are a lot of books about royalty that are based on the current British royal family. The first one is called The Heir and the Spare. Evie has been enrolled at Oxford University thanks to her late mother. She wants to make the most of her time there and enjoy it.

When she falls in love with Edmund, who is second in line to the throne of England, she doesn’t know that he is in charge. This is how they learn that Evie’s mom had a secret of her own that she didn’t tell anyone else about.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

If you love Will and Kate, you must read this! The Royal We is very much about their relationship, and it’s a great show for people who like the British royal family. Bex is an American who meets Nick at Oxford and learns that he is the heir to the throne. In love: She may not be able to deal with his demanding family or royal responsibilities.

The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

People who read The Royal We will be brought back into the lives of Bex and Nick in the next book. In case you haven’t read The Royal We and don’t want to be spoiled, I won’t say too much about this one. Because I loved the first book so much, I think this will be a hit!

The Royals Next Door by Karina Halle

This new book on the list of royal reads is perfect for fans of Harry and Meghan because it has two characters who look a lot like them. It turns out that Piper, the local elementary school teacher, lives right next door to the younger heir to the throne and his bride.

A security guard is rude to her as she walks home from work one day. She’s sure he’s hot. Life on the island starts to fall apart when the royals show up. Piper can’t seem to stop having run-ins with their guard.

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Prince Sebastian has a secret. To keep his family busy during the day, he dresses up as Lady Crystallia and goes out to look for his bride at night When he goes by the name of this other person, he makes Paris fall in love with him. Sebastian’s best friend, Frances, makes all of his clothes for him. That’s because she doesn’t want to tell anyone about him, so she can’t show that these designs are hers. In this graphic novel, there is a story that is unique and important for people of all ages to read.

American Royals by Katharine McGee

This most recent royal reads release was a huge hit with people. I ate it in a few days. This book reimagines the United States with a royal family. He was crowned King after he won the Revolutionary War. His descendants have been in charge ever since. The current members of the family are Beatrice, Jefferson, and Samantha. There is a lot of drama, intrigue, love, and heartbreak in this book.

Majesty by Katharine McGee

Majesty by Katharine McGee

This is one of the few sequels that live up to the first one! Right where the cliffhanger left off, the story of the American royal family picks up right where it did. As in the first book, the story is told through the eyes of all the important people. When the duology was over, I thought this was a great way to wrap up most of the story while leaving a few things up to the imagination.

The Selection by Keira Cass

If you’re into dystopian YA books, this is the first in a five-book series that will keep you up at night. In The Selection, 35 girls are competing to win the heart of Prince Maxon, who is in love with one of them. Getting chosen isn’t what America Singer wants at all. In the past, she’s already given her heart to a boy who is in a caste below her. She doesn’t like anything about the palace, even the Prince.

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