10 Best Books About Tea Update 05/2022

There’s nothing better than reading a book and having a hot drink. Making tea and reading books about it, of course! To get you started on your study of tea, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite books about tea. A modern scientist wrote Tea: A Nerd’s Eye View about tea and how it works, and it’s on this list of books for people who love reading. There are books about tea education, recipes, stories, and fun facts in this list. It’s time to kick back, enjoy some tea, and add some new books to your list!

All at once…

The Story of Tea by Mary Lou Heiss & Robert J. Heiss

The history of tea and how to brew it are both covered in this book, and we think it’s great.

The Story of Tea starts with a trip down the tea trail. It then talks about the history of tea and the customs and crafts that go with it. The authors are very good at explaining the many layers of modern and historic tea facts and lore. They also cover 30 of the most important types of tea, with specific brewing and processing methods for each.

The Harney & Sons Guide to Tea, by Michael Harney, is another book about tea.

We love it because: For the most part, it’s like taking a class on how to taste tea in book form!

This book was written by Michael Harney, the son of the founder of Harney & Sons, John Harney. It talks about a lot of different types of tea and gives detailed instructions on how to brew and taste them. Each cup of tea comes with a short story from the author about where the tea comes from, how it’s made, and where the author has traveled. Harney & Sons is one of the most well-known tea companies in the United States, and the personal touches the author has added show how the American specialty tea industry came to be.

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo

Why we love it: It’s a classic tea book with a few nods to Taoism and Zen.

One of the most well-known books about tea, this one is still relevant today as when it was written more than 100 years ago. You can read about the history of Japanese tea and the tea ceremony in The Book of Tea, which was first published in 1906. It’s also a philosophical and historical book that talks about Taoism and Zen, as well as Japanese aesthetics and architecture. It also uses tea as a way to show how the East and West are both similar but also different at the same time.

Tea: A Nerd’s Eye View by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace, MD

Why we love it: It is a scientific approach to tea tasting!

This book is written by a doctor who has a lot of love for tea. It takes a scientific look at tea. It talks about the biological and chemical reasons why we have a sense of taste, and how and why growing conditions, processing, and brewing methods can change how we feel. The author, a self-described “tea nerd,” has a wonderful sense of humor that she weaves into each chapter. A new way to learn about tea!

Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties by Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand, Jasmin Desharnais & Hugo Americi

The perfect “tea table” book because it’s both very educational and very beautiful at the same time.

A beautiful and detailed guide to the world’s different types of tea. “Coffee table” book” It was written by the owners of one of the best-known tea shops in North America, Camellia Sinensis, in Montreal. It gives you advice on how to get the most out of your cup. It has something for everyone, from people who have never had tea before to people who have studied it for years. It even has recipes from some of the world’s best chefs for people who want to cook with tea.

Tea Dictionary by James Norwood Pratt

We love it because of the name!

James Norwood Pratt is a well-known tea expert, and this is his second guide to tea. It has everything you need to know. It’s a complete list of terms used in the tea industry, with pronunciation guides, helpful images, timelines, and maps. Pratt is one of the people who started the specialty tea business in the United States. This book is a must-have for any tea fan’s bookshelf.

Mission in a Bottle by Seth Goldman & Barry Nalebuff

Why we love it: It’s a beautiful-looking comic book.

This book was written by the co-founders of Honest Tea. It tells the story of how a tea business started. It shows the realities of running and growing a tea business in a way that is both visually and textually appealing. It also helps the reader learn more about the industry as a whole. One of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West by Beatrice Hohenegger

Why we love it: It’s a good book for anyone who wants to learn more about tea.

A well-organized, well-written, and well-balanced look at tea from a historical, cultural, and botanical point of view. This book is for people who love tea, no matter how long they’ve been drinking it or how new they are to the world of tea. It’s a fact-based book, but it reads like a novel and keeps you interested until the very end.

For All the Tea in China by Sarah Rose

Why we love it: It’s a fast-paced political tea drama.

The true story of botanist Robert Fortune and how he successfully stole tea from China for the British Empire in the 1800s. This one has it all: action, history, political drama, intrigue, and science, to name a few things. A must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about how tea has shaped global geopolitics.

Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold & Lise Stern

There are a lot of recipes that use tea.

Calling all tea and food lovers! Learn how to take your tea game “up a notch.” You can start cooking with your leaves. This book has recipes for everything from starters and main dishes to desserts and cocktails. We like how easy it is to follow and how beautiful the photos are.

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