9 Best Books About The Wild West Update 05/2022

The Wild West in the United States is made up of outlaw cowboys who go into the unexplored parts of our country. In time, as more and more land was discovered, life began to take shape. With that, stories from the frontier came to life, too. These frontier stories talk about the bravery, dedication, and grit that many people had to have in order to live in our rough western land. The seven stories about the wild frontier that follow show how men and women risked their lives to stay alive during this wave of expansion.

West by Carys Davies

The title tells you where this story will take you: into the West. When Cy Bellman hears that the bones of huge animals have been found in Kentucky, he quits his job right away to see for himself if giant monsters are still alive and roaming the earth. In the wilderness, Cy leaves his sister and daughter, Bess, with his mother and goes on an exciting trek. Bess is back in Pennsylvania, and she can’t wait to get her father’s letters. She looks at maps to see where he’s going. It gets more and more eerie as Bellman moves deeper into the American wilderness.

Twin Of Fire by Jude Deveraux

Follow the adventures of twin sisters who live on the edge of the world. Blair, who is very angry and wants to be a doctor, falls in love with her sister Houston’s fiance. Blair earned her medical degree in a man’s world, which shows that she is both independent and proud. She is also devious in her search for her sister’s boyfriend. Even after Blair gets Lee Westfield to fall in love with him, there are still a lot of mysteries. The next morning, Lee is so tired and haunted that he can’t get out of bed. Blair’s life could be in danger because of his silence.

The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy

There is a wagon train that is on fire. Trace Riley comes across it and saves Deborah Harkness, her sister, and two young children. But this destruction was not an accident. It looks a lot like an attack that left Trace the only person alive on this trail years ago. Before, Trace has lived in the woods, where he thinks he is the “guardian of the trail.” Trace realizes that threats from the group that did the attack are still very real after seeing this horrible scene. To keep Deborah and her group safe until they’re ready to move on, Trace gives them his house. Soon enough, Trace and Deborah become more and more close as they work to protect and bring justice to the trail they are on. Deborah thinks about what she’ll do when her time in the mountains is over as the days go by and winter turns to spring.

Frontier America by William W. Johnstone

He is the father of a Crow tribesman. In FRONTIER AMERICA, Preacher just wants everyone to live together peacefully. Even though Jamie Ian MacCallister is trying to make peace, there is still bloodshed between the two groups. They have to come together or fight to the death on the frontier.

Inland by Téa Obreht

It’s been a long time since Nora has seen her husband and older sons. He has gone to look for water, and they ran away after an argument. During this time, Nora waits with her youngest son, who thinks there is a mysterious beast in the land around their home. Suspense and surprise take hold when Nora’s life meets up with that of Lurie, an ex-outlaw who is still haunted by the fact that he can see ghosts! This mythical and well-written book takes place in drought-stricken lands.

News of the World by Paulette Jiles

People who want to hear about the world can follow Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd as he drives across northern Texas. During these trips, the captain is asked to help a young orphan get to her family in San Antonio in exchange for money. When the two people set off on their four hundred mile journey south through uninhabited land, it is both difficult and dangerous. Then, as the two people keep going, they start to trust each other and form a bond that they didn’t expect to happen. In San Antonio, the captain is faced with a choice: give the girl to a family that doesn’t want her or risk being caught by the law by hiding her.

O Pioneers! by Willa Cather

It’s a story about a family of Swedish immigrants called the Bergsons who live in Nebraska at the beginning of the 20th century. They live in the farm country near Hanover. When Alexandra Bergson’s father dies, she gets the farm. During this time, many immigrant families are giving up farming and leaving the prairie. Alexandra, on the other hand, is determined to keep her family farm.

A Wild West History of Frontier Colorado: Pioneers, Gunslingers & Cattle Kings on the Eastern Plains by Jolie Anderson Gallagher

Jolie Anderson’s book, which has been nominated for an award, talks about the early frontier history of Colorado’s plains. It also looks at some of the state’s early pioneers, like the “59ers,” who used travel guides and newspapers to promote the state, exaggerating stories of gold and even giving out inaccurate maps to encourage people to move to the plains. They also talk about feuds, Indian fights, outlaws, early rodeo history and the dangers of living or traveling on some major gold routes. This collection of wild west tales also talks about early rodeo history. These stories and events give a glimpse into the state’s early history. It’s here!

Calamity Jane and Her Siblings: The Saga of Lena and Elijah Canary by Jan Cerney

Calamity Jane’s name brings to mind images of buckskins, bull whips, and dance halls. But there’s more to the woman than the legend she became. Her birth name is Martha Canary. When she was a child, all of her siblings were taken in by people. Her family tried to get back in touch with her after she left them. At the same time, though, she became Calamity Jane. Soon, her own flaws and the choices of her siblings made the whole thing pointless. In her book, Calamity, author Jan Cerney talks about the Canary family, which is often left out of the Calamity canon. Elijah stole horses, and Lena didn’t believe Martha’s stories.

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