8 Best Books About Trump Update 05/2022

Since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States on November 8, 2016, few topics have dominated American discourse. Compared to the attention given to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, Donald Trump has been compared to that of that time period. There’s no way to compare Trump to anybody else, in my opinion. With no sign of slowing down, he is the subject of an ever-expanding library of books and articles in the media. Here are a total of 21 books about Donald Trump that I’ve compiled. alphabetical order within the top five, and then alphabetically within the rest of them.

A Warning By Anonymous, A Senior Trump Administration Official (2019)

In A Warning, the same “Senior Trump Administration Official” who famously wrote a disturbing Op-Ed in the New York Times (“I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” September 5, 2018) has pulled out all the stops. Even his latest book reads like some of the most dystopian language that has been used by Democrats in the past. The unnamed White House Republican who penned this book expresses concern that Donald Trump’s reelection would result in a conflict that might cost tens of thousands of deaths, if not millions, of Americans’ lives.

It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What The Trump Administration Is Doing To America By David Cay Johnston (2018)

A large number of books I’ve read about Donald Trump focus solely on the man himself, his relationships with those in the White House, and his outlandish behavior. The book by David Cay Johnston is a departure from the norm. All of Trump’s erratic behavior and insults are mentioned. The story’s protagonist is unquestionably him. On top of all of that, What the Trump Administration is Doing to America highlights the policies Trump has advocated and the people he’s appointed to high-level positions in the government. The image shown here is heartbreaking. His termites are “political termites,” he says.

“The Trump administration is unlike anything that came before, a presidency predicated on explicit public scorn for Constitutional norms,” writes Johnston at the beginning.

The Fifth Risk By Michael Lewis (2018)

There is widespread popular concern that Donald Trump would either ignite a nuclear war or will end human civilization as we know it if he refuses to recognise climate change as a genuine and present danger. Trump’s appointments of untrained and disinterested persons to critical posts in the federal government pose a range of additional, less well-known hazards, according to Michael Lewis.

How Fascism Works: The Politics Of Us And Them By Jason Stanley (2018)

Let’s not play games. Populism is a term that the media and commentators have coined recently, while historians in Europe are more acquainted with the term. Fascism is what we’re seeing here. And it’s far past time for the United States to accept this. The Trump Administration’s policies do not, however, constitute full-blown fascism of the kind seen in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Imperial Japan during the Second World War. Fascist-inspired political methods and procedures are being used by Donald Trump and his equivalents in nations such as Brazil, Hungary, Italy, and Poland, as well as the United States.

Peril By Bob Woodward And Robert Costa (2021)

Authors who have a bone to grind or a reputation to repair are behind many of the thousands of books about Donald Trump that have appeared in recent years—Amazon counts more than 30,000. Bob Woodward’s recent book, Peril, a collaboration with fellow Washington Post writer Robert Costa, does not follow this pattern. They also don’t repeat Trump’s four years in the White House in the Trump-Biden transition tale. Instead, it is a journalistic account of the hazardous period between November 3, 2020 and the summer of 2021, when the 45th president departed office and the 46th was inaugurated. Right-wing Republicans who were vocal supporters of the Trump administration are the primary sources used by the writers to characterize Trump’s White House.

Nightmare Scenario: Inside The Trump Administration’s Response To The Pandemic That Changed History By Yasmeen Abutaleb And Damian Paletta

The term represents the chaos that erupted in the White House during the pandemic response. Donald Trump and his closest advisors made an increasing number of terribly stupid judgments in 2020. As a case study in public health administration, the tale might be used to highlight the worst conceivable manner for the United States to cope with a pandemic epidemic.

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign By Jonathan Allen And Amie Parnes

In an election that was largely predicted to be Clinton’s, how did she lose? In spite of the overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump was ill-prepared and unfit to serve as president, he nonetheless won the election. Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign is an effort by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, two journalists, to address these concerns. They were able to get an insider’s perspective on the Clinton campaign by allowing the more than 100 people they interviewed to speak “on background,” which allowed them to speak with them before the announcement of Clinton’s candidacy, almost two years before the election (since their comments could not be publicly attributed to them).

Early on, there was trouble. “In 2015, Clintonworld insiders began telling us that Hillary was still trying to describe her motivations for running for president.” Clinton was unable to find a solution to this issue. Allen and Parnes point out that the candidate’s inability to articulate her motivations for running for president was a major factor in her loss. “This was a winnable race for Hillary,” according to the writers. “Her own mistakes—from setting up a contentious private email server to making speeches to Goldman Sachs—gave Donald Trump the chance to win. She failed to persuade them that she was on their side and turned her back on white working-class supporters.”

American Oligarchs: The Kushners, The Trumps, And The Marriage Of Money And Power By Andrea Bernstein

His father was jailed for refusing to leave a Ku Klux Klan event and is now in jail. In addition, the United States Senate and the State of New York launched investigations into his financial dealings, and the Department of Justice brought a civil rights lawsuit against him. To cover up the fact that his son’s father made illegal donations to campaigns, tax evasion, and witness tampering, he served fourteen months in jail. These are the individuals Jared Kushner and Donald Trump look up to. Considering this, is it really any wonder that Trump has shown to be a religious bigot and a racist, and that Kushner has been an unrepentant apologist of his father-in-many law’s crimes? Andrea Bernstein’s recent book on the two families, American Oligarchs, reveals a far darker side to the two families. A fascinating study of the Trumps and Kushners family history is sure to enlighten even those who are already familiar with them.

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