14 Best Books About War Dogs Update 05/2022

Cry Havoc: The History of War Dogs by Nigel Allsopp

A history of military working dogs, as well as the types of dogs that were used. It also has a list of memorials to military working dogs. The book then talks about how military working dogs are used in different parts of the world. Also, there are photos of handlers and military working dogs from all over the world.

Dogs and National Defense by Anna M. Waller, Contracting Officer, Office of the Quartermaster General, for the Purchase of Horses, Mules and Dogs

This book is a history of how dogs were used by the Office of the Quartermaster General over time. It says how many dogs are used, what kind of dogs are used, where the dogs come from, and how they are trained. List of members of the Dogs for Defense, Inc. board of trustees, a list of regional directors for Dogs for Defense, and a short bibliography are also in the book.

The Dogs of War by Lisa Rogak

This book is a great place to start when you want to learn more about military working dogs. It tells the stories of specific dogs, but it also talks about things like the history of military working dogs, their roles, training, gear, veterinary care, life in combat zones, and their lives after they leave the military. Also, there are pictures of MWDs and their handlers.

The Quiet Americans: a History of Military Working Dogs by Tracy L. Tracy L. English

In this short book, we learn about the history of how military working dogs have been used in the United States. The book also has images of military working dogs, ads for them, and a picture of the 341st military working dog training squadron, among other things.

Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage

The author talks about stories about dogs and their owners first. As well, she talks about special ops dogs and tattooing. She also talks about how to buy a dog in Europe and how to train a dog for military work. Also, there are pictures of mwds and their handlers.

War Dogs by Michael Lemish

These are good books about the history of US military dog work, and they’re written well. Also, there are photos.

War Dogs: A history of loyalty and heroism by Michael G. Lemish

This very detailed book is about military dogs that worked in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. It’s a great place to start your research in this field of study. It was the job of the author to write the official history of the Vietnam Dog Handlers’ Association. Photographs, copies of an after-action report, and a sample World War II Canine Discharge Certificate are also in this set.

Navy Seal Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat by Mike Ritland

The author talks about how he trains dogs for special forces teams in the military. He talks about the stories of a few handlers and their dogs. Also, there are photos of military dogs and their handlers.

U. S. Military Working Dog Training Handbook by Department of Defense; Department of Defense Staff

This book by the Department of Defense has a lot of information about how to train military working dogs. It talks about behavior modification, legal issues, kennel facilities, safety, and even administrative record keeping. ch. 7 is called “The Military Working Dog Program.”

Always Faithful: A memoir of the marine dogs of WWII by Captain William W. Putney

The author of this book was in charge of the 3rd War Dog Platoon, and he wrote this book. He became the veterinarian in charge of the War Dog Training School at Camp Lejeune, and he worked there for a while. Marine dogs go through a lot of training before they go to war. This book talks about their journey from training to the Battle of Guam and back to the US. It also talks about setting up a detraining program for all marine war dogs, so they could go back to normal life and live in normal homes. Images and copies of newspaper articles from the author’s hometown are also in this book. It also has copies of documents from the war dog training school, which are also in this book.

Dogs for Defense: American Dogs in the Second World War 1941-1945 by Fairfax Downey

This book was written by the group that started the war dog program in the United States, and it was written by them. The book includes a history of Dogs for Defense, a list of breeds that were allowed in, the training process, stories about specific dogs, and an explanation of how dogs are used to help soldiers who have been injured or sick. In addition to the photos, the Certificate of Incorporation, Constitution, and Bylaws of Dogs for Defense are also included. There is also a bibliography and a list of the organization’s officers and board of trustees. There are also copies of relevant letters and an enlistment application.

A Soldier’s Best Friend by John C. Burnam

In this book, the author talks about how he served and what he saw as a dog handler in Vietnam. All this and more can be found in this book: photographs, a glossary, a discussion of Staff Sergeant Robert W. Hartsock, the only war dog handler to get the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam, and a list of war dogs and war dog handlers who died in action.

Dog Tags of Courage by John C. Burnam

In this book, the author talks about how he served and what he saw as a dog handler in Vietnam. Photos, a map of where the author was stationed, and a discussion of Staff Sergeant Robert W. Hartsock, the only war dog handler to get the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam, are also in the book.

Forever Forward by Mike Lemish

That’s what this book talks about. It talks about how people use dog teams in Vietnam. In the last chapter, there is a very good discussion of what happened after the war ended. This includes the formation of the Vietnam Dog Handler Association, memorial projects, and the laws that deal with military working dogs. A map is also shown. A list of handlers killed in action and a list of killed dogs are also shown.

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