19 Best Books About Werewolves Update 05/2022

Werewolf romance novels are my comfort reads. When I need a book that will make me laugh or get me out of a reading slump, werewolf romances are my first choice. Much of my love for werewolf romance books comes from the “fortuned mates” trope that almost always shows up in these kinds of books. When big bad werewolves can’t love or find a mate, it’s so sexy and sweet. Another reason why werewolf romances are so hot is because the characters’ bodies know that they need to get it on as soon as possible. See? Werewolf books are always good for your mood.

There are some people who don’t like books about werewolves, but there are a lot of people who do. These werewolf books have a huge fan base. The thought of looking for werewolf romance books on the internet made me close to going over the edge. There are a lot of werewolf-themed paranormal romances written each year.

The best werewolf romance books

For people who want to start reading werewolf romance books, or who already know what they like, here are my recommendations for the best werewolf romance books.

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Wolf Signs by Vivian Arend

One of the books in a series called Granite Lake Wolves is called Book 1. All Keil Lynus wanted was a peaceful break before he tried to become Alpha of his Alaskan pack. He didn’t expect to meet his mate or find out that she doesn’t know that she has wolf genes. It’s been a busy week for him. He has to deal with his accident-prone brother, his deaf mate with a bad attitude, and a duel to the death.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Otherworld, Book 1. “Elena has done everything she can to adapt to the human world, but the man whose bite changed her life and his legacy still haunt her.” Elena is thrown into a war for survival that puts her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves to the test. She must decide who and what she is.

Red Wolf  by Jennifer Ashley

Shifters Unbound, Book 10. Jaycee Bordeaux is a spirited leopard Shifter and a fellow tracker. She and Dimitri quickly form a mate bond. Soon, the two are called to infiltrate a rogue group that wants to enslave Shifters. When Dimitri was bullied before, Jaycee tried to protect him. Now, they face a much more dangerous threat that could not only end their people’s lives, but also their love for each other.

No Need Fur Love by Kate Baxter (Part of The Big Alpha in Town)

The move with his pack to the small town of Stanley, Idaho has Owen Courtney on the edge. Without any women around, Owen will be hard-pressed to find a date, much less his true love. People say that when a werewolf walks into a bar, “I’ll bite your neck.”

Last Wolf Standing by Rhyannon Byrd

Book 1 in the series: Bloodrunners Before: Mason Dillinger would have thought it couldn’t happen. That there was even a woman out there who was his ideal match. She’d be in a busy cafe. Yet the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson made him want to claim her in a way that his pack would never allow.

Moonglow by Kristen Callihan

Book 2 in the Darkest London series: Daisy Ellis Craigmore is finally free from her suffocating marriage. She is ready to enjoy the pleasures of life that have been denied her for so long. It turns out that her newfound freedom isn’t going to last long. Strings of unexplained murders have put Daisy in danger and made her look for help from a person she didn’t think she could trust.

Taming her Wolf by Dee Carney

Fire Creek Shifters, Book 1. Disgraced doctor Kim Sharpe wanted Fire Creek to be a place where she could hide from the media and the public. Instead, it turned out to be a place where people saw her.” In the beginning, everything was peaceful. Then a group of wolf-shifters broke into her clinic and demanded that she save the life of one of her pack mates. In fact, when the wolf dies even though Kim tried to save it, she finds herself taking part in a hunt that she can’t stop, led by a man she wants to know more about.

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Book 1 in the series: Parasol Protectorate. “Alexia Tarabotti is having a lot of problems in the social world.” She has no soul. Second, she’s a single woman whose father is both Italian and dead, and she’s never married. In the third place, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all rules of social etiquette. To where? Alexia accidentally kills the vampire, and then Lord Maccon, who is loud, messy, beautiful, and a werewolf, is sent by Queen Victoria to look into it.

Pack Enforcer by Lauren Dane

Cascadia Wolves, Book 1 The Enforcer for the local werewolf pack is Lex Warden, and Nina Reyes knows trouble when she sees it. Lex Warden is nothing but trouble.” It’s no big deal for Nina when her brother gets into trouble with dangerous wolves and comes to her for help. She can handle it. Even though she may have put her grifter past behind her, she still has what it takes. Her body, his scent, and even his domineering nature would not have been so appealing to her.

Protected by Lauren Dane

Books 1 and 2 in the Diablo Lake series Mac can’t help but push Aimee’s buttons. Since they first met, she has always been very attractive. She has fire in her belly, which makes him crave a woman with fire in her belly. “Mac” wants more of her after a fight ends with a kiss that makes him feel like he’s on fire.

The Taming Of the Wolf by Lydia Dare

The Westfield Wolves, Book 4. He is the Earl of Brimsworth, Dashiel Thorpe. He has spent his whole life trying to fight the wolf inside him. Dash can’t do anything when the full moon comes out. They meet Caitrin Macleod on a moonlit night, and Dash’s recklessness leads them both into a nightmare that they will never wake up from.

Lords of the Were by Bianca D’Arc

Tales of the Were, Book 1 “Allie was raised by a family.” A mysterious older woman shows up and invites her to learn more about her birth family, and things take a turn for the weird.

Charming by Dannika Dark

Series: A Seven World Novel Everything a packmaster could want has been found by Prince over the last 700 years. After meeting Nadia Kozlov, he realizes that the only thing he doesn’t have is an answer to his question. A man Prince hasn’t seen in centuries is responsible for his life, and Nadia has the key because that man is her father.

Daring Fate by Megan Erickson

Silver Tip Pack, Book 1 Chained to the wall of a dark cell, I know two things: I didn’t do enough for my sister, and I smell my enemy. When I’m taken to meet Dare, the Alpha of the Silver Tip pack, I think I’m going to die. To be honest, the last thing I think will happen is for the Alpha to see me as his mate. He won’t let me go now.

Enchanted by the Wolf by Michele Hauf

His loyalty to his pack is unwavering, which is why Kirnan Savauterre agrees to a marriage that was set up by his parents. A marriage based on duty soon changes. The mystery of Kir’s bride is very appealing to him. Beatrice is a half-faery, half-vampire, and all the more lovely. The same can’t be said for Bea. She can’t help but fall in love with her new husband.

Changed by Aline Hunter

The Wolf’s Den, Book 2. It’s clear to Declan Schroder that Rachel Gentry is his mate. Besides being strong, clever, and sexy as sin, the hard-as-nails woman is everything the man could want. There’s only one thing that needs to be done. Rachel is a person and is afraid of his kind. In the beginning, she’s very open to his advances, but a rogue werewolf attack could break them apart. Declan knows that he will do anything he can to get Rachel as his own.

Vice by Genevieve Jack

Series: Fireborn Wolves, Book 1 It doesn’t matter what it takes for Laina to protect her pack, even if it means pretending to be an employee at an establishment that doesn’t agree with her feminist ideals.” It turns out that Kyle “The King” Kingsley, the owner of the club, is her vice. This is because her inner wolf sees him as her “metaphysical addiction.” When she meets him, he turns into a hunger that she can’t ignore. It could endanger her life, her family, and her pack.

Moonrise by Ines Johnson

One of the books in the series Moonkind: Book 1. Love at first sight happens when Lucy saves a wolf shifter from certain death. She’s sure he’ll say the same thing when he wakes up from his coma and tells her. Her goal at the emergency room is to stay by his side. She makes it look like she’s his girlfriend. But when she sees the brother of her fake-mate, her resolve is put to the test.

Wolf Bride by TS Joyce

Wolf Brides, Book 1. It used to be that Kristina Yeaton worked at the Chicago brothel. She is now trying to get away from that past. For her, she wants to start a new life in the wilds of Colorado, so she answers an ad in the paper looking for a wife. When Luke Dawson wants a woman, she might not be what he thinks she should be. To get through the hell that’s coming for her, she’ll need a strong man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

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