9 Best Books About Witches, And Romance Update 05/2022

Books About Witches, And Romance

Witch romance books are really having a moment right now, and I, for one, am very happy about it. Some of the most romantic stories work well in witchy places and with witchy themes. It’s common for romances to be about someone coming into their own power and realizing that they are good enough to be loved and can love. Right there, you can see witchcraft at work. This is one of the main stories. A character who was an outsider to the rest of society is loved and admired because of their unique trait. When people are scared by a witch’s power, they often put them on the outside because they don’t want them there. For people who love family, join a coven, or read about one.

In the end, falling in love is a magical experience, and who is the person who makes magic happen in the world? Witches are who they are. Today, let’s fall in love with someone. Here are some witch romance books that will make you fall in love with love spells in no time.

Adult Witch Romance Books

Moonstruck by Lauren Dane

Moonstruck by Lauren Dane

There are witches and werewolves in Diablo Lake, so if that sounds like the kind of place you want to visit, go there. Moonstruck, the first book in this series, is about witch Katie Grady coming home. She left town after a bad breakup. On her return to the small town in Tennessee, she has more power than ever. This makes her a good friend to both of the rival werewolf clans in the town, making her a possible allies. Make sure to look at this movie if you want to see how witches and wolves have power, as well as how they interact with each other.

Black Witch Magic by Mila Nicks

The idea of this romance is so cute. Aiden, a paranormal investigator, is in Brimrock and wants to find out what happened to an evil witch in the past. The evil witch’s granddaughter is Selene, and he meets her by chance. Selene is also a witch, but she’s not evil. She’s just cursed, and she doesn’t do bad things. This book is about a romance that takes place during the holidays in a small New England town. There is also a mystery in the book. There are Christmas cozy mysteries that have romance and a little bit of Halloween in them, too. She made that just for you.

Lars by Aleksandr Voinov

Lars is the first book in the Witches of London series, and it tells the story of our main character, a young pagan who is in love with the gods of Norse mythology. He joins a group of witches who do a lot of pagan things, and he finds the community he has been looking for. Because Rhys is sick and his house is falling down around him, they also get to meet. Lars and Rhys have a friendship that grows into something more. It’s a gentle look at witchcraft, philosophy, and romance.

What the Hex by Alexis Daria (July 1)

What the Hex by Alexis Daria (July 1)

I’m sorry that this new book is only available as an Audible Original at the moment, but I’m just too excited about it to keep it a secret from you. A copy of it could be in print at some point in the near future. She goes back to her island home for a wedding, but a demon has everyone under a spell. To break the spell, she’s going to have to work with her childhood rival. This is a romance, so you know where that’s going. Due to the success Alexis Daria has had in the past, this audiobook is sure to be a good time, heartfelt, and full of soap.

The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. When you add witches to that, it’s a real triple threat. She teaches college classes about French food, so you know this book about Parisian witches who make chocolate will be amazing. New pastry shop Magalie Chaudron isn’t sure about. She and her aunts are running a bakery that is going to compete with the one they run. Phillipe, of course, runs the rival shop. Phillipe’s creations seem to have their own magic, so it’s no surprise that Phillipe runs the rival shop. That movie You’ve Got Mail is a great example of a rival-to-lover story. This story has a You’ve Got Mail vibe.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

No, we don’t always talk about Talia Hibbert on this site. Because she’s so good at what she does. A little hint: Dani Brown is my favorite in the dynamite Brown sisters trilogy, in large part because she’s always working. Dani Brown is a witch who works. A friend with benefits is what she asks the universe for, and the universe gives her what she asks for. People don’t like it when she meets an ex-rugby player named Zaf and he turns out to be her true love. When the universe knows what’s best for you, you can’t question it because it knows what you need.

Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk

Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk

This town in Massachusetts has a lot of witchcraft. Its founders were able to get away from the Salem Witch Hunts. Percival Endicott Whyborne is now the curator of the Ladysmith Museum, which is where he does his work. When Griffin Flaherty says he wants to help him translate a mysterious book, he wants to help. If you guessed that the book is full of spells, congratulations. During the story, Griffin and Whyborne work together to fight off a powerful cult that is threatening Widdershins. This book has a lot of Lovecraftian cosmic horror themes. You’ll like it if it draws you in. It’s also the start of a long story.

Xeni by Rebekah Weatherspoon.

Witch romance books are great because they show a lot of different places and ways people do their work. Xeni is a witch who is black and bisexual. She does energy work. Her witchcraft isn’t the most important part of the story, which has Xeni marrying a plus-sized bisexual Scotsman as a marriage of convenience. It’s a character detail that adds depth to this sweet story. There is always a good, complicated woman and a man who wants to love her in Weatherspoon’s M/F romances. They are always a good time.

The Calyx Charm by May Peterson (July 13)

Violetta Benedetti is a trans woman who is also a witch and in love with her best friend, Tibario. This is the third book in the Sacred Dark series. Tibario was dead, but now he’s back. Immortal: He is now, and his mother is putting him in charge of taking down the rival Benedetti house. The stakes are very high, but the romance is very sweet, so it’s not that bad. As far as I’m concerned, two friends who are secretly in love with each other are as real as it gets. The world of the Sacred Dark has dragons, immortal spirits, and opera magic. If you’re a fan of fantasy romance, this series has a lot of rich world building and beautiful writing that makes it stand out.

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