12 Best Books For 10 Year Old Boys Update 05/2022

Best Books for 10 Year Old Boys

There are both fiction and non-fiction books in the box to the right. I split them into two parts. I think he should get titles from both sections to give him a wide range of styles to read.

Fiction Books for 10 Year Old Boys

There is no order to these books. Each one of them is a good choice for this age group. Grab what you think he’ll like the most.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I’m going to start with Harry Potter. Check to see if there is another book in the series that your boy hasn’t read yet. Why don’t I put this on my younger book lists? I’ll tell you. It’s because after a few books in the Harry Potter series, things start to get dark very quickly. A lot of boys aren’t ready for that kind of content when they’re so young, but some are. As a parent, I think it’s important to let boys grow up as they need to and not push them to learn about more adult things before they’re ready to do so. I do me, you do you 

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” probably doesn’t need a lot of explanation, but I will say that this first book is a lot of fun to read. So many kids want to be magicians, and Harry and his friends learn how to do real magic at Hogwarts in this book. The story is just fun to read.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I read this when it first came out because I thought it sounded so interesting. I thought it was great, and I kept waiting for the next book in the series to come out.

One of a kind: The Mysterious Benedict Society is very different from other groups. A lot of people don’t think this is a typical book about adventure, but it is. In this book, there is not a lot of mystery. You can tell that this book has been well-written. It’s also very interesting all the way through, with great characters who are really great people. They are different, they are quirky, they are talented, and they are the star of the show. A newspaper ad asks, “Are you a talented child looking for unique opportunities?” The book starts with this ad. In this book, there is a secret mission and a lot of cool things. Really, really good and a nice change from the typical mystery book.


This series of books is set in an Abbey, and the mice who live there have to fight off an army of rats.

This is a good vs. bad story with a twist. Even though it isn’t set in the Middle Ages, it has a medieval feel to me. This is a book that might be a good fit for your son if his favorite things are fantasy, adventure, figuring out what to do, and funny lines. With more than 20 books, it’s a lot of books. As a fan, you’ll want to read all of them. We’ve read a lot of them.

The Westing Game

Oh, the Westing Game. I remember that one. I can’t remember how old I was when I first read it. However, I do remember that I knew this book was going to be a favorite. You can find it on our book shelf. If you don’t want your boys to read about murder, don’t bother with this book. However, you should not miss it. Booklist said it was “a super-sharp mystery…confoundingly clever, and very funny,” and it was. I think so, too.

This means that Sam Westing is no longer with us. In his will, he gives everyone there a game to play. To get his money, they need to find out who killed him. No, it wasn’t. When your boy plays with the book, he can find out. Perhaps you should tell him to pay attention.

The Sign of the Beaver

In Maine, this book is about a historical event. Matt is left alone in the wilderness while his father goes back to get the rest of the family. This is the story of how he tried to live on his own. He meets the grandson of an Indian chief, which makes this story more interesting.

In the Sign of the Beaver, which won a Newbery honor award, there is a sign.

The Lightning Thief

Has your son read any of the Percy Jackson books yet? A show they are sure to enjoy. The school Percy is going to isn’t going well, and he’s going to be kicked out soon. That isn’t even the worst thing he has to deal with! Besides, the monsters and Gods keep coming out of his Greek Mythology text book, which isn’t good.

Great for boys who might be interested in Greek mythology, this is a great gift. When they read, they learn a little about the myths. If they want to, they can read more books. Besides the fact that Percy has a learning disability, there is another reason some boys might like this title: You can get The Lightening Thief, which has pictures, by clicking on the link. There is also a less expensive paperback version if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

If you’re a boy who is in middle school, this book is for you. It talks about things like school dances, popularity, dating, and so on.

I’ve found that many boys enjoy reading about boys who are a few years older than they are now. A lot of people think this series shows that it is true, When did Origami become such a strange thing? If you like weird stories, this one is for you. Dwight and a finger puppet called “YODA” are the stars of the show. Dwight is thought of as a little weird by the other kids at his school. In fact, though, Dwight gives wise advice and people start to see him in a new way. When Dwight gives advice like that, Tommy wants to know how in the world he does it. Tommy goes out to find out.

Can You Survive the Jungle?

Is based on Choose Your Own Adventure books. This is a survival story with different endings. If your plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, what would it be like to be there? What should I do? How would you choose? Is it going to be good for you to die in a bad way? Your son will find out!

FYI, there are real deaths in this game.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

In The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, the inside of the book is very similar to the cover. This is one of the best things about the book: The text is full of graphics and small pictures. Some words will have doodles next to them like “socks,” “music,” and so on. This is a book that is very easy for boys to read. They read it all the way through. This is a good thing because it is a series!

Story-wise, it’s a diary-style book with a boy named Tom. It’s set in school and takes place in the same place as the first one: in the library. Mishaps happen all the time. He is always late, and he gets into trouble (though not too much.) His teachers think he’s a little too busy. He has to deal with things like wanting to impress a girl who isn’t interested in him, trying to get coveted concert tickets, dealing with lost homework, and other typical things that happen when you’re a kid, but with a funny twist.

Johnny Tremain

If your boys are reading Johnny Tremain, now is a great time for them to do so. They can understand the history, the famous people, and how the war changed the United States.

Johnny Tremain is the story of a young boy who is learning how to be a silversmith. It takes place during the American Revolution. Taking one wrong turn led to a huge change in his life and the chance to meet some of the famous men who were called The Sons of Liberty.


Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

An opening night lock-in grand opening, secret puzzles, and more await the reader in this book. Mr. Lemoncello, a game designer, made the library that Kyle wants to go to. Instead of being a big deal: getting back out is what’s important.

This is a good book to read. It’s very interesting. I think it can be said that it’s all about puzzles and jokes. You should get him Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library if he likes books that make him think, have a good main character, and make him want to read more of them.

Wings of Fire

Does your son like fantasy books? Do you think he’d like a book that had dragons, prophecies, and lots of adventure? There is a game called “Wings of Fire.”

Until my son was older, this came out, and if it wasn’t for the great reviews, I might not have seen it. The good news is that I didn’t, and I’ll take this chance to recommend it. Clay is a dragonet who was raised by the Talons of Peace to make sure a prophecy came true. He is one of the five people who will end the war. How? Is that a question? There is also a comic book version of this book.

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