9 Best Books For 6 Year Old Boys Update 05/2022

Books For 6 Year Old Boys

The best books for six-year-old boys are in this list. That will make him want to read more. We have chosen both fiction and non-fiction books that he will enjoy.

Many boys start reading at this age. As long as you are homeschooling, that’s fine if your child hasn’t had a lot of time to play. Many boys start reading at a younger age than girls.

When they start to read, you want to make sure you are giving them good books that they will be excited about.

A group of boys are learning all about print and how it works. They also learn how to break the code of letters put together to make words. Then, words make sentences, and sentences make paragraphs, and so on.

For six-year-old boys, I’ve put together some of our favorite books. These are the ones that keep their attention, get good reviews, and make them want to read more.

Best Books for 6 Year Old Boys

Reading Level

To choose books for a certain age group can be hard. To write these lists, I had a lot of second thoughts. I like to focus more on what I like than what I can read. There is, however, a reason why you asked for lists by age. People are my goal!

Keep in mind that boys read at different speeds. He doesn’t have to be six to read at a first-grade level. There is a chance he hasn’t started reading yet, or he reads at a higher level than most people his age.

The best way to help boys with reading is to know where they are in their reading journey and give them books they love. “Progress” isn’t what you should be focusing on. Instead, try to make them love books and reading.

Our sight word games are a great way for kids to get some extra help if they need it. They are a good way to learn Dolch sight words.

Here are the best books for six-year-old boys.

Best Books for 6 Year Old Boys

I’m going to break down our by age book lists into two main groups. Books that are both fiction and non-fiction Here, you will find the best books out there.

Boys’ book lists often leave out non-fiction books, which is a big mistake. Boys love non-fiction, and it is a great way to get them to read and keep them reading.

Fiction Books for 6 Year Old Boys

The books below aren’t in any particular order, so don’t worry about that. Everyone is great!

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty

Drawn to Trouble: Bad Kitty meets the author of her books. It isn’t just funny, but it also teaches you a thing or two. Nick Bruel tells you what an author is, how to draw Bad Kitty, and how to tell a good story while Bad Kitty is in the story.

This is a show that boys love. There are currently more than a dozen of these chapter books for sale. You can buy any of them that you think your boy would like. You can see them all here. These books are best for ages 5 to 8.


In a big change from Bad Kitty, we will read a book that won a Caldecott Medal. The book Jumanji won an award for was made into a movie, but the movie is better. Is this a good book for the illustrations or the story? Neither, or both? Both of them!

Boredom. In the book, the kids also have it.

If you want to know what happens next, this book should be on your list of things to read. In the park, they play a game. People don’t think they’ll like this game at all.

For boys who are more sensitive than other boys might find this book scary. You might want to wait a year or so if that’s the case. It’s going to be eaten up by other people!

It comes with a Robin Williams audiobook that I can download.

Nate the Great

It has been a long time since we read all 26 books in the series about Nate the Great. The favorite books were read so many times that I can still remember parts of them.

In my book club for kids, a lot of boys were also into these.

This makes it very simple to add it to our list. He is likely to like them.

They are mysteries, and Nate is the detective who is going to solve them, so When his friends tell him about crimes they’ve seen, his dog, Sludge, is usually there to help him solve them. Children can read the stories because they are funny, and the illustrations help them figure out how to read the simple sentences.

At night, someone is getting into Oscar’s garbage can, and Nate has to figure out who, even though it’s smelly.

The notes he leaves for his mother are my favorite part of the books.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some days are bad, and sometimes we can’t do anything to make them better. However, there are some great books that might help. This is one of them.

Bad days: It seems like everything that could go wrong does. That’s how Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (the longest link ever lol) is put together in a sentence.

That’s not good for Alexander. He had gum in his mouth before going to bed and now it’s all over his hair. Things don’t get better as the day goes on.

In this book, you won’t read about how you need to think positive and everything will be fine, so if that’s what you want, look somewhere else.

This book helps boys understand that everyone has bad days, and having a bad day is OK. It helps them to understand how they feel.

After reading this book to most of the kids I’ve read it to, we always talked about bad days after the book was over.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Boys love this book because it’s a little crazy and weird.

Crazy and weird are good words to use if food rains from the sky sounds weird to you. I think it’s because of the weirdness and the idea that something so weird could happen, as well as the fact that some things are better not to happen (think of the mess!). Kids love this.

An accident at breakfast leads Grandpa to write a bedtime story for his grandchildren, and the fun starts.

There are a lot of hash lines that start out black and white in the illustrations. Ink and pencil are used to make them. A lot of people have already read this book. There have been over 3 million copies sold already.

Sleep Book

In the past, I had this book. I still have it.

If you haven’t seen this book yet, because Dr. Seuss’ other books are more popular, you should take a look at this one.

It’s all about sleep and yawns that spread. It’s Seuss, which means it’s great and will make you laugh when you try to read it.

There is a good book by Dr. Seuss called “Sleep Book” that you can read at night if you want your six-year-old to go to sleep.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Everyone has heard of Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a comic book, it’s very clever, and boys love it. It’s a favorite of teenagers. Young men love it.

If your son likes comics, grab this book and keep it and the other Calvin and Hobbes books on your shelves.

There are a lot of great things about these books. I think the language is the best part. My son used bigger words than he would have at his young age if he hadn’t found Calvin and Hobbes. For that, I will always be grateful. I think that language and communication are two very important things for our boys to know.

As a parent, if your child is very sensitive or has trouble sleeping, you might want to skip The Essentials. Something under the bed will make Calvin and Hobbes wet his pants until he’s old enough. Find them all here.


This is a longer book for boys who like history and adventure.


One of the stories in Sea is about an Indian boy who made a paddle person out of wood, and the great lakes. It shows how the rivers move and so much more.

I don’t understand two things about this book.

One thing I don’t understand about the book is that Amazon says it’s best for kids ten years old. I think six is the right age to start reading it. My guess is that we started reading it when we were between the ages of 5 and 6.

Some people think this book is racist. My answer is that I don’t agree with that at all. While the word “Injun” is used at least once, it was written a long time ago in 1940 when people used that kind of language all the time. It is a lovely story with beautiful illustrations. These things are good to talk about. You shouldn’t avoid a great book because of it.

This is a good thing for boys to do now, and I will keep recommending it to them. There is no right or wrong answer. It is up to you.

The Eleventh Hour

Graham Base is another one of my favorite authors and artists. Many people know Animalia, but many people haven’t seen The 11th Hour, which is why I had to put it on this list.

We had a great time. His drawings, as you probably already know, are so beautiful that they’re hard to believe.

There is a book by him called “The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery.” In it, he talks about Horace the elephant’s eleventh birthday party. Horace invites people over and will serve them a meal. And you, the reader, will have to figure out what happened to the feast on your own.

It’s a treat for the eyes. It’s delicious, and it looks good, too. You must add it to your reading list.

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