17 Best Books For 6 Year Olds Update 05/2022

Does your child start reading? In first grade, kids should already be able to read simple words and maybe even some more complicated words.

Seeing your child become more confident in reading as they read stories aloud to you can be fun. So, what are the best books for 6-year-olds? Let’s learn how to find them, then we’ll show you our favorite books for 6-year-olds.

The Best Books for 6-Year-Olds of 2022

Bob Books: Set 2

This is a great way to help people learn new reading skills. These are great. There are a lot of different sets that you can choose from, but we’ve chosen the “Advancing Beginners” set. This one is a good place to start with your 6-year-old because there are 12 books.

“Set 2” does some of the same things as “Set 1,” but with longer stories and “word families.” There’s a good chance that your child is ready for more “Bob” books.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

If you look at this list, you’ll see a lot of Dr. Seuss books. He’s a national treasure, and you’ll see his books more than once. Books by Dr. Seuss are great because they have witty stories and fun illustrations that keep the reader interested and excited.

This book is great for young people because it has a lot of rhymes. A stress-free read because there aren’t too many words on each page. The colorful characters will make your child laugh and enjoy the process.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

Because they’re so different, Narwhal and Jelly end up being best friends, even though they look very different. There is an ocean adventure that the two friends take the reader on. It’s written and illustrated in a comic book format, with comic strips for young kids.

Your child will be more likely to like all kinds of writing and literature if you start teaching them about different types of books early on. Our favorite thing about this book is that it has a new twist and simple but interesting illustrations.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

This is a great book to read to your child when they are moving from kindergarten to first grade. We like the message it sends: that you can dream and do anything you put your mind to. In this way, it teaches kids that even though there may be problems to deal with, the end will be worth it.

Even though, this book might be better for reading together. Pages only have one or two sentences, but there are a lot of hard words in them.

How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans

This book is full of silly things that six-year-olds love. It’s a great helper for parents who have kids who don’t like to eat certain foods. When Martha’s parents are kidnapped by green beans, she comes up with no other way to save them than to eat all the green beans.

To us, this book is a lot of fun because of its funny plot and because of its message that kids should eat their greens.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates

To start school, Penelope Rex is very excited. When she goes to school, it will be hard for her to make friends because she is a meat-eating dinosaur. However, she soon learns that in order to make friends, boundaries must be set and respected, and that means not trying to eat them, which means not making friends with people.

This is a great book for teaching people about personal boundaries. It’s also a good book to read aloud to each other. With sweet, simple drawings, we like how the complex idea is presented in a way that isn’t too serious.

Elephant & Piggie: Complete Collection

It’s likely that your child already knows who Elephant and Piggie are from the books they’ve read. Books like this one have very few words on each page because they are a conversation between two people.

This collection has all 25 Elephant & Piggie books in it, and it’s great for young readers. Funny stories and friendly interactions between the characters make this set a good bet to become your child’s favorite one.

Uni the Unicorn

Unicorns are all the rage with kids these days, and this story has a fun twist on them. In this case, unicorns are real, and little girls aren’t real.

Using this book as a way to teach kids about the power of friendship is a great idea. The storyline is sure to keep your child interested. It’s at the top of our list because it doesn’t overwhelm the reader with too many words.

Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Marie is a real scientist, and it’s hard for her family to keep up with her. This story follows Ada as she tries to figure out where a bad smell is coming from in her mind.

Rhythm and rhyme are used by the author to keep the reader interested, and we like this book because it helps the reader think about science. It shows how important it is to always ask why and never stop being curious.

Where the Wild Things Are

This story is about a boy named Max who is always getting into trouble. His room is next. After 

that, he goes sailing and ends up living in the land where the wild things live. This means that after becoming the ruler of the wild things, the man eventually misses home.

This story is great for kids who are always moving and don’t like to sit still for stories. Children who are rambunctious can relate to Max and his active imagination. Max’s relatability is what really keeps kids interested in the story. He uses interpretive art in his illustrations, which makes room for the imagination to take over. We love this about him. If you like this one, you’ll love it for years to come.

Iggy Peck, Architect

Iggy Peck is written by the same people who wrote “Ada Twist, Scientist.” He encourages readers to dream big. This story is about Iggy, who has been building things since he was a 2-year-old. He likes to show off his creativity.

You can be sure that your readers will be interested in your story because of its use of rhyme and unique illustrations. Because the text isn’t like most books, it’s also fun to read. As a group, you might want to read this book. It has a lot of hard-to-understand words in it.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

Young children are curious by nature. Having kid-friendly reference books on their bookshelf is a good idea because they can use them when they need help with something.

People who are 6 years old might not be able to read everything that is written out in full, but they will enjoy looking at the pictures. If they want, they can learn interesting things about human anatomy, how planes work, and many other things. For young kids, this book by NatGeo is cool because it talks about things in a way that’s easy for them to understand. It’s a good way to get people talking about different things in a more open-ended way together.

Zoo in the Sky

All of the known constellations are named after animals in this unique book by NatGeo. It also has a poetic backstory for each one, so you can learn more about them. This is a good book for your child who is interested in non-fiction.

It teaches kids about astronomy in a way that is age-appropriate and has beautiful illustrations that will draw the reader in.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

As a perfectionist, you will be able to connect with Beatrice Bottomwell. It’s rare for her to make a mistake, except for one big one… in front of everyone. She learns that making mistakes can be beautiful and not to be so hard on herself all the time.

This story is a good one to read because it has a positive message about embracing mistakes and not worrying if everything doesn’t go right. The simple, easy-to-read sentences are just right for a 6-year-old to read and understand.

Awesome Jokes That Every 6 Year Old Should Know!

Reading doesn’t have to be all business all the time. For kids who love making people laugh, this book is worth the money. Even a silly book like this one can help your child’s reading progress.

This joke book is great for 6-year-olds because it introduces a writing style that isn’t the same as in a typical storybook or easy reader. Your child will be making the whole family laugh.

Junie B. Jones’s First Boxed Set Ever!

The best book for young people.

Reading Junie B. Jones is a sign of things to come. This set comes with the first four books in the series, so it’s great for kids who aren’t very good at reading but still want to try something new. Junie B. Jones is a girl who does crazy things and tells jokes about her life. This series is good for 6-year-olds because it is funny and the characters are relatable.

Scholastic Reader Level 1: Silly Milly

This phonics book helps your child learn about double letters while still making it easy for them to read. It’s an interesting story that will keep your reader on their toes, encouraging them to think critically.

The whole book is a puzzle, and the silly pictures will keep your child interested as they read.

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