9 Best Books For 7 Year Old Boys Update 05/2022

Books For 7 Year Old Boys

The best books for 7-year-old boys are on this list.

They want books that will keep them interested and keep them reading for a long time. Boys start looking for these kinds of books at age 7. It’s not just kids who want this!

This is what we found for him: fiction and non-fiction books that he will love.

This point, most boys are getting pretty good at reading. Some of them, however, are still learning how to read. I think it really depends on the child and whether or not they are going to school or not.

These are great books for him to read on his own or for you to read to him. Either way, they’re both good.

After a lot of thought, I have chosen the titles below. I spend a lot of time making my best books for boys lists, and this one took a lot of work.

There are so many books to choose from. It takes a long time to narrow it down to my favorite things.

Best Books for 7 Year Old Boys

Reading Level

Let’s talk about reading level. I’ve been asked to make lists of books by age, but I usually don’t think about that too much when I choose books for my own family.

If it can be useful, I’ll give you the list.

Check out the other by age lists to see if there are any books you want to read. You can also choose books there.

These are great for people who are seven years old, but don’t just pick from this list.

Keep in mind that different boys will read at different levels even if they are the same age. He doesn’t have to be seven to read at a second-grade level.

Somebody might not even be reading on their own yet, or they might be reading at a higher level.

Just think about your own boy and what he likes to read and what he’s going through when you choose books. You’ll be fine.

The goal should be to make people love reading, not to make them read at grade level.

Boys who are seven years old should read these books. Enjoy!

Best Books for 7 Year Old Boys

I’m adding both fiction and non-fiction to this list.

Several boys’ book lists leave out non-fiction books when they should. The non-fiction books that a lot of boys like are often very important in getting them to start and keep reading.

Fiction Books for 7 Year Old Boys

The books below aren’t in any particular order, so don’t worry about that. Get a lot of different names to see which one he likes. Make sure he has his own books to keep and read again.

The High-Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate

The High-Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate

Our first book will be The High-Sky Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate. I don’t think this book gets enough attention.

This book is all about the pirate Blue Jay and his crew, and it talks about them a lot. He wants to find treasure (eggs!), but he has to do so with crows, fishers, and weasels in the way.

The story also touches on avian society, taxes, and migration bans. At the same time, it also has a lot of adventure, a little bit of violence, and exciting fights.

The book has a lot of nice colored illustrations that help people get to know the characters and make it easier to read aloud, so it’s good for that.

He might need a little help with the book if he’s just seven years old or hasn’t started reading yet. More advanced readers should be able to finish the book without any help.

Stick Dog

Boys this age love the Stick Dog series. They think it’s very funny, and they can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out!

Because there are so many books out, your boy should be reading for some time. If he likes any of these, it should keep him going. The books are about a good dog who can read and is the leader of his dog friends. They are based on this dog. Most of the stories are about food.

During Stick Dog Gets The Tacos, there is an emergency, a family that wants to eat tacos, and a lot of fun as the dogs try to get food.

Georges Marvelous Medicine

Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has written a lot of great books for boys.

This is one of them: George’s Marvelous Medicine is one of them. When George makes a medicine for his annoying and a little mean grandmother, he does so in a way that is both amusing and very funny.

People who are sensitive might not want to read this book. If you decide to read it, your boys will love it. This is not a book with a good ending.

p.s. I’ve read this a lot because it was a big hit in our house.



Before, we had a Stick Dog. Now, we have a Dog Man. Dogs are a lot of fun to read about!

The new book by Dog Man is Brawl of the Wild. For a crime he didn’t do, Dog Man is sent to the pound. Then, what? No. Will he get out? His friends want to help. It’s not right for Dog Man to be in the pound. He’s not a hero.

The inside of the book looks a lot like a comic book, with colored illustrations on each page. It looks very good.

It was written by the same person who wrote “Captain Underpants.”

Magic Treehouse

I thought about whether or not to put these things on my list. I was torn. He didn’t like them very much. We tried a few but didn’t even finish them. However, the other boys in my boy’s book club did like them, so I couldn’t just ignore that. Then, they made the cut.

If you start with the first few books, you can see how it goes. Soon after, there are knight and pirate themes. The first one is “Dinosaurs Before Dark.”

The Warriors in Winter is one of the last books in the series. When the magic tree house sends Jack and Annie back to the early 100s AD, they meet Roman soldiers and learn about their way of life. To what will they learn while they are in the Roman camp?

If your son likes to read, be sure to check out the non-fiction books that go well with the fiction books.

Billy and Blaze

We loved this series of books so much. When it comes to a story, Billy and Blaze is all about a boy and his horse.

Books written in the 1930s are a treat. When we read these books, we go back to a time before silly books were all the rage. We get to read interesting and wonderful stories instead.

Trust and understanding, lessons learned, and friendship. As long as your child likes horses, I’m sure he will enjoy these books. It doesn’t matter how much he doesn’t like horses. I think you should read about them for a good, clean story.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends

It started when my son was a toddler. I have been sneaking poetry books into the house from that time onward for him. To build vocabulary and improve reading, I think they are very good.

If you’ve heard of Where the Sidewalk Ends, I’ll say that it is a title worth owning.

A lot of the things in this book are crazy, but the best thing is that it doesn’t talk down to kids. There is nothing more to it than that. It just meets people where they are and helps them learn to love poems.

Hank the Cowdog

Great Hank. Hank the cowdog has been on many trips with us as a family, and he always had fun. We used to live a long way from my parents, but we used to listen to these on audio while we were on the road. They made the trips seem like they went much faster.

Hank is a ranch dog who is in charge of Ranch Safety. He thinks he’s in charge of the whole group. He gets into more trouble than you can even imagine, and it always ends up being very funny. I think his antics are a lot of fun to look at.

It’s a lot to deal with at the ranch: coyotes, chickens, Sallie May, the cat, and all of the other things that happen there. It’s not just him. His friend Drover is also a lot of fun.

I hope your son likes them as much as we did. They were fun.

Beast Quest

People who read my blog have told me that their kids really, really liked these. These are books about fantasy and adventure, like this one.

His parents are the Masters of the Beasts, so Tom is the son of one of them. He needs to help save his village and even his whole kingdom from a big animal. Each time he goes on a trip, he has to deal with a different animal.

It’s true that your son could be reading Harry Potter at this age. However, the books get a lot darker as they go on. If you’re a boy who isn’t ready for the more adult story lines and violence in the later Potter books, this series is for you.

There are a lot of books available (more than 100+.) I grabbed Stryto The Skeleton Dragon to share with you.

Even though some of the stories aren’t very interesting, they’re still worth reading. Before you get to book 100+, your son might get tired of them. The first book in the series is Ferno the Fire Dragon.

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